An affair with my billionaire boss (seducing his maid)

An affair with my billionaire boss (seducing his maid)

By:  Lommie Cee  Completed
Language: English
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A seductive boss and his maid…… Note: This book may contain some steamy scenes….. "What can I help you with, sir?" Quinn asked, trying very hard to make her voice sound steady. "Your sexy body," he replied. She couldn't believe that he had just said such a thing. "Sir Henry, how could you say such a thing to me?" She asked, with innocence. "You act too innocent Quinn. I'm glad I wasn't deceived by your innocent face, if not I wouldn't have gotten to feel how good you are in bed." (Indeed he was a shameless Boss) When a billionaire falls for his maid, what lengths must he go through, in order to make her his??? Using dubious means to get into her panties, does that make him the antagonist or the protagonist???? Read this interesting boss/maid affair story to find out more …..

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122 Chapters
Avoiding her boss
My clothes were torn to shreds by him, so in order to leave the room, I wrapped myself in his quilt. I slowly walked out of his room, not wanting to wake him up. I stared at the corridor so that I could be sure none of my co workers were around and so that none of them could see me coming out of Sir Henry's room and in just a quilt. I quickly walked to my room when I was sure that the passage was clear. Once I was in my room, I fell on my bed and started thinking of what happened between my boss and I last night, I had gone to his room last night to serve him his coffee but I ended up in his bed. I wondered how I could escape from him, all I could do was hope that he wouldn't remember last night's ordeal. CEO's Room... Henry stretched out his hand to cuddle the woman he had made love to last night and all night long but when he stretched out his hand, to her, she wasn't there, he didn't feel her beside him. The other side of the bed was empty, she had left without saying anything t
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His corrupt nature
"What can I help you with, sir?" I said, trying very hard to make my voice sound steady."Your sexy body," I heard him say. I couldn't believe he just said such a thing."Sir Henry, how could you say such a thing to me?" I asked, feigning innocence. I didn't want him to remember what happened last night."You act too innocent Quinn. I'm glad I wasn't deceived by your innocent face, if not I wouldn't have gotten to feel how good you are in bed." (What a shameless CEO)"What do you mean sir?""You can stop your pretence, Quinn. I fully remember everything that happened last night. I remember how we moaned for each other endlessly," he was indeed a shameless brostitute."Do you know the best part of all this?" He asked, staring at me with mischief.I nodded my head, negatively to his question."What happened last night wasn't a mistake, neither was it a coincidence. I planned it all."I looked at him in disbelief, "you are mistaken. You were drunk last night, I made a mistake, I would ha
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His fiancee's arrival
Next day.... I found out that sir Henry left the house very early in the morning and the cooks were preparing so many fishes. "What is all this preparation for?" I asked nanny Feng out of curiosity. "Sir Henry is having a guest today," she replied. "Ohh, I see." "Who is this guest?" I added. "His fiancee." Her reply was like a heavy blow to my face.. He had a fiancee but still he had sex with me, he dis virgined me. I didn't understand why I felt bad about this revelation. "His fiancee? But how come we never heard of her?" "Well Quinn, she has been living outside the country for a long time now and besides it's not as though Henry proposed marriage to her, they were betrothed since childhood," Nanny Feng explained further. I nodded my head and walked away. "Will sir Henry stop chasing after me??" I couldn't help but wonder. I started feeling dizzy, so I went to my room to have a good rest... Later in the afternoon... Sir Henry came back, not alone but with a fine woman b
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His scheming nature
I freshened up and went to serve Henry and his so called fiancee their meal. I was kind of happy with the fact that I was fucking her fiance, at least this was the best way to get back at her. I rushed to the kitchen to set their meal, I suddenly felt a hand wrap around my waist. I swiftly turned around and found CEO Henry in front of me. "What do you think you are doing, do you have any idea that someone could walk in us?" I asked pushing his hands away from me. "No one is around." he replied. "What do you mean?" I asked, looking at him in a confused way. "I gave everyone a day off very early in the morning." he explained further, smiling mischievously at me. "Me inclusive?" I asked, with hopeful eyes. I really needed a break from this boss - maid affair of a relationship. "No, that's not possible. If I give you a day off, who will take care of me then?" he answered shamelessly. What kind of a man was he? I stared at him in disbelief, this man was really unbelievable. "What a
