46 - The Alpha And The Omega

Screams of pain echoed off the walls to be matched by yells of panic. The soldiers surrounding Hanzen leapt forward at his command to be met by the few loyal guards that had remained inside the throne room.

The nobles at the edges of the room shrank back even more, not a single one stepping forward to defend their king or new queen. It was odd to him that they watched such a conflict yet did not step forward to help in any way, but he had no time to ponder the reasons.

Armored bodies surged together in the center of the room and Kari had difficulty making out who was friend or foe from this distance. A small knife whizzed past his ear and lodged itself firmly in an enemy’s throat with a meaty thunk. Millicent stepped past him armed with a dozen more knives twirling around her hands as she let them loose with deadly accuracy. Ryedir stepped around Kari as well, drawing the sword at his hip and leap

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