All Chapters of The Divorced Billionaire Heiress: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Chapter 1 Divorce
Ding!A message alert sounded.[Please go to the hospital to donate blood as soon as possible.] When Nicole saw this message, she was stunned for a moment like she had sustained a huge blow to her chest.The sender’s name was “Hubby”.Ding!Another message immediately followed. It was a notice from the bank that she had received a fund transfer of 500,000 dollars.Nicole scrolled up to look at her message history with her husband.[Remember to go to the hospital.][Fund Transfer: $500,000][Remember to come to the hospital to donate blood.][Fund Transfer: $500,000][Please come to the hospital right away.][Fund Transfer: $500,000]......In their three years of marriage, the time Nicole’s husband, Eric Ferguson, initiated contact with her was to ask her to go to the hospital to donate blood. To be exact, to sell blood. Nicole’s blood was sold to… Wendy Quade.Eric also treated Nicole as a stranger throughout their marriage.This month alone, Nicole had already given
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Chapter 2 A Lesson
Nicole put away her phone. She suppressed the pain in her heart and the burning sensation in her body, then braced herself and took a taxi to the City Hall.Time passed by the minute. Eric Ferguson called Nicole twice, but no one answered, so he refused to call again.Nicole sat on a bench looking very pale. An hour later, Eric walked over with a stern, expressionless face as he looked down at her with his cold gaze.“What exactly are you dissatisfied with? I know that you’ve donated more blood this month, but I’ve already compensated you.”“Let’s just get a divorce…” Nicole lifted her head and met his cold gaze. Her voice was calm and composed and she no longer wanted to speak to Eric anymore.What they said was never the same thing.Nicole looked at the prominent features of the man in front of her. He was handsome and tall, which made her fall head over heels for him, but he never once smiled at her.In the past, she used to be cautious not to irritate him, but now when she s
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Chapter 3 Retaliation
Eric’s eyes sank and his face was stormy as he yelled, “Nicole! What are you doing?!” The man’s voice was cold.‘He showed up fast enough. Was he so afraid that I’d hurt Wendy?’ Nicole thought.Wendy pouted and looked panicked. Her eyes suddenly brimmed with tears as she covered her cheek and looked behind Nicole. She argued in a loud voice, “I didn’t do anything, Nicole. You misunderstood me.”‘Is Nicole crazy? How dare she hit me in front of Eric?’Nicole sneered. “Stop your act. I know it’s you.”With a seeping cold gaze, Nicole walked to Wendy and took out the printed picture of Eric from her bag, then flung it in front of them.Eric looked at the photo and had a moment of shock and confusion. Wendy’s face also instantly turned glum and pale.He had a long day yesterday, so when he visited Wendy at the hospital, he dozed off for a while. It was apparent that this photo was secretly taken at that time.The only other person in that room then was Wendy Quade.Thus, Eric kn
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Chapter 4 Remarry
Nicole did not care in the slightest whether Wendy was embarrassed or not. She looked at Wendy’s bandaged left leg and ripped off the bandage despite Wendy’s struggle.Suddenly, the surrounding atmosphere in the ward dropped to freezing point.Nicole looked at the graze on Wendy’s leg and scoffed.“Wow, it’s so serious that there’s not even a drop of blood flowing out. If I came a little later, I’m afraid your ‘wound’ will heal completely…”“Nicole! You... Eric, it’s not like that… It’s just that I’m feeling weak right now and will recover better with a blood transfusion…”Wendy Quade met the man’s dark gaze. Her heart trembled as she explained in a panic.“You get ‘injured’ four to five times a month. I think you’re just trying to drain my blood!” Nicole’s voice was cold as she continued, “Too bad, you won’t have this opportunity again in the future. Get Eric to marry another fool to be your new mobile blood bank.”After that, Nicole sneered and left the ward without looking ba
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Chapter 5 Ridiculed
As soon as Floyd Stanton walked over, Nicole jumped into his arms and cried hysterically.Floyd sighed, heartbroken and angry at his daughter. She had never suffered the slightest bit since she was a child, yet she acted so lowly in front of Eric Ferguson. To make things worse, Eric Ferguson never once appreciated his darling daughter.If not for their prior agreement, Floyd Stanton would have crushed the Fergusons and beat that bastard to death to avenge his daughter!“Nikki, remember our agreement? If that bastard doesn’t fall in love with you within three years, you’ll come back to succeed me in the company. Now, you have to abide by our agreement, okay?”Floyd lovingly stroked his daughter’s hair while she bawled. After a while, Nicole sobbed and spoke intermittently.“Don’t worry, Dad… I… Won’t be… That stupid again…”To chase after her so-called “true love”, Nicole abandoned her family and friends despite their advice. She gave up her identity, elite status, and luxury life
