The Love Of Alpha Werewolf

The Love Of Alpha Werewolf

By:  Tum Priya  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ronin was a kind Werewolf King of Water realm his past life and was madly in love with his wife. But destiny has decided to play games with them and they both were defeated by The Vampire King Mason! His Kingdom was doomed and he promised his wife to meet in the next life! He was finally born in the 21st Century to fulfill his promise and revive his Kingdom! He was not as kind as he was in his past life! He was a rich, nerd guy, who was crazy over a girl named Sia!

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The new track is amazing.
2022-09-18 06:46:52
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Arpita Shrivastava
Keep it up dear author!
2022-09-18 06:44:47
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Liang Lin
2022-09-18 06:39:21
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Just a reader
... quite good...
2022-04-01 21:09:05
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246 Chapters
300 years ago, The Werewolf dominated the water realm and King Rylan was the King there! He fell in love with a human girl and to make her survive there, he cut a part of his heart and made a stone and named it as 'Gem of Love'. The Vampire King was tired of living in darkness forever so he had found a solution and decided to attack on the Water Realm. In the end he couldn’t get the Gem and The King and Queen died! And the people of the Kingdom were cursed to live in darkness by the Vampire King in anger, until they had their King & Queen back!100 Years later they were born once again but their fate was still playing games with them and they both lost their lives.Once again, life gave them a chance but in this life, Ronin was not so good & had
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Chapter 1
On a rainy day, A 16 years old girl was playing near the beach and was having fun in the rain but unfortunately she fell in the deep sea and floated with the waves and reached the water realm in the kingdom of Rylan!! The king Rylan was on an outing to see his kingdom's situation when suddenly he saw a girl floating with the waves of water and it seemed like she entered the wolf city by mistake and she was unconscious!! Rylan went to her and rescued her. When he first saw her, His eyes started to shine. The girl was very beautiful, her eyes looked so big even when they were closed and lips were as pink as petals of rose!! King Rylan couldn't move his eyes from her beautiful fac
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Chapter 2
Rylan thought to himself 'what happened here exactly!' Rylan's heart was beating faster! And he suddenly thought about her words, "Did she just say...'' yes ``? Rylan was happy like a child. He started dancing in excitement and after some time he controlled himself and came back in the role of the king Rylan!! On the other hand, Larena didn't understand what was happening to her. How could she say yes to that person, who was a total stranger to her? On top of that, Her heart was beating faster!!   She turned around to focus on something else. But found him standing behind her. She got goosebumps all over and her body shivered.   Rylan didn’t say
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Chapter 3
Priest saw Rylan in this complicated situation and felt sympathy for him. He knew it was not easy for him to choose between his love and people. He thought for a minute or two and said, "Yes, there is a way to make her stay in the water realm."   Hearing the priest’s words, his heart skipped a beat and a ray of hope ignited in his heart, like what he had gotten.   His eyes started shining with a ray of hope of getting Larena.   He was very curious to know about the way! He wanted to try everything he could for her.   Rylan asked the priest with a voice full of curiosity "What way, the royal priest is talking about?" He was more polite than ever he had been!
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Chapter 4
King took the gem which was the only way to marry his Larena.!!!   The King sent Larena, a beautiful white, long-feathered wedding dress!! It was so beautiful and eye catching that Larena could not move her eyes from it!    Everyone in the palace had now started preparing for the marriage of their beloved king!   The king came to the marriage hall and started waiting for Larena!   The king's gaze was stuck on the gate of the hall! He was waiting for his love of life to come and make his her!   Larena finally arrived!   As soon as she entered, his eyes stuck on her! He couldn’t remove his eyes
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A brutal fight had started!   Mason and his army entered Rylan's kingdom and started to fight with his army.   The Rylan’s army was so strong that they started massacring Mason's army brutally, not leaving anyone behind!   Even though Rylan's army was on fire but then there was still the Vampire King, who was using his evil powers to subdue his army. So, Rylan himself came forward!    As soon as King Rylan came up with his sword..Mason attacked him.   They started fighting, the swords were favoring their owner. there was heavy wrangling between the two of them. They both were extremely strong and full of power that no one was ready to back off.
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Chapter 6
Her heart was crying,she just wanted to go to her husband.   She wanted to make her husband up.   Suddenly the Mason went to Larena and tried to pull Larena forcefully and from the other hand, he grabbed her hair. Rylan cried when he saw the condition of his love.  He cursed himself for not being able to protect her.   When Mason touched her hair, Rylan wanted to stand up and kill him right then and there. And finally, after a few efforts, he stood up.   Rylan stood up and said angrily," Leave my Larena!! No one has a right to touch her!!"  
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Rylan converted into a werewolf with big sharp nails.   He was looking very dangerous because of his wide chest and hairy body. He tore up his chest, drops of blood continuously falling from his flesh and he was continuously touring his chest.    Tears came out from his eyes and his eyes turned bloody red, but he was thinking about only his people's lives and happiness and about Larena as well! After bearing intolerable pain, he removed his heart from him and gave it to the priest.   Rylan's chest was in pain, so hard that he was crying because of it, and there were drops of blood on the floor.   After a few seconds, his visuals started deterio
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Noaha said," Why not?"   Noaha went to Shaly and asked her to go to the doctor for a checkup.   The Doctors came and took her for the checkup.   After the checkup,   The Doctor told Shaly and Noaha, that there are twins in her stomach, one is a boy, another was a girl.   After listening to this wonderful news, They both were so happy because before some time they were just praying for a child and now God was going to give them twins.   There were tears of happiness in the eyes of both of them.  
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Doctor was also shocked about how it happened?    This was the biggest question to everyone : how can someone come back to life after death???   Some people started saying,"It is the love of mother!"and some were saying,"It was the destiny of a boy!"etc. Shaly and Noaha organized a function for naming their children.   They invited their family only and it was a small family event. Shaly and Noah named their son and daughter, Ricardo and Aria respectively.   Now they both came at age of five,Ricardo was a very notorious and adventurous kind of boy whereas Aria was very sensible.  
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