The Russian

The Russian

By:  Anna Mikura  Completed
Language: English
92 ratings
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Rich girl Daniella De Luca had plans to spend spring break partying with friends abroad.Instead, she's been kidnapped by the Russian mafia and dragged halfway across the world. Their leader, Alexei Nikolin, is asking for ten million dollars in ten days. Now, Dani has to find a way to get out or stay alive. After all, she was also a mafioso's daughter, and one man couldn't possibly bring her family down. Nevermind that he was dangerously charming. What was the worst one Russian man could do to her anyway?

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V Rajalakshmi
nice sweet story short but interesting
2023-11-13 18:29:11
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Shari Brady
I read this story twice! And I still love it. My only compliant is the ... ... chapters are too far in the story. Lol maybe I just need more chapters of them haha. Still one of my favorites.
2023-08-21 10:32:39
default avatar
Great story!
2023-08-19 10:21:36
default avatar
Nice story! Worth reading
2023-01-08 17:35:39
default avatar
Wonderful book ...
2022-12-27 23:05:30
default avatar
Excellent book, well done author!
2022-11-22 18:33:02
user avatar
An outstanding story, well written and exciting. Wow this is a must read.
2022-10-12 02:37:23
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hadia itani
Highly recommended! Hope to see more stories from the author of this book!
2022-09-25 13:38:03
user avatar
i finish in one my place now 4.22 am and i missed my sleep for this.. nice job author..1 germ for u of course.....️
2022-09-22 04:23:15
user avatar
Solid story not to much and not lacking either it was just enough of everything to be the perfect little gem! Do enjoy I know I did!
2022-07-01 18:09:14
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J. Renee' King or Renee' King
Awesome story!!! If you’re checking this review you must must must read this novel!!!
2022-06-21 00:44:14
default avatar
This was such a great book. Awesome storyline, written well and held my interest without dragging it on and on. Keep up the good work author will be looking for more from you.
2022-06-05 03:32:31
user avatar
Josée Beaulé
à sequel please
2022-05-31 22:32:59
default avatar
I was completely enthralled with this one the whole way through.
2022-05-15 02:53:03
user avatar
I loved this book so much. definitely see me reading this again! <3
2022-04-09 07:14:39
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31 Chapters
Everything was dark and cold when Dani opened her eyes.Pitch black darkness. It was useless thrashing her head about, for only nothingness stared back at her from every corner of this frigid space. Had she gone blind? Everything felt dull and hazy when she tried to recollect her thoughts. Think, Dani. Think. Right, she’d been partying with friends in a club in Melbourne. It had been a warm summer night, far from this dark freezer she was in right now.Unless she was in some kind of freezer. That was ridiculous of course, because that would mean she was either dead, or soon to be.Her next instinct was to wrap her arms around herself. Except she couldn’t.Her hands were bound behind her back, and her fingertips could feel the cable tie around her wrists. Only then did she become fully aware of her position, of how she was seated on some chair—heavy, wooden—and tied down to her ankles.“What the fuck…?” The words left her cracked lips and grated in her dry throat. At least she wasn’t g
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Moscow.Dani felt the breath knocked out from her.She’d never set foot in Russia, nor knew anyone she could run to even if she managed to escape. Alexei had a build that could easily take her down, if one of his god-knows-how-many lackeys didn’t get to her first.Her mind continued to draw a blank. “How the hell did I end up in Moscow?”Alexei rose to his full height once more. He had to be at least six feet tall. “Too easily, actually. You and your friends were already quite inebriated. I mean, you were more than eager to take your sixth shot of tequila from a complete stranger.”“You slipped a roofie in my drink?” Her jaw dropped as her bound hands curled into fists. “What else have you done to me?”Alexei picked the fur off his parka. “I prefer my partners conscious and completely willing, if that’s what you’re implying. You were knocked out for the entire flight. Very cooperative for live cargo, really.”Dani bit back a curse and closed her eyes. “I can’t believe this is fucking
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Dani was given a drab grey dress and black tights for her to wear. She looked like a convent nun but it surprisingly fit her well, and it unnerved her that her abduction may have been planned well ahead of time. Elena brought her a tray of biscuits and tea, but despite not remembering when she had last eaten, Dani left it untouched. She restlessly paced in her bedroom, tempted to find Alexei, but what would she say to him?Ten million dollars in ten days. There was no way her father would be able to cough up that much money so quickly. Dani chose to be oblivious to many things where the family business was concerned, but she knew enough to know her father had to be in dire straits to start dealing with the Russians.Dani chewed on her thumb. She had to come up with a game plan. Perhaps steal a car and drive far enough to get in contact with her father? She didn’t know a single word of Russian, but it was the largest country in the world, wasn’t it? Surely there were plenty of places to
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Everything was white and bright when Dani opened her eyes.Pale sunlight from the windows kissed her face, but its warmth did not seep through in the cold room.She’d desperately wanted everything to be a dream.The thick sheets kept her in a warm cocoon, keeping her drowsy and almost lulling her back to sleep. Still, no matter how many times she woke up, she would not be escaping this nightmare.Groggily, Dani sat up. The reality of her surroundings was like a cold slap in the face. She was stuck in this godforsaken tundra until—if her father managed to conjure ten million dollars in the next nine days. Her father would move mountains for her, but even meeting Alexei’s demand was stretching it.The faint sound of keys jangling reached her ears. Within seconds, a light knock rapped on her door. Elena entered her room, her black dress a stark contrast to the whiteness of everything else around Dani.“Good morning, Miss De Luca.” Elena’s steely grey eyes mirrored the hardness of her tone
