Mr. Rude President's Secret

Mr. Rude President's Secret

By:  JMFelic  Completed
Language: English
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'I seek revenge, Daniella. Sweet, delicious revenge.'***Here's Daniella Rosecraft, the only daughter of the Rosecraft Family that owns a famous company that specializes in weddings. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, she aims to show to her mother that she can take over the business flawlessly. And yes, everything was going fine. Everything was according to her plan, until... 'trouble' came in the form of the President of the Fancy Pants Club, Erik Romano 'the asshole devil' Fancii. Her beliefs and character were quickly questioned by him thus making the ultimate clash of the history. With these two polar opposites, the question now is, how will they survive without cutting each other's throats? And with guns, drugs and the illusions staged by the Club, there remained a question still... Are their throats the only part that gets the damage or their hearts get a share of it too? Genre: Mafia, Action, Reverse Harem, Romance Status: CompleteAll Rights Reserved 2020JMFelic Books

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47 Chapters
The Fancy Pants Club Pledge
I ____(state your name)______ of legal age, and a rightful resident of _____(state your address)_____, do hereby solemnly pledge myself before the Fancy Pants Club President, its Honorable Officers and its Witnesses to practice faithfully my duties as a Member of the Club.I hold the care of its activities as sacred and I will come to assist the officers with loyalty and honesty.I will not knowingly permit harm to come to my fellow members.I will not partake of, nor administer any unauthorized fancy events or parties without the written or expressed consent of the President.I will hold all personal matters pertaining to the private lives of the Members in strict confidence.I dedicate my mind, heart and all abilities to the Club.I shall do all in my power to show in myself an example of all that is honorable and good throughout my membership.And lastly, I will
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Chapter 1: The One Who is Bedazzled
~ Daniella ~“Put me down!” I yelled, my voice straining, but my order fell on deaf ears as the stranger continued to lift me as if I weighed nothing and marched down the stairs of the center stage.I flung my hand in the air and squirmed from his hold, but he tightened his arms even more, insisting the bridal-style position he had put me in.“Put me down I say!” I ordered again, this time feeling myself in panic yet in deep blush.We passed the spacious dance hall, disregarding the look of surprise in my team’s eyes. I gave them a silent look of help, but it seemed they were too engrossed with the drama that they failed to see my desperation.“Wrap that damn wound of yours with the end of your blazer, woman. I don’t want it dripping blood in the floor, ” he grounded without looking at me.His face, although fine-looking, was set in a hard scowl. He was angry over something or proba
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Chapter 2 - When All is Perfect Except One
Oh, God. He knows my name! He knows my name!Wait. Why does that stranger know my name?I asked myself that a couple of times already since I returned in my guest suite. After having myself treated inside that clinic -slash- spa, I thought I wouldn’t get haunted by thoughts of that manipulative guy, but I guess I was wrong.God, his glittery face kept on poking at my brain telling me to do this and to do that. What the heck! Who is that man anyway? Why does he boss me around and why does he know my name?There, I asked it again...Anyway, I am standing now in front of a full-length mirror assessing myself. Many of my friends say that I am gifted with a curvaceous body. They said to flaunt them whenever necessary and to flaunt them with the right dress. That’s the reason why I’m wearing a white lace knee-length dress now. The neckline is low but just enough to provide a small peek of my clea
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Chapter 3 - Sweet, Delicious Revenge
As I saw him approach my table, I felt heat rush my face. My heartbeat quickened, my back tensed and my feet shot tingles up my leg. The people around me seemed to disappear and all that’s left is this man looking at me with an unreadable face.For a moment, even though the light was dim, I saw his brows twitch and his eyes thinned as he saw me, but it was so brief, so fast that it felt like I was just dreaming it. When he arrived in the table, he didn’t care so much as to say ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ or even some damn greeting to acknowledge my presence. He just walked straight and sat in his seat that was at least two chairs away from me.I gulped hard. I wonder if he still remembers me and that incident we had this afternoon.“Ah, so Ms. Wild Woman is my escort, ” he then said without a head’s up.Yup, he still remembers me alright! But of all the nicknames he could pick out, why that?I hauled a deep bre
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Chapter 4 - The Kamasutra Guru
