The Chaos Wars

The Chaos Wars

By:  DSX  Ongoing
Language: English
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The Ancient Zoi has tried to besiege the multiverse for eons, and now he has managed to start the motion of events that will either destroy all worlds, or save them. This is the story of mortals and gods alike, working together to save their home from the chaotic threat that lurks above their home, waiting...planning...

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The Chaos Wars is a fantasy novel by DSX that tells the story of how gods and mortals work together side by side to avoid the threat and complete destruction it can cause. After the Ancient Zoi tries to besiege a multiverse for eons, he ends up starting a motion of events that can have either of two outcomes; destroying all worlds or saving them. Follow the journey of gods and mortals as they team up to overcome the threat and save their homes from being destroyed. But will they succeed? Read the novel to discover.

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keep going. can't wait for the next chapter! :) by the way, do you have any socmed to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-21 15:52:50
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Nice synopsis, great starting world building is not so shabby and characters are fleshed out well lovely premise on which the story is built on, would love to see more mythologies during the course of the novel there are a few issues with grammar but not that bad keep up the good work author
2020-11-16 05:17:55
41 Chapters
1.Tony.I remember that night. So vividly as if it was just yesterday.The boys and I were just coming back from the bonfire. “ reek of alcohol, your dad’s gonna kill you!”, my friends shouted. We were all drunk and high. I was more worried about how I’d lie to my dad and make sure he doesn’t notice the smell.As they said their goodbyes I was left alone walking down the street. Some of the street lights flickered.Then I noticed him, walking briskly behind me.He was tall......and very huge he was unrecognisable but I sensed that he wasn’t walking towards me just to ask directions. So I ran and as expected he gave heart started pounding...not out of fear.. God no...I was still high...I started laughing silently as I jumped over bushes and gutters. The adrenaline rush was exhilarating and I kept on running until I didn’t see him anymore. I stuck out a finger in his direction and decided to go through the stadium to avoid
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Xassin.Erebus’ eyes are always the first thing I notice about him. They are ever changing in shape and colour, like a kaleidoscope. Today they were slowly drifting between crimson and topaz. He sat on the chair with the two other elder gods, Ra and Zurvan. They were all too composed on those thrones of theirs—the big three, as the others called them. Personally, I had seen stronger gods in my travels, gods that were simply uninterested in this hierarchy that was put in place, and exiles, demons that could make universes tremble with their power. And, of course, the other six heavens above them.Ra looked at me, his obsidian eyes glaring ”Explain this mage, why is there another shard in this reality, and why does a human, of all races have it?”. The other two were looking at me, waiting for my reply.Very smooth Ra, very smooth.“Where is my friend?” I ask, ignoring the question. Ra is taken aback by my disrespect. I co
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Tony.Another Saturday.X and I met up at the stadium opposite his hostel, today marked the beginning of my training. He opened a portal quickly and we entered. I was surprised, it didn’t take him as much time as before. Entering the portal, I looked around. The ground was rocky and barren, and was flat as far as the eye can see. There is one star. But I was pretty sure it was not the sun. It had an eerie blue glow. “Where are we?” I ask as X walks through the portal and closes it. “This is one of my pocket dimensions, Arrath. You’ll be training here, for now. That way no-one can sense your energy when you release it” He waved his hand and the I felt the mark on my chest disappear. The backlash was tremendous. I fell to my knees as the energy coursed through me. The ground cracked and the wind around me whipped up in a frenzy. I coughed and blood came up. “As I thought, humans can’t handle such magical pressure” He placed the rune on me again and I fall to the
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X.Laughter.I was a small boy again, looking up at my father. His face was twisted in pain. But he laughed, loud and hard. “Do you see, Xassin?” He said between short guffaws. “ His plan for us is magnificent!” I back away from him. “Who father?” He turns to me, eyes, burning white. He was completely mad now. Too much of what ever was in that dimensional breach had entered him. He removed the shard, even after it warned him of the consequences. Father had always been too confident in his skills. He wanted more power and the shard provided that. But the procedure went terribly wrong, now the sky above our home world was a gaping eye, pouring out these horrible looking creatures. The shard, a glowing crimson crystal was floating in front of us, radiating power. Father killed everyone in the building, anyone that tried to put the shard back and close the breach.“Why don’t I show you?” He walks towards me and takes me by the hand. His grip is painful an