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Another fornication
I wondered why he told me he wanted to kiss me, when he didn't care to hear what my opinion was. He pushed his tongue deep into my mouth, he teased my lips with his tongue. My boss was really good at seduction."Stop it sir Henry, even if we want to do this, I do not think it is proper to do it here in the kitchen," she said, after forcefully separating her lips from his."Why do you say so?" He asked."The first reason is that your fiancee might just walk in on us and you know that it will be really wrong to let her see us this way. The other reason is that this is a kitchen and it will be very unhealthy to do this in the kitchen.""Quinn stop with your lectures. My fiancee can not be a problem for us now because she is drugged, remember? As for this kitchen, I do not mind doing it here with you, so you too shouldn't mind," he said."I thought that by now my opinion would also matter to you but it seems as though all you care about is getting into my panties," the maid said, looking
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Strip for me
Kathleen walked out of the room in annoyance; she wanted to let out some steam. Even in a relationship based on mutual benefits, neither party will like to be cheated upon by the other. She sashayed to the master bedroom hoping to find Henry there,but he wasn't. What game was her fiance up to? Plopping herself on the king sized bed,she thought about the look on Quinn's face earlier. 'Wait,' What if Henry already banged that lowly maid on the bed she was currently seated on filled her with disgust. "The fuck," She cursed under her breath. With a grimace on her face,she pulled out her phone to make a phone call. "Prepare a suitcase of money for me" She calmly instructed her assistant. The phone was on loud speaker,there was silence at the other end of the line. "Didn't you hear me?" She glanced at the caller ID,to make sure he was the one on the line. "What do you need a suitcase of money for?" A manly voice sounded. There was no way she couldn't know who was on the line. "Dad?
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Paying the slut off
A fucking hoeKathleen paced up and down in the living room with a sour mood. Henry just left the mansion on a sudden business trip. Not that she was annoyed about it though,it was the argument they had before his departure that was making her boil in anger. That was by the way; she had ample time to execute her plans... "Let's see how you will continue fucking that bitch if she is fired.." She sneered in contempt.The sound of the door opening diverted her attention from her thoughts. Quinn walked into the room with cautious steps. "My my... Just in time, aren't you? Let's have a chat, Quinn...".Quinn served her a cup of espresso at her request and stood respectfully in front of her. What did she want to talk to her about? Maybe scold her or scratch her face? Multiple scenarios flashed across her mind as her eyes alternated from Kathleen to the floor. "Sit" Kathleen requested calmly. "I'm fine,I can stand" Quinn declined politely. "That wasn't a request,it was an order" Kathleen's c
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I want you to have me
Your cock is all I needSilence was all that greeted Henry when he went into Quinn's room. Where was she? He pulled out his cellphone and dialed her number, it wasn't going through. His gaze darkened as his suspicion heightened. He breezed out of the room in a hurry and was greeted with the figure of Kathleen with her legs on each other on the couch. "What are you doing here?" He asked impatiently. "Trying to figure out why my fiance is asking me what I'm doing in his home" Kathleen replied nonchalantly. "Where's Quinn?" He asked, ignoring her response. "How I'm I supposed to know?" She stood up and walked over to him. Resting her hands on his chest, she muttered seductively, "I know you must be tired. Why don't I help you rest?" She bit her lower lips slowly. Henry tried pushing her but she held on fast. "What do you want?" He asked impatiently. "Your cock, I fucking want you inside me. When was the last time you fucked me? Answer me!" Henry didn't respond. Different ideas cr
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