Sweet, delicious revenge. Sweet, delicious revenge. Sweet, delicious revenge...The words kept echoing in my head.Did I just transform into a stereo? Because I swear I turned mute when the president said those threatening words to me. I couldn’t say anything. Damn, I couldn’t make a caustic comeback! I just sat there, stoned, looking blankly in the stage with my neck tingling due to the closeness of his mouth.“But don’t worry, I won’t collect it now, ” he said, giving me a false sense of security.Yeah, right. Like that would make me feel at ease bastard!“Com’n Ms. Rosecraft, smile. Your face looks constipated.”He pulled away and straightened in his seat. I heard him chuckle lightly then and that’s the time I was able to pull myself out of my momentary mute spell. Glaring at my plate, I was battling whether or not I should shove my half-finished lamb chop on his mouth. Or maybe
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Chapter 5 - Making Friends with Mr. Vice President
~ Daniella ~I chose not to return to the Fancy Pants Club table anymore. Since Rohan is there to accompany the president, I think my presence and services are not needed any longer. Being away from that man is relieving. It is like being in a beach after a long stressful day in the city. It calmed me ultimately and alleviated my worked up brain. I’ve noticed since I met the Club president, I have been too racy with my thoughts and...imaginative. I wonder if he gets this kind of reaction with other women.Well, probably, yes. With that egocentric and aloof attitude of his, it wouldn’t be a surprise.Aside from being away from Mr. Erik, another thing that calmed me is listening to the violin piece being played right now.It is a romantic piece entitled Allegro Moderato composed by Antonín Dvo?ák, a famous musician in Czech. I have heard of this piece countless of times when I was small, back whe
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Chapter 6 - A Saturday Nightout Surprise
~ Daniella ~“So who are those men in the table with you last night Dan?” Ericka asked me the moment we were alone in our cubicle. The rest of our friends (my team) were in the dance floor shaking their booties and grinding with other men. Mason, Ericka’s beau, went to the bartender station to order some flaming margarita for us. We are in a night club called Lotus Spade in upper downtown, outside of the fabulous Beverly Hills city.It is our last day here in the city since tomorrow we will return to New York. Good thing Ms. Elaine granted us an extra day stay in the chateau, all expenses paid by her and her husband. Since it is a Saturday, after taking care of the wedding decorations and flowers for the whole day, we decided to celebrate our successful and trouble-free wedding event last night by coming in this club. It is also timely that it is mine and Ericka’s nightout day.Everything in the reception went as planned (well... ex
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Chapter 7 - Kidnapped by Mr. ____?
~ Daniella ~Thirty minutes passed by after Vincent’s call. When I returned in the cubicle, my friends were already there waiting for me including Ericka and Mason. They didn’t ask me what’s up and they didn’t even show any curiosity with regards to my phone call. They probably thought it was just my mom asking for a report about yesterday.Different topics were brought up while we drank our margaritas, but most of it was all about the company’s possible next wedding events. I can see in their eyes that they love their work. Well... I do too and enjoy it very much. I could never see myself working in another job other than this.As I look around the dance floor, I saw something very odd. The people who were with us in the dance floor were more hyped up than earlier. Their dance moves were wilder and for me, I think it bordered on ridiculous. I haven’t been in clubs that much, so I found these scenes a bit odd.
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Chapter 8 - Eyes On Me
~ Erik ~There are things that just go unplanned and unexpected. Like the two things that happened last night because of Daniella’s innocence and charm.Innocence is because she didn’t know that the club she and her team had visited is a drug den in disguise. They didn’t know that all of the staff there are members of a syndicate and are willing to drug unsuspecting customers with their laboratory-developed power drug called ‘Cloud Blue’. It takes one on a high; give grandiose delusions and hallucinations if it is taken in great amounts. It makes the customers think that the club itself is heaven, hence their constant visits, and that means big money for the syndicate.Because of her actions, I had to break the Club protocol, which is really unexpected of me. Another thing is I always plan things ahead. I can’t believe I acted impetuously for her.With regards to Daniella’s charm, well... it was tha
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Chapter 9 - The Suave Spanish Son of A Duke
~ Daniella ~One hour and a half later, I am still in my position. My bottom had started to feel sore and my nose had begun to itch, but I remained as still as possible. I didn’t want the artists and Vincent to think that I am uncomfortable in my spot.Actually, I am kinda having fun like this. It is just amazing to think that my face is being copied and immortalized in a canvas. I am honestly excited what the club members and Vincent’s students would create. It would be great if I get to ask or buy at least one of it so that I can have a souvenir during my stay here in the château.Aside from my bottom and my nose complaining, I have this dilemma right now which I can’t seem to shrug off. Have you ever experienced not being able to move yet you have this urge to look at a certain direction? It is a nagging sensation in the back of your head that would never leave you alone. That’s exactly what I’m feeling right now and that directi
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