Rise of the Darkness

Rise of the Darkness

By:  Hira Baig  Completed
Language: English
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Calla was living a peaceful life with her niece Sophie. Until one day she vanished from her school yard and the only person could answer her is the man who tells the future.

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much potential!!
2020-12-16 03:40:12
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Sonal Swarnkar
it's good.. waiting for next update
2020-09-07 14:23:15
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Ashea Sparks
keeps me hooked till i read the last word. great work author :)
2020-05-28 15:23:16
52 Chapters
Calla: Wake up Sophie, we have to go. Or you'll be late for the gala.Sophie: Yay!!! I'm going to buy a lot of stuff today. You promised.Calla: Of course honey. But first, you need to see your costume.Sophie: Costume?Calla: You really thought I'm going to take you to fantasy gala I normal clothes. I bought you a princess gown. Here let me show you.Calla unzipped the cover and showed her niece a beautiful pink gown with sparkling crystal baby pumps. A loud gasp escaped Sophie's lips and her eyes shone like millions stars in a night. Looking at her excited face, Calla asked he
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          Back in Time.Calla remembered the stranger. He was the same person who met her 6 months ago. She had been searching him since then, but never found a single clue about him. And here he was standing, he hadn't changed a bit. She came back to her sences when she found him stairing at her. She tapped on Sophie's shoulder who was still busy looking at things and admiring them.Calla: Don't go anywhere, I'll be back in a minute.Sophie: Go talk to your price, he's cute.Calla: Henry's not here Sophie.
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Man: Beware the darkness that soon will rise.Baby Calla: Daddy….  Man: The time will tell you and teach you everything about your future soon.Baby Calla: Daddy where are you?Calla was looking around for Xavier, she never had seen her father, but Xavier fulfilled that part in her life. She called him daddy since the beginning. She remembered that time, she was 6 and they were playing hide and seek. She looked everywhere but didn't found him. She called his name again in fear but no response. She sat down at the corner of the room, hugged her knees and sobbed hard. She was calling her da
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The driver stopped the car at the main entrance of the school and Calla ran towards Sophie's classroom. She heard some yelling. Principal Ellen was yelling at all the teachers. Calla entered in the classroom and spoke, breathing heavily. "Where is Sophie?" Principal Ellen gave her a worried look. But she also had to save her school's reputation. She replied to Calla. "Miss Davis you can't be here, you know the school rules." Calla anger rose and she spoke in a low but angry voice. "To hell with your school rules. My niece is missing and you're telling me your stupid rules." Principal shut her mouth knowing exactly what Calla is capable of. Calla asked her question again. "Now Where is Sophie?"
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Calla turned around to see Xavier was standing, she knelt on the ground and started sobbing hard. Xavier also knelt, cupped her face and spoke. "What is it Calla?" Calla looked in his eyes and spoke, "I've failed you, I've failed you both. You both trusted me with Sophie and I wasn't able to protect her." Xavier gave her a small smile, he wiped her tears and spoke again in a calm tone. "You've done more than you could. But this isn't something you can handle that easily. You need help Calla." Calla gave him a confused look and spoke. "The cops are trying but….." before she could finish Xavier cut her in the middle and spok
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Calla woke up next morning, alone in that room. Her phone was buzzing on the night stand. She picked it up and said in sleepy tone. "Hello." Sidney yelled from the other side of the line. "Where the hell are you? Do you have any idea how worried I am?" Calla rolled her eyes on that and replied in an annoyed tone. " Good morning to you too." Hearing her annoyed reply Sidney fumed up more and said. "I'm asking you where are you?" Calla sat up and spoke. "I'm fine, I will be working from home. Please try to understand…." She wasn't able to complete her sentence,
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Flash back (night before Sophie was kidnapped.)Ethan came back home, had his dinner. He was too tired today, looking after Calla whole day was tiring. He didn't touch his work. He went straight to bed to get some sleep. He was vampire but using spells to keep Calla save, takes a lot of his energy. He laid on the bed and thought about Calla. He could still sence the sweet berries scent of her body. Berries are something he couldn't avoid. He loves all kinds of berries. He closed his eyes, it didn't took him long, he fell asleep.Ethan was sitting on a huge rock in a dark forest. He looked around, he was all alone. Then a familiar scent hit his nostrils and he knelt down on the ground. He bowed his head down in respect and smiled when the scent got stronger. It
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(Flash Back continue)Ethan came back to her bedroom, he looked at Calla's sleeping figure, she was looking more beautiful while sleeping. He went to the couch and threw himself on it. He laid down on the couch, he was hell tired by now. He hadn't fed in weeks, he was busy keeping Calla safe. Because of not feeding on human's blood he was a bit weak, he was using too much of his powers, practicing new spells, also using different spells for Calla. He needed blood to get back to his full strength. He sighed, a yawn escaped his lips. He closed his eyes. Just then he heard a whimper, "Daddy." It was nothing for a normal human ear but Ethan heard it loud and clear. He opened his eyes and looked at Calla. She was still asleep but she was having a n
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Calla looked at the trashy house, everything was fully destroyed. She took in her surroundings and the only thing came up in her to call a name and she screamed that name at the top of her lungs. "ETHAN…" She screamed as loud as she could. She wasn't sure with his super human strength, how far he went. But to her surprise, in a second he was standing next to her. He encircled one of his arms around her waist, protectively pulling her close to him, making sure she's fine and safe. Ethan looked around, every thing was broken. (Some one must have come after Calla.) He thought. He sniffed the air to catch a scent but to his surprise, there were none. "How could someone do this to my house?" Calla asked with anger dripping in her voice. Ethan looked at her, her eyes were fil
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After Ethan was done in the gym, he stretched his body and made his way upstairs. He wanted to take a shower before dinner. He went to his room and was about to enter the bathroom when the sweet smell of fresh berries reached his nostrils. Inhaling it deeply, he filled his lungs with it. He knew Calla was around. He made his way to the closet and found her standing in nothing but a towel, that reached to her upper thigh. She was in deep thoughts, she was swaying her hips in a rhythm. It was like she was playing a song in her own head and dancing with the rhythm. Ethan slowly made his way to her, it was like his feet dragging him to her. She picked a t-shirt from his closet and turned around and bumped into Ethan. She looked at him through her thick lashes, her cheeks were pink. Ethan controlled himself, took the shirt from her hand
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