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Chapter 6 Stolen
Yvette tilted her head back and laughed from exasperation. She wanted to jump up and curse at Quinn.“Nicole, is this the result of you devoting yourself to loving these people and gratifying all their demands for three years? We smell of poverty?! How did you put up with this for three years?! Well, you can put up with it, but I can’t!”Yvette stepped forward and shoved Quinn, who stumbled backward and almost fell.“I’m telling you, if it wasn’t for Nicole, I wouldn’t have even heard of the Fergusons! You’re just a nouveau riche with that measly money. Watch how I’ll stain your floors with your blood! If you dare, come at me with your old wrinkly limbs!”Quinn was trembling with anger as she pointed at Yvette and Nicole. She threatened them. “You... You… Nicole, I’ll kick you out of the Ferguson family!”Nicole did not apologize and make amends as she would have in the past. Instead, she just looked at Quinn with an expressionless face.“There’s no need for you to kick me out. I
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Chapter 7 Gone Viral
After Nicole and Yvette left Imperial Gardens, Yvette had been cursing the Fergusons until they got home. “That old hag is a weirdo! If it wasn’t for her age, I would’ve taught her a lesson!”Nicole was used to it and smiled. “Forget it. Don’t stoop to her level. Anyway, we won’t be seeing them anymore.” The two ladies were talking and laughing. When they finally returned to the Stanton Mansion, they saw Grant Stanton, who rarely appeared because he was always busy with work, sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper. He looked so serious, noble, and indifferent.Nicole happily ran over and hugged him from behind as she acted like a spoiled child. After three years without seeing him, he still felt as familiar as ever.“Big Brother, you’re finally back! Why did you disappear after sending me home?”Grant helplessly and dotingly allowed her to hug him and rock him back and forth. In the cozy atmosphere, his cold aura was totally gone.“There was an important meeting I had to
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Chapter 8 Apology
The photo Nicole posted was the one of Wendy Quade and Eric Ferguson sleeping together. Their intimacy was self-evident.What was originally a sharp weapon used to hurt Nicole became a shield for her to protect herself.Nicole’s statement was as follows:[Dear Mr. Ferguson,I was deeply sorry to hear that ‘Daydream’ was stolen, so I hired a private detective to track it down overnight. The detective found the jewelry across the Atlantic Ocean in Germany, at the hands of Ms. Ingrid Ferguson. It seems that Ms. Ferguson is quite a world-class gambler.I hope that you will investigate this thoroughly before jumping to conclusions.Regards,Nicole.]Nicole also attached the well-known private detective’s investigation report as well as another photo of “Daydream” that was on a gambling table with Ingrid Ferguson.In an instant, the already viral gossip became even more turbulent. Eric Ferguson’s divorced ex-wife, Nicole, was put in such a vulnerable position, yet she hired a reputab
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Chapter 9 Banquet
Eric Ferguson hung up the phone and rubbed his temples. His face was glum and he felt extremely irritable.He dialed Nicole’s number, but as expected, she did not answer and even blocked him.Eric slammed his phone so hard on the desk that it made a loud clang. He looked at Mitchell coldly.“Go find out where Nicole is. I want an answer in fifteen minutes.”Mitchell felt like he would lose his job and hung his head even lower.“Mr. Ferguson, I had someone check Ms. Nicole’s whereabouts. She doesn’t seem to be in Atlanta. There’s no trace of her anywhere.”Eric’s thin lips were pursed, and his face grew darker.Half an hour later, the Ferguson Corporation deleted the statement involving Nicole and issued an apology, stating that it was a misunderstanding. However, they did not clarify a word about the marriage between Eric and Nicole.Even so, the effect of this move was still very minute. Eric browsed through Nicole’s social media page and found her posts about their life toget
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Chapter 10 Abandoned Wife
The glorious banquet hall was filled with important people. Every guest present was at the top of their field.Nicole was mentally prepared to see Eric Ferguson again. Her heart did not fluctuate when she saw him because she had already let him go.Although everyone knew that Eric Ferguson had an ex-wife, Eric had never brought her to any formal occasions. Even when the last statement went viral online, everyone had only heard of her name.When Nicole saw Wendy Quade beside Eric, she laughed lightly and thought, ‘She took my place so soon?’Grant Stanton sensed her emotions and thoughtfully patted her arm. “Don’t be afraid. I’m with you.”Nicole’s smile deepened. “I’m not the one who should be afraid.”‘I don’t have any worries anymore. What should I be afraid of? I’m invincible!’Grant walked up to Eric. The two men were equal in popularity and were similar in all aspects.“Mr. Ferguson, I’ve heard a lot about you.”“Mr. Stanton, so have I.”The two men shook hands and parte
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