Time to Let Go, My Love

Time to Let Go, My Love

By:  Nagi  Completed
Language: English
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When Madora comes back after a decade, she doesn't expect to find her old group of friends in such a state. She also doesn't expect the mixed reactions she and her child receive.But she's here now after ten long years and it's finally time to heal. For all of them. It's finally time to let go, even if it means they have to go through hell to get there.Can they?Are they going to build a bridge over ten years of radio silence?Will they re-open the old wounds together in order to help each other heal, rightly this time?Only time can tell.

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Great read
2021-03-06 18:03:24
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First chapter is already confusing. Not sure if he or she.
2022-02-26 15:13:42
102 Chapters
"Tuesday, February 20th, 2024"Early winter mornings have this strange mesmerizing yet depressing vibes. That hour when the sun has not risen yet and it is still very cold, very dark, and very gloomy. That hour when the streets are almost empty because no one is crazy enough to brave the cold and snow yet. That is and has always been the hour he prefers to leave the house for his rendezvous. When the world is still asleep and calm and quiet. When it is just him and the universe without any nuisances. Wearing his long black raincoat - the one she loved, the one she always announced made him look stunning - over his dark green cable sweater and skinny black jeans, he steps out of the gates, closes them as quietly as possible and starts walking right in the middle of the snow covered and vacant street. He takes pleasure in that; being the first one to leave his footprints in the virgin snow, being the only one in the world. CrunchCrunchCrunchSo, it is cold but as per ritual, his sel
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"Oh my God," Elvina gets to her feet and wraps the still nervous woman in her arms. "Oh my God. You're back!"Harmonee is next. Following his wife, he does not wait for his turn, he makes it a group hug and laughs joyously. "You're back! You're back!"
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"Wednesday, February 21st, 2024" "I really don't want to talk about this, Maddie." 
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"Don't mistake anger with hurt," expresses a third voice which makes Elvina and Madora jump in their skin. "Jesus Christ," Madora gasps, frightened. "Is this a thing here, creeping up on people?"
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When she wakes up, hours later, late in the morning, the first thing she notices is that the bed she is lying upon is not hers and the next thing is that there are sounds coming from somewhere, which is weird, there has never been a sound in their tiny Parisian flat. She opens her eyes, disoriented for a second longer before she remembers where she is and relaxes back in the bed. 
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Wednesday, December 31st, 2013 "How do they do this?" 
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A peaceful small bubble where it was just them, away from the world. Eventually though, all good things come to an end, right? Especially when you have two energetic dumbos as friends. It was not annoying, though. If anything it was funny. Relaxing.They b
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Following Elvina into the heart of the party, Kaden was looking for someone to talk to, someone who would satisfy his father when something he saw brought him to a sudden stop.Someone.
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"Matilda Dahl?""Aha," Kaden nodded.
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Thursday, January 1, 2014 What brought him out of his stupor was this creepy and loud laughter that echoed inside his head. 
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