The Norseman's Placement

The Norseman's Placement

By:  Nikki Larousse  Completed
Language: English
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Astrid Olsen was not your typical heiress since her mind was more on the scientific side of things. She did not want to be tied down and when her father claimed that she will be marrying someone that was his business partner's son, Astrid did the only thing that she knew ever since she was a little girl. She pursued higher education and never turn her back on it. She had gained 6 Ph.D. scrolls, so what's one more, right? Well, it all changed when she was short on funds for her research and she had to make a deal with a devil. Even when he was a fair hair specimen with cobalt blue eyes that would sure to make any woman weak in their knees, including Astrid herself. Eliot Park, a brilliant scientist and inventor as well as a notorious billionaire, wanted more than anything to be the best of the best. And he managed to do it until one person was determined to see him fail in the newest pharmaceutical discovery. He knew that he had to do something drastic if he has to maintain at the top. Even sacrifice his bachelor's life to be tie down to the one scientist that will be making a ground breaking discovery to the world. And he did marry her for financial gain in his life. But, the more time Eliot spends his time in the company of Astrid, the more he felt something that he never did before. Was this just lust between them or something more? What will Eliot do when he realized something has shifted between him and his contractual wife? What will Astrid do? Will she run away again like she did before or will she be brave enough to convey her feelings?

