The Sons Of God And The Daughters Of Humans

The Sons Of God And The Daughters Of Humans

This is a 《Human angel mating, fallen angels, creator of werewolf, vampire, sirens, dragons, nephilim》 fanfiction

By:  Valerie Sax  Ongoing
Language: English
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Yesterday was history; tomorrow is a mystery and today? When a rebellious child fought with dad and left his home; he came to his grandfather's house; news flashed on tv, the seven big holes found by the scientist on the earth; ancient and believed to be created by aliens or by the fallen angels. He didn't believe any of this; there his grandpa told him a life-changing story. With one condition; he allowed him to ask only three questions. The story begins when the seven angels were thrown down to live a human life; evolved themselves. What happened when they mated with the daughters of humans? Did their children lost their lives; or they become the origin of all mythical creatures like the werewolf, vampire, dragons, sirens, Nephilim. Are they still alive or killed by the prophesied flood as justice to the human race. At last, who is waiting for its salvation; wanted to return home. Join the journey of the fallen angels who supported the wrong wicket one; came to spend their life on earth. Yaahadana, the strongest of all; Naksh the moon lover; Dev the mind controller; Quasar the manipulator; Lohit the lover of elements, and lastly Zayaan the protector of the human race.

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33 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Rebellious Child
Damon POV  Situated at the head of the resurrected Bay of the Kenai Peninsula, Seaward is the picturesque destination.My home is Seaward Alaska is popular only for chilly winds an
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Chapter 2: The Perfect Son
Grandpa held his burning cigar and, a whiskey peg backed himself on the rocking chair. He looked like an old Russian don; about to utter his legends.Grinned, he seems eager to open his old box of stories, which he overheard from his grandparents."What I am about to say, you might feel it's just a fictional fantasy but, it is not," Grandpa furrowed his eyes on me with a convincing voice. "Do you believe in angels; Ahh..., you told me what you don't see, you will not believe; But let's think if they exist, and mated with humans daughter,"  he threw, a question on me."I don't know grandpa; even if they exist, and mated with humans daughter; their children might have genuine power," I jumped in that stupid conversation with him, "Up in heaven, everything was glorious; made beautiful and obedient towards almighty; but there was an angel called 'The morning star'  not satisfied with what he has given;
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Chapter 3: Save the stranger...
We finished our unhealthy dinner with lots of burps and belched.I sensed he was eager to continue his story;Somehow I also got attracted to the story, seven angels; what happened to them? We sat on the comfy couch again; "So where were we," he purred."You told me the seven names of the fallen angels," excitedly I answered him,"It was a booming sound for the creatures of the earth; scared and unknown to what happened, they started running here and there," he concluded his last line."The angels fell with the limited power in themselves; if they had their full power, they could have destroyed this planet. But the most important thing was they were not immortal anymore except one,"  His information was a thin line, I thought; If I am going to miss a single word, I could not connect my dots; I had only three questions to ask; I didn't want to lose it, anyway.He wanted to disclose e
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Chapter 4: I Miss My Home
Yaahadana POV I opened my eyes and found myself covered with clothes.The aroma of different herbs and the smoke coming from the lamp covered the atmosphere inside the tent.With my blurry eyes, I saw another human-like figure.A man looked at me with his old eyes; held my hand wanted to check something; my pulse,He helped me to get up," How are you? What happened to your body?" He offered me some fruits; I agreed as I wanted to know how to handle this human body.With a blank, emotionless face, I gazed at him. I wanted to study his body language. He covered his body with different layers of clothes.I looked myself; I was covered with a single cloth on my manhood.I stood up, and the cloth dropped."Calm down; you need to rest." He grabbed my hand and instructed me to sit.He kept the cloth in the same position.Do I need to hide this from others? I can show my
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Chapter 5: Why Am I a Human?
Yaahadna Pov We stayed on the top of the mountain for a long time,With all emotions flooded back in this human body, there was only one way to keep me calm.I started my worship song in heavenly language; She looked at me."I have never heard such a beautiful voice, Yaahadana,""Who taught you this song? Can you teach me?" She looked so innocent in her curious voice. "I don't know. It comes naturally." I replied"Wow, you are a true worshipper," we looked down towards our hamlet; we decided to went down.But the forest was dense, filled with wild animals."I was lost in your song, didn't realize the hour," stressed, she said."It's ok, let us go down," I showed some courage,She seems scared; we held each other hand and came down.The trees were tall and the sounds of different animals floating in the air.The hooting of the owls screeched from one
