The Writer and Her Alpha

The Writer and Her Alpha

By:  TheVeeWriter  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sarvia is just an ordinary writer seeking for a new experience, but she was suddenly kidnapped as an offer to one of the most feared leaders of the dangerous gang called 'Fangs'. To her astonishment, she was even claimed by their leader called 'Alpha'! Sarvia found herself entangled in a wild experience with Alpha as he helps her write her new book. But one secret of his was revealed and she was not ready to discover a world she never imagined to be real. Now torn with her blooming love for the Alpha, will she stay with his fiction-like world or go back to reality?

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5 Chapters
Chapter One: Family
While moving along with the song, my fingers quickly tapped the keyboard, creating that familiar sound that the four corners of my room hear every day. My eyes were focused on the screen, possibly the only thing I've been looking at for the past year aside from television. As usual, I hardly noticed the time. Half an hour, an hour, until it reaches two hours. And the previously blank screen is now filled with three thousand words. "The end." I said fondly while pressing the letter' D,' a sign that I had finished another novel. "Finished." I smiled and lengthened the last word, raising my arms in triumph and letting out a big yawn before slumping back on my chair. I finished another novel. A novel that, after a few months, will become a book and will be displayed in bookstores just like my other works. And as always, I'm confident with how the book ended. Just like how I wanted it to. "And... Print!" I said with a smile while printing my manuscript to be sent to my company tomorrow.
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Chapter Two: Alpha
You will hear, see, and smell loud, smoky people with different smells inside Club Royale. Scents of the humans that I've gotten used to by now. People surrounded me and the woman before me, eagerly watching and waiting for what would happen. "Are you ready?" I asked the woman who had the guts to challenge me with a smirk and an evil glint in my eyes. I, the Alpha of Fangs, was challenged to a drinking game. Most only ever know me as Alpha. After all, we cannot expose our identity to humans and shout to the world that we are a pack of wolves, and this is our territory, right? And so, we pose as one of the most feared gangs in town. We are sitting at the bar island where all kinds of alcoholic drinks worldwide can be seen. No type of liquor in the world can be found in my own bar. The customers now had their worlds surrounding us, and the betting started on who would give up or get drunk first. "As I'll ever be." The fiery woman responded with an arched brow. Okay, I admit. The wo
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Chapter Three: Reunion Sucks
Not even an hour, and I want to leave already. So far, I only received dirty looks from my female cousins, my male cousins snickering now and then with their girlfriends, who are not better. My younger cousins will throw toys at me, and I can only smile before playing with them for a bit before they get bored. And not to mention my dad and brother criticizing me while my mom is busy chatting with my uncle’s newest girlfriend. How many did he have after Aunt Daine’s death, not even two years ago? I think he introduces a new one every three months. Now we’re all sitting and gathered around while my uncle and her girlfriend, Katy, display affection for everyone to see. The kids are uninterested and continue playing away while we witness such a cringe scene. “Thank you all so much for coming and greeting my love.” Uncle Blake started before bumping his nose with her much younger girlfriend, the latter giggling and biting her lip while giving her boyfriend bedroom eyes. Uhm, eww? There
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Chapter Four: Man with a Scar
I am not arrogant. Yes, I am confident with my skills and every work; after all, I spent my sweat, blood, and tears making every book I wrote. I wrack my brain and squeeze it out to bleed an outline.And well, I am proud to say that I have never gotten my outlines returned to me.I checked my email this morning to see if the outline I submitted is approved yet to start with another one. A week has passed since I last submitted my manuscript, and I can't last long without doing anything. A week of resting my mind and fingers is enough. Any more than that, I might get writer's block which I avoid.To my surprise and disappointment, however, I received news that my new Romance story, ' Sunset with Me,' was rejected without solid reasons. What annoys and disappoints me is not the fact that I got my first ever rejection because, for every outline I submit, I prepare myself with any result; what annoys me is the fact that it is only rejected not because I failed somewhere, but because they
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Chapter Five: I... Won?
All my friends stood up, and I remained calmly seated before sighing when they all turned to me. With the glass of margarita in my hand, I stood up, and instead of looking for the richest man, I went to the bar island and sat beside the man with a huge scar on his face. There’s a good ten inches of space between us which I’m thankful for.He turned to me, and I saw his face up close. It was a bit… terrifying, and well, it’s not a sight to see when you’re too close. I can only guess that the scar on his face is not a year old, as I still see some healing wound. I was snapped out of my thought when he cleared his throat, and my eyes widened a little before I waved my hand a little.“I didn’t mean to stare or be rude, I swear. Sorry.” I apologized with a small smile, and he seemed a bit taken aback at what I was confused about before he turned back to the glass in front of him. I watched as his long, thick fingers played with the rim of the glass. It almost looked like he was nervous abo
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