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36 Chapters
Prologue: The Party
Astrid Olsen’s POVI was smiling as I was greeting the members of my father's company. I cannot believe that he was showing me around like I was a prized cattle. What do I look like, a cow? I was smiling before I spotted someone that I have been long to see at my party right now.It was my cousin, Astrid Larsen.Yeah, I know. It's funny that we have the same first name but we have come to the term that I will be called by my middle name as my cousin did not have the middle name so we have to stick with Astrid for her."Astrid! I am so glad that you are here," I said as I went to hug my cousin. She smiled before I was looking at her golden hair, a few shades lighter than mine."Yes, of course. I would not miss for the world when you get your 6 Ph.D. graduation party," she said as I was gagging at the notion. I don't even know that my father has the time to plan for my graduation party as I just graduated for my post-doctorate and this time, it was about
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Chapter 1: The Reluctance
Cavan Olsen’s POV“I can see why you need my help in finding a groom for your daughter, Cavan. She was a stubborn girl,” my friend, Levine, stated as I sighed. I was looking at him before I saw two people coming our way.“And I assumed that you have found him?” I asked as I was looking at him. Levine smirked before he was turning to see the approaching guests.“Ah, just the person that I need to see right now. Pearse, I want you to meet Cavan, my friend and I hope that we can all be acquainted,’’ Levine said as I was shaking hands with Pearse. He was the same age as me as I can see from his feature before a young man with fair hair and cobalt blue eyes were staring at me.The same eyes as Pearse.“Nice to meet you, Cavan, I’m Pearse Park and this is my son, Eliot Park,” he said as I was smiling at the young man. I shook his hand as well.“Well, I hope you enjoy the party. I know it was nothing but I tried my best. It was kind of a rush decision as
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Chapter 2: The Adventure
Astrid Olsen's POVI was smiling as I was staring at the sight of the Mediterranean Sea from the sky. It was magnificent before I was snuggling against the chair that was comfortable enough for me when I usually went around the world with the private jet. But this will do.An economy plus a seat, in the couch section.I was looking at the screen that was in front of me before the seatbelt sign was on. I was putting up my chair before I was fastening the seatbelt. I was smiling when there was a flight attendant that was collecting for the trash before the final touchdown.Finale Ligure, Italy.I have transit in Geneva before I was changing the flight to land at Riviera Airport. It was the closest one to my final destination but I was not having any trouble at all. I was smiling before I was hearing the captain of the plane was clearing her throat into the microphone."Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Aurora, I am your captain today and we
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Chapter 3: The Nightclub
Astrid Olsen's POV"Tada!" Taylor said as she was opening the motel room that we found for cheap in Finale Ligure. I don't know if I can afford it but Taylor promised me that it was not that bad for us to share the room. Besides, she negotiated with the owner before she decided that we will take it. I did not know that she can speak Italian. Well, more luck for us then."So, what will you do tomorrow, Astrid?" Taylor asked me as I was looking at her. I was tapping my chin before I was smiling at her. I did saw an advertisement that they need a waitress in the nearby restaurant at the beach of Finale Ligure. I think I can pass for that position."I don't know, I was thinking that I might get a job or something. I did plan to stay here until I don't know when and I have to save some money for the plane ticket as well,'' I said as I was looking at Taylor. She nodded before she was smiling at me."Look at you. Just arrived and already thinking about the money and
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Chapter 4: New York, USA
Eliot Park’s POVI was getting comfy by the time that we were about to land in New York. I don’t know about everybody else but I am dying to get some action tonight.Albeit, if my mother let me off early before she gave me one of her speeches for me to behave better in the future.‘You should not be doing this,’‘You cannot behave like this, Eliot. What will the public say?’‘Why can’t you be like your father and settle down right now?’My mother always thought that I would be settling down like she did with my father when they were younger. I would not like to be tied up to one person when I can have every woman in the world every week.‘Someday, you will understand that you will only want her and only her can fill the void inside you, in here,’ my mother told me as she laid her palm over my chest where my heart was. I was 21 at the time, barely knows a thing but right now, I think I know what she meant by that.The stranger that I me
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Chapter 5: The Mother
Eliot Park’s POV“And why should I do that? She’s not your girlfriend, is she?” I asked him as Cam was clenching his jaws when the woman was staring at him.“That is none of your business,” he said before the woman was swaying as I can sense that she was already leaning against Cam. I see, they were in love but too afraid to tell each other.“Well then, I cannot leave her with you. Who knows what you might do to her,” I said, adding some spiciness to their relationship. Then, Cam laughed bitterly.“And you do? No, I don’t trust you any more than a stranger that I saw in the streets. This woman used to work with me together in Seattle and as you can see,” he said as he was pointing at the ruby necklace that the woman was wearing. I smirked inwardly before Cam was smiling with triumph at me. “She’s my betrothed after all,” he said before he smirked. I pretended to clench my jaws before Cam was carrying the woman away.“Now that matter settled,
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Chapter 6: The Conference
Eliot Park’s POVI was looking at the woman that was named Daisy Dyer. Dyer, as in the famous scientist named Jayson Will Dyer. Was she related to him? So, I asked her the million-dollar question that someone would find it was offensive when been asked about it.“Say, did your father named Jayson Will Dyer?” I asked before Daisy was blinking her eyes at me. then, she nodded before I chuckled.“I thought as much. I am an admirer of your father’s work. I can agree that the meteorite was the reason for the Old Ocean to form. Say, do you have any work that he has never published before?” I said as Daisy seemed a little bit lost in translation there.I guess she did not read her father’s paper. “Hmm, I don’t think there were unpublished papers for my father but I can look it up if you wanted to,” she said as I was staring at the grey orbs that were glaring at me. Daisy was looking at me before she turned to look at Dylan Windell as well.He was w
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Chapter 7: The Acceptance
Eliot Park’s POVI was standing next to the car before I saw that my mother was talking to Windell. I smirked before his jaws were clenching again. I know what my mother was telling him. he should have not gone down on Daisy when they were in the garden.Fun Fact: everyone as looking at their show tonight, including my mother and me.I chuckled lowly before I was looking at the retreating car that my mother rode with Daisy before Dylan was calling someone. He cursed as I was walking up to him.“Say, if it wasn’t for Dylan Windell, son of Professor Theodore George Windell. I thought I would not have a chance to talk to you tonight,” I said as I was correcting my cuff links as Dylan turned to look at me. I smiled at him before he rolled his eyes.So much for a family reunion.“What do you want?” he asked me as I was looking at the sky. I know that Windell was the Wielder of the Wind and they were controlled by their emotions. I just hoped that Dylan
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Chapter 8: The Old Geezer
Eliot Park’s POVAfter the conference with my mother that night, I decided that I will be visiting her office on the very last day that I will be here before I have to fly to England with my dad. I don’t even know why he wanted me to go there but being the obedient son that I was, I just followed his order.Even though I would rather be spending some time with something else at the moment.I was walking up the stairs before I was making my way to my mother’s office. I have visited her here on the first day when she went out with her friends. But today, I told her that I will be going home and she decided that she wanted to look at me one last time before I departed for England.“I see that you did not improve your manners yet, my son. Coming into the room without knocking first,” my mother said as I was smirking at her. she was sitting at her desk as I was slipping into her office before I was looking around.There was so many books that I know she woul
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Chapter 9: London, England
Eliot Park’s POV
I sighed as I was looking outside the window of the private plane that I took to go to New York before I was making another pit stop in England.London, England to be specific.I don’t even know why I was brought here but my father summoned me to be here for the grand introduction of the relatives of Her Majesty Queen Diana and her son, Hugh. It was rumored that his only daughter, Her Royal Highness Taylor Baker was married to one Prince of Hungary named Eddy Rovski and it was their first introduction to the world as a married couple.My father was famous enough to be invited and knowing that he knew Levine Virtanen which will be making an appearance at the ball, I supposed he invited my father as well.And my father asked me to accompany him, like always.And me, being the obedient and only son to one Pearse Park, has to come along.The plane landed in Heathrow before I was accompanied with my father’s driver and his personal bod
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