Black Beauty


William and I went to the chairs designated for the students in a hurry, Since the ceremony is about to start and William is actually the Valedictorian. I sit on my designated chair and look for my Dad strawberry blonde hair. I see him talking to someone, the man makes eye contact with me and gives me his billion dollar smile. My heartbeat accelerated, Dad was talking to Salvy and Dad looked so engaged with the conversation while Salvy kept on glancing at me.

I heard the principal say something about starting the ceremony. The program was a blur to me. I only remember crying when William addressed all of us in his speech. After the ceremony, William went to where I am sitting. He holds my hand and together we look for Dad in the crowd. We found him with our friends and their parents. I saw Salvy glaring at William and I have a feeling that William is also glaring at Salvy. I ignored both of them. I ran to Dad's side and I heard Wil

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