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Dani’s eyelids were heavy when she awoke on a cold Tuesday morning. The room felt chillier than usual, until she noticed snow falling outside her window.She was still in her clothes from last night after crying herself to sleep. The reminder of her possible fate loomed over her like a cloud more dismal than the one outside, but there were no more tears left for her to cry. Perhaps it was the grogginess that lingered in her body, but she found herself staring at the window for a long time until the snow grew thick on her windowsill.The sound of a car pulling over drifted from the outside. There were male voices speaking Russian. A dog barked.Dani walked over to the window. A big black dog was running through the snow. Nearby, Alexei was speaking to one of his guards. He looked up and caught her eye.Her impulse was to shirk away from the window, but she held his gaze as he gave her a nod. When she left the room and headed downstairs to the foyer, the main entrance doors were wide ope
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As soon as they returned inside the house, Maksim walked ahead of her and with purpose, as if heading somewhere. Curious and with nothing left to do, Dani followed the dog as he led her down the long hallway past the foyer and to one of the rooms on the ground floor.Maksim squeezed past a slightly open door. Dani was about to follow when she spotted Alexei inside the room, standing by the window with his back facing hers. He had a phone to his ear.Past Alexei’s tall, suited stature, the window’s curtains were parted to show a view of the garden where she had just come from. She crept closer to the door, finding a handsomely decorated office inside. She hadn’t been inside this room before. How could she have missed it?“You have five days left, Mr. De Luca.”Dani’s spine went rigid.“Now it’s not my style to be persistent, but I figured a little reminder can go a long way.” Alexei slipped a hand in his pocket. “Last I checked, there’s only a little over three million dollars that’s be
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Despite reading the same line over and over, Dani couldn’t absorb what she was reading. She’d finished Anna Karenina last night and had started on Crime and Punbishment as per Alexei’s recommendation, but for the life of her she couldn’t get past this current chapter.Her mind kept drifting to yesterday’s events when she’d done that preposterous finger errand. For a captor, Alexei was being a little too nice for comfort. It was one thing to feel lucky she wasn’t being tortured in some dirty cell with one of her fingers missing, but after yesterday, things just felt... weird. It continued to confound her no matter how many times she mulled it over, and now she was too distracted to read.Dani shut the book and tossed it aside on her bed. It was only eight in the evening and much too early to call it a night. Perhaps it was the seriousness of the book that made it difficult to concentrate. Maybe there was lighter material like a romance novel, though she highly doubted the likes of Alexe
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Tufts of snow lined the windowsill as Alexei stood observing the expanse of the Nikolin estate. There was nothing but a stretch of white covering the gardens from the large marble fountain to the hedge maze beyond it. Even here in Moscow, snow had not ceased for the last few days. Last he heard, a snowstorm was brewing and heading north. Hopefully, it wouldn’t reach him when he flew back to Unezhma tonight.“So? How’s the De Luca deal going?”Alexei turned to face his father, who sat upright on the bed with his back against the headboard. Andrei Nikolin was a glimpse of what he would be in thirty years’ time, if he was riddled with illness and didn’t inherit his mother’s eyes.“Another two million was deposited yesterday.” Alexei clasped his hands behind his back. “They’re still roughly five million short.”“And what will you be doing when they fail to pay in two days’ time?”“Then I keep holding the daughter hostage.”“And Tommy De Luca will continue to take his sweet time knowing hi
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The scrambled eggs on Dani’s plate had turned to mush from being poked around for too long.Well, not that it mattered anyway. She didn’t have the appetite to begin with the moment she woke up this morning. Today was supposed to be her last day in this house, and yet she felt like throwing up.Excitement should be thrumming in her veins. Instead, something cold was forming in the pit of her stomach, and it had nothing to do with the steady snowfall that hadn’t stopped since this morning.Dani’s fork clattered to her plate as she gave up and leaned back to her chair with a sigh. A breakfast good for three people was served, but she was the only one dining as usual. Come to think of it, not once had she seen Alexei come down for breakfast before. Perhaps he wasn’t a morning person.Her fingers danced around her glass of orange juice. Alexei had done everything to make sure her stay had been comfortable, and yet the thought of her father coming here to fetch her himself was unnerving. She
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“Sir, this is Vankin with the De Luca entourage. We’ll be arriving in fifteen minutes.”Alexei rose from his chair and buttoned his suit. “Copy that. See you soon.”Alexei took the two-way radio with him on his way out of his private office. As expected, the snow had set back Tommy De Luca’s arrival by a few hours, but at least the man was finally here. Outside, snow continued falling harder than ever, marking the arrival of the snowstorm.Alexei ascended the winding staircase to the second floor, headed for Dani’s chambers. He was half-expecting an emotional reunion, with Dani storming down the steps to her father’s arms in sobs. Then again, with the exception of yesterday, she had only shed a single tear in front of him. That girl was surprisingly resilient, or put on a good show of it anyway.Alexei stopped in the middle of the corridor, finding Maksim by Dani’s door. The dog scratched repeatedly at the door, whining, and suspicion flared instantly in Alexei’s veins. He ran for the
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