“What did you do Andrei Emilio?” Valerius cold voice echoed in the room.

Andrea lowered her head while William instinctively pulled me closer to him. I hid my face on his chest, not wanting to see Valerius face.

“I uh I th-think I’m the reason wh-why they were kidn-nap.” Andrea stuttered.

“What?” William and I said at the same time.

“You have 1 minute to explain before I personally kill you.” Valerius threatened.

William tightened his hold on me. My heart started beating fast and I am worried that he will really kill Andrei.

“I-I thought her mom is a good person and she w-wanted help on getting t-to know Lily’s life right now. I sw-swear I did not k-know. Fck sht, this i-is all my f-fault.” Andrei explained.

My entire body is shaking now, That was a lie right? My mother never cared because if she did care, she wo

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