Andrea is massaging my arms while William is helping me do breathing exercises. Can I really be pregnant? How can I take care of a kid if I can’t even handle myself? My thoughts were interrupted by someone clearing their throat.

Andrea and William both froze. I slowly open my eyes to see who it is. My heartbeat became more erratic when I saw Salvy looking at us.

“What happened?” he worriedly asked and rushed to my side. Andrea and William step away from the bed, panic evident on their faces.

Salvy sat beside me on the bed and I a

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Mandi Craig
maybe another writer or author could take it on and get it moving again??
goodnovel comment avatar
Doraine Goytia
This is a very good book when did they gonna be finished? I keep checking but it's still no updates
goodnovel comment avatar
It’s been a year since the last update? I hope everything is alright but will there ever be an update if not I believe we should be refunded we pay for a whole story not half. Just want to know if there will be and update

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