The Dragon King's Seduction

The Dragon King's Seduction

By:  Moonlight Muse  Completed
Language: English
273 ratings
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In a world where the werewolf kingdom is on the brink of war, the Alpha King is forced to offer one of his daughters hands in marriage in exchange for peace. When Princess Xendaya finds out that her younger sister has agreed to wed the Dragon King - a beast who is known for his callous, ruthless and deadly nature - she decides to take her place, making the ultimate sacrifice and signing away her freedom. Far from home and her people, will the head-strong werewolf princess survive in the kingdom of beasts? A place that is far worse than she thought. Her new husband is not only dangerous but has the sexual appetite of a hundred men. How will Xendaya cope knowing that her king has a harem and has no shortage of women? Agnarr, the Ruthless, is a merciless leader who has his eyes on a throne that he feels is his birthright, thrusting his people into the claws of full-out war and carnage. Will he continue to bottle his pain, rage, and hatred within him or allow his new queen to help guide him? How will Xendaya cope when her so-called husband turns his gaze upon her, his newest possession? How will Agnarr react when he realises he wants a taste of his new wife? And how will she remain strong and not succumb to her Dragon King's seduction? In a clash of wills, passion and desire, will the threat that hangs above them allow them to give in? Or will it simply drive them apart? ~~~ The sequel to The Alpha King's Possession Follow me on IG Author.Muse and FB Author Muse for updates, aesthetics and more!

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This book is awesome! Outstanding storyline, written well, strong likable characters, interesting ups and downs, did not drag and held my attention from start to finish. Want more! Will be looking at more of your completed work. Bravo author!
2024-04-04 02:06:59
user avatar
Ate Rona
This is one of the best
2024-04-02 07:22:06
default avatar
I could not put this book down, I love how strong the female lead is.
2024-04-02 05:09:00
default avatar
One of my favorites so far !
2024-03-30 14:59:56
user avatar
Milord Jacques
Another great book from my favorite author ...️
2024-03-28 13:46:58
user avatar
Best book ever! Like all Muse books !
2024-03-27 19:59:03
user avatar
An incredible storyline. Muse always creates a whole World in her books with strong females <3 . Cant wait for the next one in this series!! She always interacts with her Readers and i love that her chapters are quite long in comparison to other writer`s books.
2024-03-24 17:16:44
user avatar
Santana C
Wish I could give it 10 stars. I love this author. She truly cares about her readers and creates amazing books. She also gets better and better every time! Every new book I read is ALWAYS my new favourite! Highly recommend
2024-03-23 10:09:42
default avatar
Muse broke my heart but she always puts it back together again!!
2024-03-23 01:10:28
default avatar
I love reading all of Moonlight Muse’s books! The characters and story is written to where it captivates me and I truly feel for the characters. I can’t wait for the next great creation!...
2024-03-21 12:34:22
user avatar
Love Xenie and Angnarrs story..
2024-03-15 17:39:45
default avatar
Seems like the end is set up again for a third book so I can’t wait! There are at least two possibilities of the storyline so it will be interesting to see what Muse’s incredibly creative & sadistic cliffhanging mind comes up with!
2024-03-14 09:32:29
default avatar
Always love Muse’s books & it’s great that she’s tried some different things in this book! This is the 2nd book with dragons in it but the other has dragon riders instead of shifters. I got hooked from the first book I read by her, always look forward to reading the next one or I get withdrawals!
2024-03-14 09:29:47
user avatar
Makita Anadia Will
This book amongst many others you have written Muse is truly a testament to how creative your mind is. an absolute gift...️ Every journey with every book of yours is worth 10/10
2024-03-13 20:53:25
user avatar
わたしIt's me
I loved to read your Story about Agnar, Xeny and Shay. And I hope thatbther will be a third book, witch will be about the missing of Xens parents and the kiddnaped sister. Or is there already a book about that on the start?
