41 - The Cold Prince's Fire

The alpha turned off the main corridor and a smaller one. It wasn’t long before they passed what appeared to be rooms before finally entering one. It was lavish, the opulence even more grand than the rest of the palace. A huge four-poster bed surrounded by light drapes dominated the room but it wasn’t there that Ryedir carried him.

They entered a room with an even larger pool set in the middle than the one in Mishal. Kari could only gape at the steam-filled room. How on earth did they manage to keep the water warm enough to steam? There was so much water.

Ryedir set him down but still kept a tight hold on his form. He stripped Kari carefully, removing the delicate chains first then the sash, belt, tunic and breech before manhandling him into the bath.

Kari opened his mouth to say something snarky about the treatment but the words died in his throat at the look on his alpha’s

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Hotttttt!!!!! That was amazing lol
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Absolutely so yummy
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Fully agree

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