Forced By The Mafia

Forced By The Mafia

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“ It was not Love but a game! ” ANASTASIA ADAMS, used to live her life alone, away from the filthy business of her Mafia Father; WILLIAM ADAMS. When one day he called her back home, as an unfamiliar enemy has risen to wreck them. Not conscious of the truth of Twisted Mafia world, she fell in love with the wrong person. The man who walked down the path of vengeance, BEAST. He was Vengeful, Cold, Ruthless and the worst Mafia around. His heart was void of any variety of emotions, which turned him into a monster. What will happen when he will kidnap her and show her, his real face? What will happen when she finds out, that he was the danger, she was supposed to be conscious of? What will happen when she becomes his favourite prey? ~He leaned down, till their noses touched and whispered, “Did you think it was love?” He laughed looking away and licked his lips up, while his gaze travelled from her eyes, that had been glaring at him hatefully, to her lips, that looked as delicious and eye-catching as ever. “No, Angel!” He leaned closer and she ought to feel his hot breath hitting her face. She clenched her eyes closed and thrashed again, to get out of the chains keeping her down, which proved to be of no use. He leaned nearer and their lips slightly touched, sending the acquainted tingles down her spine. His gaze was fixed at her plump lips when he whispered, “It is Just a Game!”

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101 Chapters
BEFORE YOU READ! It's a mature themed story so read at your own risk. If you feel uncomfortable then leave peacefully.Thanks for Reading! AUTHOR'S POV  She was tied up on a chair in what could be regarded as the bloody dungeons of some kind. Her eyes moved around herself. There was blood everywhere on the floor and walls. There was one moderate striking above her head, to torture her further.  The metallic odor of blood weighed excessive in the air. She gagged for the nth time, however could not bawl her guts out as her belly was already empty, due to the fact of not being fed something for almost two days. She felt each and every part of her physique hurting.  Her limbs have been inclined and her clothes had been all dirty. She had stopped resisting in opposition to the chains, that have been
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Chapter 01
~1 Month AgoAUTHOR'S POVThe ear piercing voice of an alarm was blasting through the whole room. The alarm had got tired from shouting too much already, but it's owner was not responding to it's calls at all.A white flawless hand with long soft fingers, appeared from under a duvet, indicating that the lump of duvet on the bed beside the table where the alarm clock was shouting, actually had a figure hidden under it. The hand stomped on the table, which made it clear that the figure was frustrated. The poor alarm got caught by the figure and next minute it's dead pieces were laying by the wall on the floor. It was because the cruel hand had grabbed onto it and thrown it harshly onto the wall to shut it down. The dying clock cried at it's fate but it was nothing new. All his colleagues met with the same cruelty everyday, as t
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Chapter 02
AUTHOR'S POVThe bell rang indicating that the time for the exam was over. Ana raised her head to find out where professor was. She found her by the front row and smirked.Leaning down on her paper, Ana stuck her tongue out and started writing in a speed that seemed inhumane. All the students left after submitting their papers, but Ana still sat there racing with the pen that she held in her hand.The invigilator professor approached her and stood by her head, smiling. Professor knew Ana always did this. She used to look around all the time the paper was conducted and started writing when there were only ten minutes left submitting the paper, like a bulb had lit up in her mind at the last moment.Lost in throwing the words on the blank paper, Ana didn't notice when the professor had came and stood by her. She noticed her when someone snatched the paper away. Ana u
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Chapter 03
AUTHOR'S POVHe was walking towards the dining room where the people he had called for lunch, were waiting for him. In the corridor, he passed by the mirror which was hanged on the wall that reflected his face perfectly. He was a perfection with a beauty of a Greek God consisting of Plump cherry lips, a straight pointed nose and a set of wide eyes. His eyes...That was the most mesmerizing thing about him...His eyes were dark chocolate brown with so much coldness in them that makes a person shiver with just one look.Walking gracefully with aura of power and a certain coldness radiating off him, he stepped inside the dining room as all the scared faces came into view. They all stood up in the respect or more like fear for the king that ruled over here ruthlessly; the one who was capable of killing them in the most ruthless way possible. The one who liked to make others suffer, making them beg for death b
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Chapter 04