2024-03-12 01:00:48
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96 Chapters
1. A Tense Dinner
XENDAYA.The mood around the dining table is extremely tense tonight, and I wonder if it’s due to the civil unrest within our kingdom or the war that wages across our borders. Where once this table was filled with amusement, happiness and friendly banter it is now as silent as a graveyard.I glance across at my parents, the Alpha King and Queen; Mother’s lost weight and Dad looks tired. The weight of the threats taking their toll on them.“Will either of you tell us why you are so troubled?” Niko, my older brother asks sharply.Dad is still the Alpha King of our Kingdom, Clair De Lune, for that is a title that goes to the strongest Alpha.Two years ago, Niko took over as our Pack Alpha, making it easier for Dad to mind the kingdom and Niko to handle the Pack.Things must have gotten worse, I can sense it in the air.It all began when we first heard of movement in the east more than a decade ago and the whispers of the rise of a Dragon King. The rumours are more than true. Not one, bu
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2. His Arrival
XENDAYA.It's the following night and the banquet is already in full swing. The Obsidian Dragon will enter these very halls tonight.I look across at Morwenna, all dressed in her pale pink gown. The innocence on her face makes me angry. She doesn’t deserve this.She’s trying not to tremble as the Omegas style her hair.“You’re shaking Morwenna. Are you sure you want to do this?” I ask quietly.“Of course, I’m just nervous,” she gives me a smile that does not hide her true feelings.“You know you can refuse this stupid marriage? They won’t force you to the altar. If we both say no, there’s nothing they can do.” “I can’t do that. This marriage can save our people…” Morwenna says, frowning slightly. “I have to, Xenie.”“No! You don’t!” I say, running my fingers through my hair agitatedly.The doors open and we both turn as our parents enter. Mom is in black and I can tell she’s upset, whilst Dad is unreadable.The Omegas take their leave, granting us privacy.“Morwenna. You look beautif
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3. First Meeting
XENDAYA.“Yes, welcome to Clair De Lune, King Agnarr,” Dad replies to the Dragon King, holding his hand out to him.Agnarr looks at the offered hand for a second before accepting it.“Thank you… Now where is my promised bride?”How shameless.I see Mom clench her jaw, her eyes filled with the anger she’s trying to control.“She is here,” Dad says, looking for Morwenna, who is approaching the dais with Niko.“I hope she is, because if I am not given what I was promised…” he leaves his threat hanging.“We will keep our side of the promise,” Mom says, as Dad places a hand on her arm to calm her. “I am Morgana, Queen of Clair De Lune.” Mom says, holding out her hand.Agnarr arches a brow as his eyes rake over Mom, but he does not take her offered hand.“The Vampire Princess who brought peace to this kingdom and the Sanguine Empire. I heard you were once nothing more than a slave.”Dad’s eyes flash. “You will do well not to disrespect my mate,” he says coldly.“And you will do well to resp
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4. A Memory
AGNARR.I watch from the shadows as my future wife drops to her knees in despair, the strong front she portrays gone within seconds. I didn’t think that werewolves were so weak.I have no interest in her, but it’s been years since I began searching, to no avail. Is she the one the Seer spoke of?It’s a pity one so young has to be married to the likes of me, but if she behaves, it might be favourable for her. After all, even the Silver Dragon was planning to reach out to the Alpha King himself. I am not sure if she is the one, but if she is, then she is mine. I will trust the Seer’s words and take her choosing to be the princess I marry as a sign…Irritation flits through me as that same wolf who I had heard trying to stop her earlier encourages her to run away.I turn away from them. I will return for her soon enough and if there is another man, I will kill him.---The dark memory of the screams of my tribe members as they are slain echoes in my mind. “Don’t do it, Nefzaan!” I warn
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5. The Dragon King's Home
XENDAYA. The journey to the Dragon Kingdom is one I will never forget. Agnarr had shifted into a huge, magnificent dragon. I have not seen one before, but compared to his men, it is obvious. He is far more superior, and his dragon is breathtaking. Something I won’t admit to him. His black scales hold a green shine, and those intense eyes of his retain most of their greeny hue, even in dragon form. The power that emanates from him is vast, and at times, I feel I couldn’t breathe. He allowed me to climb onto his back with the help of Dad and Niko. Goodbye was emotional. Mom had tears in her eyes, tears she refused to allow to fall and she had thrust a small package into my hand, telling me not to open it until I was alone. Morwenna was a sobbing mess, and Dad’s last words echo in my mind. ‘You are your mother’s daughter. I believe the next time we meet you will greet me with a smile on your face.’ That isn’t happening. I had to hold onto Agnarr's back as he soared into the sky, t
