Two Hundred-Fifty-Three

I smile and make my way past Leo and Arthur to the young males behind them, the four of them all step up at once and wrap their arms around me, again I am surprised when I don’t hear that possessive growl come from Zachariah, I pull back a little and again look over my shoulder at him with a frown. Again, he just smiles as he gets to his feet and walks over to stand in between Leo and Arthur. I turn in Gus's arms as he is the one with his arms around me the most and look at Zachariah full-on when he says,

“I am not jealous of these young males, Yasmine… To start with, two of them are your brothers and along with the four standing around you, they proved their loyalty to you when they wouldn't give up trying to track you when you went into the water and then into Shifter territory. They spent their time alternating between looking for you and doing extra training... Yasmine, I would like you to meet your personal guards. Where you go, so do they, especially

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Tammy Behrens
when will next chapter be released seems like they are coming few n far between now

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