The Wife for Mafia Boss

The Wife for Mafia Boss

By:  Sweetsoya  Ongoing
Language: English
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Since childhood, Hazel Grace has lived in a dormitory to train the best servants in the main mansion of the Reagan family, an influential mafia family in New York City. But fate would have it differently, she who was supposed to be a servant ended up becoming the wife of Alexander Reagan, the first son and leader of all Reagan businesses. Alex is notoriously cold and indiscriminate in killing those who stand in the way of his happiness. Without Hazel’s approval, he appoints Hazel as his wife on paper. Will Hazel survive being an unwanted wife? The dark world of the mafia suddenly becomes a part of her life. The enemies of the Reagan family are now his enemies too. Coupled with her past that makes her the target of Alex's main enemy. In the midst of the cruel life of the mafia family, will Hazel grow love in Alex's heart?

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2 Chapters
Chapter 1 ~ Hazel Grace
"Hazel! Hazel! Save Hazel!" A man's shout rang through the air accompanied by the sound of many people fighting and gunfire outside the house.Meanwhile, the child in question faintly heard her father shouting from behind the door of her room in fear. The pink shades of her room no longer provided warmth. Instead, she hid under the thick blanket on her bed.Bang!The little girl's body flinched as she heard the door of her room being forcibly kicked in. Her eyes were firmly closed, not knowing what would happen to her. All she knew was that the blanket covering her body was immediately pulled away and her body floated onto a man's shoulder.The five-year-old girl tried to open her eyes. She screamed because there were bodies on the floor and blood everywhere. The man holding her realized that Hazel was startled and immediately covered her eyes with the palm of his hand."Calm down Hazel. Go to sleep. It's just a nightmare in your sleep." The man's soft voice kept ringing in Hazel's ea
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Chapter 2 ~ Alexander Reagan
One year later...At noon after lunch, everyone flocked to the main hall to see the announcement posted on the wall. This included Hazel who trailed her friends behind.Today was the determination of where they were assigned to work. As far as Hazel knew, there were many Reagan family mansions scattered across New York, ranging from downtown to rural areas. Actually, if she could choose, Hazel would gladly choose a mansion near the estate. She certainly couldn't get a refreshing green view from downtown New York. Only skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle of noisy human activities. Just thinking about it made Hazel tired. Introverts seemed to be exemplary in quiet places like this neighborhood in the main house."Hazel, have you read where you'll be placed?" asked Lizzy. The girl with the sweet face had been Hazel's close friend since they first met in the main house. Unfortunately, they were not roommates."With her abilities, she'll probably be placed in a small, unimportant mansion
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