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6. A Morning Bath
XENDAYA. The sound of a roar makes me jolt upright and I look around the huge room, my heart thundering. It takes me a few seconds to realise where I am and everything that happened rushes back to me. I sigh heavily as I brush back my hair that is sticking to my face. I wipe my neck. I’m sweating. It’s hot… so hot. I’m only in the skirt I was wearing last night, the fabric of my top still on the ground. Last night I didn’t bother to go look for something to wear, wishing to not be here, and I had probably fallen asleep at some point. I curl my legs onto the bed and look out of the grail window, seeing a dragon fly through the sky. I know it’s daylight, but the smog outside casts a shadow across the room. Why is it like that? ‘Morning.’ Shayara yawns. ‘Morning, it’s so hot here.’ I grumble. What do I do now? Will he come back, or can I hope he’s forgotten about me and leaves me in this room? I’d rather not have to see anyone. ‘But we can’t be forgotten, we need food.’ I gr
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7. A Punishment
AGNARR. I hear her grunt, her thundering heart, and then the whizz of something travelling fast through the air. I open my eyes and they burn as I yank the woman from my cock and yank her from the waters, using her as a shield. Not because I had no other way to block her throw but because I want her to see the consequences of her actions… The bowl slams into the woman’s head and I smirk internally with victory when she screams out a distraught, “No!” I don’t flinch as blood splatters over me, and the slave girl’s body becomes limp in my hold. Her pale hair is now covered in blood. “What did you do!” she screams at me, as I drop the woman’s body in the water, splashing us all. “I did nothing. You did that.” I say as she rushes into the water, glaring at me with more rage than I have ever seen on the face of a woman. “Take her and get out,” I command the slaves. She might still live if they make haste. How intriguing. Wolves really are emotional beings. “That was meant for you!
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8. The Blazing Heat
XENDAYA. The heatwaves are visible around me, rippling tauntingly in the surrounding air… The burning heat is unbearable, almost as if it’s incinerating my organs within my body… My entire body is screaming in agony. It’s too hot, my head feels like it’s going to burst. Night has fallen, yet I still stand. I’m parched, my feet have long since numbed from the intense agony. The throbbing pain from the burns is something I have become accustomed to, but it’s so intense that I can no longer feel where it starts and ends. My head is ringing from the pain, but it’s too overwhelming for me to process. I was moving around before trying to keep the heat off as much as possible, but I’m no longer able to move. But I refuse to show any kind of weakness, refuse to show that I am in agony… I am more wolf than vampire, but from my mother, I did inherit some of her strength, and I know right now it is that which is keeping me conscious. Shayara has disappeared into the far corner of my mind
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9. Recovery
AGNARR. Night has fallen, and I have just returned. The castle is silent. I heard nothing from my men, no good news nor bad… but the atmosphere when I return is sombre. Does it mean she is not getting better? It’s been a while since something aside from Nefzaan has consumed my mind. I make my way to the infirmary before stopping at the open arch. “Your majesty…” Garza, the head healer, whispers, as the rest of the healers cower in fear. “What are the results?” I ask coldly as I push open the door to the room she is in. “She is not healing, she is far too weak, and her wounds are dire… I’m not sure how she is alive.” Garza bows low, her words irritating me. “Then what are you good for!” I snarl. How was she standing if she was in this state? It can’t be true. As much as I want to decapitate the healer, I need her for the war to come. “Leave.” I snarl. They obey without delay, and I brush the curtain that covers the bed aside and look down at the woman on the bed. My gut tw
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10. My Rage
XENDAYA. Half an hour later, I do feel better. The bath became easier, even soothing, as the hot weather didn’t help either and after a soak I am washed with a gentle soothing balm before I am patted dry and rebandaged. “Can I get some kind of hair balm or something for my locks? My hair has become brittle. What’s left of it, anyway,” I murmur, touching my strands. “I’m afraid we don’t really have anything much for hair here… but I will ask the herb master,” she replies as she ties my wet hair up off my neck. I sense him before I hear him. His powerful aura is like an enigma of its own and I tense, my heart thundering. ‘Xenie… remember, calm down. We do not want to be hurt again.’ Shayara tries to calm me. I sit there, my breasts heaving with rage that I am simply unable to hide… how dare he… Garza places a thin cotton gown around me, and I slowly clutch it at the front. I’m only wearing bandages underneath. “Excuse me,” she murmurs as if knowing to clear the room. She’s leavi
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