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Chapter 6: The Moon
 In another part of the world; It was the same booming sound; a fireball hit the ground.The night was filled with the whiteness of moonlight, a full moon night.An asteroid like thing hit the crest of the rocky mountain.The Stike was so loud and powerful; it took a few moments for the mountain to vanish from the ground like dust.The fire thundered the ground.While falling, his eyes pivot to the mesmerizing moon, the keeper of night. He always loved the moon and the calmness; it helped him to accept sudden changes that occurred in the last few moments of his life.They used to call him the lover of the moon; his angelic eyes always explored the fragility of the moon. His name was Naksh; he was the finest shapeshifter of heaven. Naksh POV With a burning body and dejected heart, I stood up immediately. The feeling of anger got me. I didn't want to accept my
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Chapter 7: The Blood Sucker
While Yaahadana, trying to figure out his human nature and its strength. He didn't realize when he fell in love with Yarrow.On the other side of the world, it amazed Naksh as he discovered his wolf spirit guiding him towards his dynasty, heightened his strength of smell, eager to meet his mate Accalia.In this chaos, the third angel fell on the earth named Dev, He called the master of manipulators; no one can beat his speed and beauty.  Dev Pov When I hit the ground, I saw the ashes of my beautiful wings on my body; hit the ground hard.It feels like the fire I carried my entire life ate me; I collected the ashes in my hand as I extinguished my pain in the air. "Why?" "Why didn't you execute me. I rebelled against you; took the wrong side, kill me now," tears became vapors as they rolled out of my eyes. "How am I going to talk to you?" the flappin
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Chapter 8: The Blood Sucker -2
Dev Pov Life was not as easy as I thought in a human form; it's not like other animals to kill and eat. They use to grow their grains and spices and cook their food; it was a difficult and laborious job.There was a rumor among the people; a bloodsucker cannibal is roaming amongst us.The news spread like fire to nearby places; it made me feel imperative.For a few more days, I roamed around the places, keeping a safe distance from the crowd.In the day, I tried to eat human cooked food by stealing it or begging it from the different hamlets.But as the night comes; A pleasurable experience getting under my skin when I hunt for my hunger; the dripping blood coming out pleases me.But my thirst was getting bigger; my mind started pounding to taste human blood.I tried to control my lust for human blood; unable to sway my feeding desire,Wandered in the woods for a few days,Ambled my
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Chapter 9: A Blast From The Past
Yaahadana POV It's been a while since Yarrow's wound started healing, but her curious mind didn't forget the last reminiscence she had with me in the woods.I tried to ignore her gaze and avoid meeting her in person.We felt the autumn leaves changed their colors; the mountain covered itself with beautiful rainbow colors of falling leaves. The newly cold air represents the grace of the wintertime, the season that brings its mellow stoic vibe.Winter started taking its baby steps towards the earth.The time came when the chiefs of the hamlet deciding to take us all to the next destination,"We have been here for a long time; the winter is coming, we all should move down the hill," an elder suggested,"You're right, we should collect more food for all of us, and we should prepare ourselves for the winter," another one added,"All the men will chop woods and woman will collect foods and
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Chapter 10: A Blast From The Past-2
Yaahadna POV There was stillness on both sides. He stood in front of me with his saliva dropping mouth.I could sense the boiling blood coming in his eyes to kill me."Always the protector, Yaahadana," he roared in his Grimm's voice."Why are you here?" I answered, stood firmly in front of him."The angel of peace is the angel of war now; they threw you down?" His words were scorching my heart. The sound of his laughter pierced my ears."What happened, Yaahadana? Did you take the wrong side of the war and rebelled against your father, and he abandoned you?" He added as he shreds his skin; revealed his actual nature. "Yes, I was a rebellious child. My father never abandoned me, but he gave me a chance to become his best creation; he made me a human," I answered; I praised my father's name. "You think humans are the best creation of your father?
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