To Love A Luna

To Love A Luna

By:  C.C.  Ongoing
Language: English
Rainal ValentinaMate: Rainal Valentina
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(Completed) After the betrayal of those closest to him, Alpha Caelum Terova vowed vengeance. With a heart consumed by hatred and pain, it holds no space for a mate. But one night, in the midst of a raid, he incidentally saves her.Astraea Kerr is the perfect submissive, the exacting quality he wants from her. But as he draws near her battered soul, he reluctantly bares his and soon finds himself losing an internal battle.On his continuous hunt for the traitor, he uncovers dark secrets from her past. And it leaves him two choices, one of which he may live to regret but for her sake.Love can mend the shattered, but it may demand from him the greatest sacrifice. _____WARNING: CONTAINS MATURE AND SENSITIVE CONTENT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: VULGAR LANGUAGE, SEX, AND TORTURE. IT'S AS FUCKED UP AS IT GETS. _____BOOK IS CURRENTLY UNDER HEAVY REVISION. _____READ AT YOUR OWN RISK_____ ___Cover Designed By: Jay Bernards Creations

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60 Chapters
Chapter 1 Unplanned
 The stars hid while the inky black canvas framed a full moon. No winds blew and no animal let its presence known, not the hooting of an owl nor the cacophony of crickets. It was too calm for a well-observer, and it gave off a foreboding feeling that something terrible was about to happen.The woods showed no sign of life, but if one had exceptional hearing abilities, the thunder of paws as hundreds of beasts zoomed past the towering trees could clearly be heard. Darting in and out of the shadows and pale silver lighting, their furry bodies moved gracefully. And with superior eyesight compared to humans, the night was as clear as day.Despite their numbers, they moved in perfect unison, never once colliding. They stayed silent, letting their excitement and anger brew inside for the meantime. Masking their scents with wolfsba
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Chapter 2 Mate
His eyes scanned the dark and settled on the king-sized bed, centered on the left side of the room. He didn’t switch the light on but he could make out the silhouette of a person lying there – his mate. She didn’t move, seemingly unaware of his presence.His wolf wanted to go to her and make sure she was alright. His breath quickened at the thought of the state she was in. Images of the women he killed flashed in his mind – their will to live robbed from them. Would she ask him to do the same? