Chapter 4 Remarry

Nicole did not care in the slightest whether Wendy was embarrassed or not. She looked at Wendy’s bandaged left leg and ripped off the bandage despite Wendy’s struggle.

Suddenly, the surrounding atmosphere in the ward dropped to freezing point.

Nicole looked at the graze on Wendy’s leg and scoffed.

“Wow, it’s so serious that there’s not even a drop of blood flowing out. If I came a little later, I’m afraid your ‘wound’ will heal completely…”

“Nicole! You... Eric, it’s not like that… It’s just that I’m feeling weak right now and will recover better with a blood transfusion…”

Wendy Quade met the man’s dark gaze. Her heart trembled as she explained in a panic.

“You get ‘injured’ four to five times a month. I think you’re just trying to drain my blood!” Nicole’s voice was cold as she continued, “Too bad, you won’t have this opportunity again in the future. Get Eric to marry another fool to be your new mobile blood bank.”

After that, Nicole sneered and left the ward without looking back.

The moment Nicole slammed the door to the ward shut, she slumped on a bench in the corridor. At that moment, she felt dejected like she had been abandoned by the whole world.

Nicole felt extremely aggrieved. Tears slid down the corners of her eyes as she took out her phone and mustered her strength to make a call. Her voice choked with fatigue.

“Big Brother…”

The other party only heard her voice and sighed silently. His voice was indulgent. “Where are you? I’ll pick you up.”

A few minutes later, a noble and elegant man leading a group of mysterious men in black carried the unconscious woman out of the hospital and left quietly.


Eric Ferguson dragged the attending doctor out of the ward with a gloomy face. His dark eyes were filled with anger.

“A serious leg injury?! Is a blood transfusion even needed for grazed skin? Is this the standard of professionalism in your hospital?!”

Eric exuded a terrifying chill. When he thought of Nicole’s weak condition every time after she donated blood, the guilt in his heart deepened, and that strange feeling in his heart became more intense.

The doctor shuddered and did not dare to hide the truth from him anymore.

“It was Ms. Quade’s order. It has nothing to do with our hospital. Ms. Quade said you agreed to all of the blood transfusions. Every time Ms. Nicole donated blood, you were also there, so we thought that we’re just following orders. Mr. Ferguson, we will never dare to do this again…”

‘Wendy Quade… Did I indulge her too much? Nicole insisted on divorce just because of that photo. Did she misunderstand my relationship with Wendy?’

In that case, Eric thought that he could just explain it to her. Although he did not have much affection for his wife, he had always been faithful to their marriage and was satisfied with their status quo. Thus, he did not mind living like this for the rest of their lives.

At least, he had never thought about getting a divorce since they got married.

If Nicole was just not satisfied with his relationship with Wendy, he could keep his distance from her.

Eric thought that their marriage could be saved if they sorted out this tiny problem.

He took out his phone to call Nicole, but her phone was turned off.

Eric’s eyebrows were tightly furrowed as he summoned the bodyguard that was at the entrance. A few minutes later, the bodyguard stood in front of him with trepidation.

“Mr. Ferguson, we can’t find the Young Madam anywhere. The hospital’s surveillance footage was suddenly hacked ten minutes ago. We can’t find any clues to where the Young Madam went even if we searched the entire hospital.”

Eric frowned deeper and his thin lips were pressed into a taut line. When he thought back to the way Nicole did not hesitate to sign her name on the divorce agreement, he felt an indescribable emotion surging in his chest. His deep dark eyes seemed bottomless and inscrutable.

‘Where can she go after the divorce? She doesn’t have any money…’

The thought of her leaving so abruptly made that irritable feeling that constantly haunted him more intense. His heart just felt extremely uncomfortable.

“Get someone to search for her and notify me immediately when you’ve found her.”

‘How dare she turn off her phone like this?! She’s really out of line!’

“Yes, sir.”

Eric did not want to admit that he felt a twinge of panic because of this woman who was no longer his wife.


The Italian limited-edition luxury furniture in the lavishly decorated room was incredibly familiar to Nicole. As soon as she opened her eyes and saw the opulent room that she had not seen in a long time, her tears instantly streamed down her face.

‘This is my room…’

“What are you crying for? It’s just a divorce. Do you think the Stanton family can’t support you?”

A mature and tough voice rang in her ears. When Nicole looked over, her eyes felt sore and she cried even more.

Floyd Stanton, the legendary Chairman of Stanton Corporation who could influence the entire West City’s business world, stood in Nicole’s room looking imposing and majestic.


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Tiny problem? then he should've solved it right away.. he's kinda dumb.
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Judy Kay Presley
I started reading this over a year ago and it is still going on. It was interesting but I quit reading or it would have cost me a fortune.
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Queen of Spades
I was really interested in this book at first. I've gotten to chapter 300, and the story is that the same plot point. I've spent so much money on this book, and it's just going in circles. I see this writer is just looping round and round to earn money while doing little to no work. Waste of money.

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