Ice Caves

CHAPTER 10 Salvy's POV

Warning: Violence

Today is perfect but It will just get a lot better after the mission. I drove back to the house and parked my car. I saw Enzo patiently waiting for me on one of the Range Rover with bullet proof windows. I walked towards him.

He smiles and opens the car door for me. I get in and he sits besides me. I signal to the front to start driving. "Send the command to the other team to start the raid after We start attacking Ricco's men on the club." I say. Enzo nods his head.

"Ricco and his brother will surely be in the VIP room and since this shipment is one of their biggest transaction, his father and most of his men will be on the port. I want the brothers to be beaten within an inch of their life and all of their items to be stolen by us by the end of the night. I will wait outside the club while you silence their men and send me a signal if you already corner the brothers. I want to ma

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