AUTHOR'S POVAnastasia was staring outside the window of her father's private jet. The fluffy clouds they were floating on, were enchanting her and diverting her mind from reality. She had made such long plans. Plans that included, her escape from the clutches of her father...Plans that included, her starting over her life anew...Plans that included, her forgetting about her past, Her so-called family,that she hated with all her heart...Plans that included, that she will never see her father again...But life and Fate! They were cruel.When you make plans, Fate laughs on you, because Fate had already made a plan, that you have to follow at any cost. When the fight is between a Person and Fate, the person is more likely to lose in all situations.Fate is something, you must accept! But for Ana, if her fate was t
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Chapter 05
AUTHOR'S POVAfter scaring the hell out of her and leaving her suspiscious about his real motives, Jackson went back to his seat and buckled up for the landing. He went back to his usual robotic self easily, like nothing happened at all.His words ' He is far more worse than your father ' were still echoing in her mind, again and again. It was the first time in her life, that Jackson had acted like this with her. The flash of emotions in his eyes for a mere second, were making her feel anxious.She had been sitting in front of him, staring outside; trying to ignore him as much as possible. There was something bugging her mind...Like the gut feeling she felt, when she opened her apartment's door. Something was telling her, that something huge was coming up her way. It was not like her life was any good, but she had a feeling that her life was about to take a turn for the worst.
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Chapter 06
AUTHOR'S POVThe water was pouring down on Ana's body from the shower on top of her head. She stood still under the shower, lost in her thoughts, as hot water traced the outlines of her naked body and disappeared down the drain. Steam had blurred all mirrors of the bathroom and she stood there, oblivious to everything.Her mind repeated what happened today. What happened in the plane was weird, but what happened when she arrived here, was confusing...Who was this beast? What did he wanted from her? But then according to the guard, the note read, that he was going after William Adams's most precious possession and whatever the world thought, she knew, she was not important to her father. He was just putting up a facade in front of people. No one was able to look past the facade of her father and it was really funny and at the same time stupid for her.Sighin
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Chapter 07
AUTHOR'S POV  Sitting at the backseat of her car, she was staring at the one-story house in front of her. Her bodyguard was sitting on the front seat, along with another boduguard, who was sitting in the driver's seat.They have been here for almost five minutes, but she was not saying or doing anything. She was just staring at that house.Lucas was also Ana's and Jackson's childhood friend. He was the son of one of her father's bodyguard, who died protecting him, so his father took him under his wing and trained him for years. He was an assassin and the only thing he hated in this world was his job. After years of doing that dirty job, he made God Knows what deal with her father, that he let him go.Ana still remembered the day he was freed from that hell. His happiness couldn't match anything else in this world.That day, Ana didn't k
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Chapter 08
AUTHOR'S POVWith her body trembling in paralyzing fear, Ana kept her eyes shut closed. She was afraid to see her death with her own eyes. Someone was holding her waist and one hand of that person, was placed on her mouth to prevent her from making any sound. That person's hard chest was pressed against her back, making the whole experience more real. Her mind had stopped working and tears kept streaming down her face.“ Look who we have here! ” A deep masculine voice mocked her and she felt the vibration of that laughter throughout her body, which made her heart tremble.“ Open your eyes, Anastasia Adams! ” The same voice commanded Ana, who was silently crying at her fate. That voice surprised her, with the coldness it held. She was sure now, that he was the killer. He was the one who killed her Lucas.Scared,
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Chapter 09
AUTHOR'S POVAna jolted up from the deep slumber she was in and looked around herself. The place was different than, what she remembered. Her eyes were wide in fear and her hairs were sticking to her face, due to sweat, that was coating them. Her clothes were changed and not the same, as she remembered wearing.Slowly trying to calm herself down, she took deep breaths and looked down at the comforter, which was covering her trembling body.Anxious, she pushed the comforter away and looked around herself to make sure, that she was not dreaming. It was her room.Sighing, she pushed her hairs back and a relieved smile stretched upon her heart shaped lips. It was just a dream.A horrible dream.And it was over now.Shaking her head, Ana stood up on her feet, but almost stumbled back on the bed, finding her knees still weak.
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