The Virgin's Doctor

The Virgin's Doctor

By:  thePinkBanana  Ongoing
Language: English
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Verine Garzon is curious and pure but she's not innocent. Her wild acts results to something serious in her reproductive health that needs professional help of doctors. When she met her aunts doctor, Dr. Malcolm Monteclar, the most handsome doctor in the country, she couldn't help but fantasize about his gorgeous face, oozing sex appeal, hard rock muscles and his big thing. When he caught her she didn't hesitate to ask for his help. Will Malcolm help her?

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4 Chapters
I draw small circles with my finger on my femininity. I couldn’t help but moan at the sensation I was feeling.“Ahh!”“Hmmm…” I felt the familiar sensation there. “There it is!”“Ahhh!” I thought I was going to go out, “Hmmm…” but I still didn’t feel good so I kept doing it.“Shit!”Why don’t I still take it out!Why is that? Maybe because I’m tired today. I got up from the bed and washed my hands.I adjusted myself, unpacked my clothes and went back to it, to make the bed that was messed up because of what I had done.I just sat up in bed as if I was depressed.I have this problem and I don’t really know what it is and how to solve it.I can’t really release what I should have released. Especially when I have “me” time! That’s all I can do to relieve stress. I also don’t understand why it doesn’t work. I do what I see and watch in porn videos but why is it like that ?!I dropped my body on the bed. I sighed heavily. This is as much a problem as I have, no one can answe
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He looks like a foreigner. It’s not that I can’t keep up with it but I’m not in the mood to communicate with him in English, so I was the best in English when I was in elementary school!I got up because I had already run out of the food I had bought. I rolled my eyes to look for trash around.“Where are you going?” He asked again.“Why do you care?” I said calmly.I looked at it from head to toe, it was wearing blue floral shorts and even a vest. He was handsome in what he was wearing.When I’m done checking him out. My eyes went into his.“Bye.” I smiled sweetly.“Wait! What’s your name!” its cries as I walk back to the hospital.I’m sure Tit is inside. I have met a few more handsome doctors. The beauty of this day. Can it be made better?I followed Tit into the two door room earlier. There wasn’t even a nice nurse at the front desk earlier, so I just went in.“Ouch!” I shouted when I suddenly tripped for some reason so that my forehead hit the door and then slipped. I got
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He turned to me. “I have ways.”“What ‘I have ways’ are you there! You can’t own the way! Where are we going to go through that ?!”“Now I know why she’s so fond of you.” He smiled. “What fond? I haven’t used ponds! Only water touches my skin!”He laughed. Lintek! No matter what I say! “How’s Titiara as aunt?”“Huh?” I was confused. “Titiara Garzon.”“Who is that?” I was confused when I asked if it was his name at night. Lintek naman oh! Wait, what is it? Garzon? Is that my last name? He turned to Tit who was snuggling on the sofa. “She knows that rejecting the truth will hurt me… she endured the pain.”“Huh? What’s wrong with that Tit-Titiara Garzon?” I slowed down my pronunciation of the following words as I stammered at the Name Titiara. Lintek! Only then did I realize what he was saying when I stuttered in Tit’s name. “She’s my mother.” I realized that but I couldn’t help but be surprised by what he said. Isn’t this just joke time? Maybe later he’ll lau
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“Hmm…” I muttered when I inserted my middle finger into womanhood. It feels so good. ‘Push it harder doc!’ I push my finger further. The sweetness of the feeling,‘Hmmm …’The rubbing of the bed against the wall was the only sound heard throughout the room. My back was pressed against the bed because of the force exerted by the insertion of the finger. ‘Yes…’ I muttered in my mind, my head unable to turn in just one direction because of where it was turning. ‘Hmmm…’ I close my eyes to feel the sensation that is so delicious. ‘Doc!’ I immediately weakened in what I did, I removed my finger from there and lay down for a while. Damn! I woke up in my bed. Why do I covet that handsome doctor with a big bulge? Maybe… because of his big bulge? Who doesn’t want size! I’m a really bad person, it’s a sin I do! I took the tissue on the table near my bed and cleaned my femininity as well as my fingers. I got up from the bed then went to the cabinet to look for fres
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