The lord's weakness

The lord's weakness

By:  Faith Odulesi   Completed
Language: English
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The fourth princess was supposed to get married to the lord of the world of fire but she was in love with someone else, a simple man from the world of water.Nobody dares the lord of fire, he is evil, he is a demon shifter and will destroy anything in his path. But the fourth princess chose love over the marriage she never gave her consent to and so on their wedding day, she elopes with her lover but there has to be a bride and so she places her unfortunate servant, Myan in her stead. The lord of fire had no idea he wasn't marrying his beloved princess, what happens when he finds out that she was replaced with a mere servant?

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58 Chapters
"Third Chief Hugo's son is here." The servant went on her knees in announcement. Her white gown overflowing by her sides."Send him away." Fourth princess Kassy didn't turn around to meet the gaze of her faithful servant. She only raised her ornamented fingers in the air."But fourth princess, I don't have the power to do that." The servant bowed her head.That caught Kassy's attention. She turned around from her reflection in the mirror. "Can't you see I'm busy?" She was busy indeed. Getting dressed for Achu. Achu was from the world of water and their relationship was forbidden for so many reasons.One, Kassy was royalty and no royalty could mix with a commoner. Two, Achu was from the rival world. Kassy was from the world of fire.Achu sat on the princess' royal bed. It was made from the most expensive roses sewn together and transformed by the most professional fabric handlers in the wor
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The king, Ramon, Kassy and Myan returned to the courtyard. The servants that had accompanied third chief Hugo's family bowed in acknowledgment at their entrance.The king folded his hands behind him, the excess length of his long robe was trailing behind him. He took his position on the throne."The fourth princess is here." Myan announced. Kassy sat on the red stool that was positioned beside the throne and crossed one leg over the other.Myan stood behind her princess, keeping her head lowered."Bring the presents." The king's right hand man ordered the servants of the third chief's family. The servants were dressed in a uniform green, denoting a special occasion.Two men with drums around their waist began to create a melodious tune as the servants stepped forward."Where is Sir Harry?" Kassy spoke in a low voice, so only Myan could hear her."It's part
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"Father, you have to do something!" Kassy wailed on top of her voice. Not only had she been bugging him in the last hour, he was equally lost on what action to take. Thank goodness for the soundproof walls, the whole palace would have been up by now. "I don't know what you want me to do." He shook his head honestly. "I'm just as devastated my dear." He called with a sigh. 
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Myan wondered what she was supposed to do. From the way the princess had acted when she told her to reject the strangest man's marital offer, she knew there had to be more to his normal looking self. She noticed that his hands were empty and after looking around the dead bear, she found no explanation as to how it was dead without weapons. There were so many questions she had to ask. 
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That night at the palace was the saddest, most silent one ever to be experienced. Myan didn’t have to bother with going to fetch Achu like the last time. He had come on his own accord at a time he knew was going to be free for him to wander without questioning.  Kassy refused to eat nor talk to any member of the palace. She was strong headed and had placed a stric
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Myan knew that crying was pointless but she couldn't help herself, although it was especially uncomfortable to see through glossy eyes and being unable to wipe her tears, she let it fall down her cheeks.The royal entourage were dressed in a fancy attire and even though they couldn't see her face through the beaded facial fence, she could easily read the discomfort in their eyes,  seeing through those fake smiles and pretense.As was tradition, four guards bowed beside each corner of a mat that was sewn onto a square shaped wood. It resembled a carriage, except it had no roof,  they referred to it as a Typh.Her servants helped her on to it. Myan wasn't used to having things done for her and found it extremely foreign. The guards lifted the carriage onto their shoulders and began to move to the event while drummers and dancers escorted them to the courtyard. There was so much merriment and it accompanied di
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Myan remained still while Ash stepped forward. She was already crossing too many lines.  Ash noticed that she wasn't moving with him and furrowed his eyebrows at her, "why aren't you moving?"  Myan kept shaking her head in response. Ash was growing furious by the minute. He had no time for nonsense like this and was a man of time. "Answer me, why aren't you saying anything?" He snapped at her for the umpteenth time. The king stood to his feet and hurried to intervene while murmurs filled the courtyard from every angle. "My lord, the fourth princess is not used to such an activity and she is only nervous." He walked up to Myan and placed his hands on her shoulder, "my dear, I know you're anxious but it will only last a minute." He tried to co
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Ash began to pant heavily, moving closer to a terrified Myan. The scared servant took fearful steps backwards, sobbing hard and using her arms as a facial shield. He tossed the melted crown to the floor and repeated his words, "you are not the fourth princess!" He stamped his words with an angry roar. 
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Myan shook her head and went on her knees. "My lord!"For a second, he was startled by the unexpected move and stared blankly at her."I..I can't." She shook her head, deciding that she was not going to hold back anymore. She wasnt going to allow him have his way especially when she was only a virgin.Ash did not care about her words, leaned closer and pulled her up by the wrist, "what are you talking about?" He asked her in a low voice, wondering if her shyness was the reason behind her sudden act."I've never had a man down there, you look like your member would be damaging, I'm weak enough as it is." She had no idea how she was finding the grace to talk without fearing any possible consequences, but she was doing it anyway."Hm." He let go of her, staring at her scornfully. Why did he even want to have his way with a servant anyways?He turned around to leave the room, his hands be
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Ash dug his face into her neck and sniffed delicately. His grip around her waist tightened and his breathing was slow and exaggerated. He wanted to have her so bad but he was respecting her opinion and dismissing his cravings.His dumb concubines would be back in a few weeks anyway. He had sent them off to show respect to his supposed new wife, but here his fake wife was, denying him access.His concubines never rejected him, they would beg and cry to have a taste of the long pole below his belt. "Tear me master!" They would cry. Pathetic."Never been touched before." He repeated her words from earlier and craned her head backwards giving his head more space.Myan unconsciously wrapped her arms around his wet back in reaction to his nose that was trailing up the skin of her neck. She had never felt so attached to someone in this manner before and she was having goosebumps invade her skin. Was this because
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