47 - The End

Ryedir still slowly stalked forward, power and anger radiating from his being. No one else moved. The silence only broken by the dull thud of Ryedir’s boots hitting the stone floor with each measured step.

The commanding aura that surrounded him blanketed the room and smothered all sound. It was like everyone held their breath as they waited for his actions.

He looked truly magnificent in that moment and Kari felt a surge of pride that such an alpha had chosen him. His raw power was so apparent and yet he had chosen Kari and let him pick in return. Used his willpower to hold back, to show Kari his real self with nothing in the way.

Ryedir hadn’t done it particularly well, of course. Kari needed far more explanation than the stubborn man had given him, but he could see the truth in his actions now. It was never more obvious than in the way he had tried to protect Kar

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