The Queen's Search for Love

The Queen's Search for Love

By:  Xujinli  Completed
Language: English
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Moving to France was the first step that Jingfei did to achieve her dream and the first step to move on from her failed relationship that ended seven years ago. She wanted to search for the love that she deserves but an unexpected incident happened that messed up the feelings that she had been suppressing for the past years.

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111 Chapters
Why are you there?
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, or actual events is purely coincidental.Book Cover Photo credits to: - - - - - - - - - - - -A young lady was busy looking at the table while instructing one of the staff to move the platter of dessert on the centre when suddenly her phone rang interrupting her from what she was doing."Tell them to hurry up. We only have an hour left, the party will start at exactly eight p.m." She uttered to one of her staff before walking towards a corner to answer the call."Yes, Huahua?" Jingfei spoke."Feifei, what are you doing? I hope I have not interrupted you." Lihua uttered on the other side of the phone.Jingfei slightly smiled as she glanced at the time, her best friend
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The Kiss
     The dimmed lights and loud music made Alexander’s head throb, he wanted to go home but the young beside him didn't have any plan to let go of the bottle of whisky that she had been hugging since she got drunk. The young lady held tightly on the bottle while smiling at the young man.    “Handsome, Feifei not dwunk yet *hik* you hehehe *bang*” Alexander flinched when he saw Jingfei hit her face on the counter, “I’m fwine!” The young lady hurriedly raised her head and drank the whisky straight from the bottle.     Seeing Jingfei’s wasted state, Alexander pinched the young lady´s cheeks, “It's time to go home now, you drunkard!&rdqu
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Fair Compensation
        Before the sun rises, Alexander who didn't fall asleep was already busy cooking breakfast in Jingfei’s kitchen. The soup and hangover medicine that he requested last night had been delivered early in the morning. He was almost done preparing breakfast when he heard a loud bang inside the young lady’s room.          Hurriedly placing the bowl of soup on the table, Alexander ran toward the room and almost burst into laughter when he saw the young lady on the floor, her back was flat on the floor, her head was facing the door and her legs were still on the bed.             “Are you just gonna watch me? Owww!!” Jingfei held her throbbing head, “
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Not Welcome
    While they were on their way to the restaurant that Alexander owned, Jingfei was just staring at the man all throughout their ride. The young lady was still wondering and trying to remember what she had done when she was very drunk, “Did I really not do anything while I was drunk?”    Alexander briefly glanced at Jingfei, “You simply passed out when you got very drunk!”    “Then what did I do when I was still not too drunk, ‘cause all I remembered when we got inside the bar is that I ordered a drink from Shell and had a talk with him while you answered a phone call.” Jingfei muttered while staring intently at the young man who was looking straight on the
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Your Woman
    As Alexander was preparing the Steak Frites, he would take glances at the young lady who was also having fun making the desserts. Alexander is still worried about Jingfei since she was so drunk last night. The young man immediately went back to what he was doing when he saw that the young lady was also glancing in his direction.    “Psh! I could feel your gaze on my back!” Jingfei thought when she caught Alexander avoiding her gaze. At exactly noon, the restaurant opened and in an instant, it was filled with people. Jingfei had just finished making the desserts with Anais's help. "Since we are done here, I should help the oth
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Love Me
“Is your head still aching?” Alexander asked as soon as they got inside of Jingfei’s unit. “No, it’s not aching anymore. Are you hungry? ‘Cause I am!” Jingfei asked while placing her bag on top of the centre table. Alexander picked it up and threw it at her, “Young lady, you have to place that inside your room. Go change your clothes also, I’ll prepare our lunch. What would you like to eat?” Jingfei picked her bag and walked towards her room, “Salad!” She answered before closing the door. “Why did I even ask her?” Alexander muttered as he glanced at the wall clock, it was already four in the afternoon, “I should call her!” He mumbled while taking his phone and dialled a number.
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The sun had set, and city lights began to shine as it illuminated the whole city of Lyon. It was already seven in the evening and two hours have passed since Jingfei cried in Alexander’s arms. She had also a short talk with Lihua, and Jingfei had to lie when her best friend asked if she was crying. Before their phone call ended, Lihua had remainded her to take care of herself and not to get sick.     The young lady is squatting on the couch as she hugged her favourite pillow that Lihua gifted to her. “Here, place this one your eyes to stop the swelling.” Alexander, who came back from the kitchen, handed an ice pack to the young lady.     “Are you good now?” He asked as he sat in front of her. Jingfei nodded, &ldqu
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Wedding Date
    Alexander woke up before the sun could rise, he sat down on his bed and reminisced about what had happened last night, his lips suddenly curved into a smile, “I am truly going to start dating Jingfei?” He mumbled while hugging his pillow.     While feeling the bliss and giddiness, Alexander reached out for his phone to check if any of those women had messaged him again but he was stupefied when a bunch of miss calls from the same number greeted his eyes. “And what does he want with me again?” The young man mumbled as he dialled the number.     After a couple of rings, the person finally answered the call, “Alexy, why did you not pick your phone last night!
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Hugo Alarie
    While everyone at the Heroux residence was busy preparing for the arrival of their young master, at the jewellery store, Jingfei was contemplating which one of the two necklaces would suit Madame’s taste. “Alex, which one of these will your mother like?” Jingfei asked as she glanced at the young man who was busy looking at the rings. “Alexander!” Jingfei poked Alexander to get his attention. “What is it?” Jingfei pointed at the two necklaces, “Which one should I buy?”Alexander stood beside Jingfei and glanced at the necklaces, without saying anything he called the sales lady, “Please pack these two necklaces.” The sales lady nodded and were about to pick the box when Jingfei spoke,
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Match made in Heaven
   Alexandria crossed both her arms on her chest, and with one brow raised, she stared at the man from feet to head, “I see, you are still doing fine. Out from the prison are we?” She scoffed.  “Pffttt- Ahem!” Alexander held his laughter as he glanced at his cousin who was staring at him, expressionless.    Hugo calmed himself down as he remembered why he was at the Heroux residence, “You see, I didn’t come here to talk about the past. Aunt Royella invited me.”     “And why would mom invite a mur- Oh! Hugo, you are here!” Both Alexander and Alexandria turned around when they heard their father's voice. “Why are you thre
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