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Tony.It was complete chaos down there. Planets, or what remained of them floated around , creating massive asteroid fields. X was tense as he barely missed them. He had tried contacting the Le'uthara post, but got the same dead signal. Things were bad. From what X told me about the Gentry, they seemed very domineering and powerful. For a single army to attack them, it meant they were unimaginably scary. A disembodied arm hit the windshield, just as X got out of the last asteroid field. When the arm flew off, I was left with a view of Le’uthara. It was massive, with rings made of energy surrounding it. It glowed and pulsed and I could make out the faint construct of an energy shield. The planet looked fine, totally different from what I was expecting. I was about to take a sigh of relief when Ko'vren entered orbit and I saw the other half of the planet. Harbingers, divine ones, with a number enough to make up a small army, were bombarding the planet’s shields.
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X“He shouldn’t be here! I won’t allow it! And he brings human filth on my sacred planet?” M’gethir’s voice booms in the throne room. He hasn’t aged a bit, I see. Still as scrawny as ever though. He stands glaring at me. I glare back. The remaining soldiers in the room have pure hate written on their faces. I recognized a few from my time here. Bardoc, Magellan, and the other guy, what was his name? I couldn’t remember. M'gethir probably told them some awful lie about me, and labelled me a traitor. Well then, a traitor I shall be. I smile at one of them and his face becomes stone cold, he was probably fighting the urge to impale me. I get that a lot. He eventually calmed down and turned away, facing upward. Sucker.“Hey, who are you calling filth, you scrawny fuck?” Tony yells back at him. The guards lose their cool and rush Tony. He swats them like flies and continues talking. “We’re here to help, so you could try to be nicer.” M'gethir’s eyes flare up with a bright gr
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Tony.I couldn’t sleep.I stared at the ceiling of Ko’vren for an hour now, and sleep wouldn’t come. Occasionally, I’d look over to where the girl lay. She still had her cloak on, but I knew she had a nice shape underneath. My eyes  trailed from her heaving chest, to her face, her lips, nose, and her piercing green eyes. Oh shit. She’s awake. I quickly face the ceiling and pretend I didn't notice her. “You stare a lot” she finally said, breaking the awkward silence. “I was bored, and looking at you made for more entertainment than the ceiling”, I reply, casually, still looking up. She snorted and didn’t rely. More awkward silence. Guess it’s my turn to break the ice. “Why do your people hate him so much?” I asked, turning to face her. Her gaze remained fixed on me, green eyes contrasting against her auburn red hair. “He is a traitor. An outsider that betrayed the same ones that took him in. The murderer of our Arch-mage, Z’ara, my mother” “And let me gue
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X.Air forcefully rushed out of my lungs just before I landed. “Gah! Who the f-“ A pair of fiery red eyes meet mine. Fuck. I’d know those eyes anywhere. I land on my knees. “By the lords, Eisty, couldn’t you wait until I reached the ground?” Eistibus, King and Arch-mage of the second sector.....and also a friend of sorts. “That was payback for leaving without any explanation.”, he said with a sadistic smile, extending his arm. He hadn’t changed a bit over all these years. I grab his hand and get up. Tony is about to attack him, and I raise a hand. “Calm down, tiger, he’s a friend” Eistibus looks past Tony, sizing him up. Then he started looking at Tony with more...interested eyes. “Oh my. Who’s he?” his voice hinting more interest. Tony walked over. “Who’s he, X?” Tony said, radiating hostility.Eistibus, meet Tony, my best friend, Tony meet King Eistibus of the second sector, and an old friend.” Tony reluctantly stretched out his hand. Eistibus still stood wher
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Tony.Immediately he took off the hood, X’s hands tightened around the chair, almost breaking it. I could already feel the slight emissions of elven magic from him. He was mad. And he wasn’t even trying to hide it. I didn’t recognise the man, and no-one else there seemed to. Not even Zeus or Horus. The man, now that I had a better look at him, had similar features to X. Same eyes, hair, skin....I looked at X as a realization hit me “Is he your father?” X didn’t reply. It was an unspoken rule between us. We never talked about his father. Ever. Once I pried too much and lost an arm. I had to learn regeneration that day. He never spoke of his past, and I just assumed it was too traumatic and I never asked again, especially after I lost my hand. But now...“X, is he your father?”, I asked again, this time he gave a grim nod, never breaking his gaze way from the man, as if he would vanish if he did. Confused murmurs rose from the Arch-mages. The man ignored them and faced X
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X.So you remember me after all this time?What changed?“Could you please shut up, Astaroth?” He had been pestering me ever since we got back to Le’uthara. I put him to sleep after I mastered the shard. And he was mad, very mad. I abandoned him immediately I was done, although in my defence, I beat him into submission, and he was my slave. I had every right to do anything I wanted, right? Apparently not, cause he kept yammering away in my mind. He, the great king of the Seventh Circle of Hell, was stuck with me. I remember Lucifer laughing his balls out as I dragged . Astaroth away. Ah, good times. When I was a young and daring adventurer, and didn’t have the fate of potentially the entire multiverse resting on my head. When I didn’t think of crushing my father’s windpipe every passing minute. Good times indeed.Why should I? You left me on ice for how many years? I can’t think I’m a tool to use?
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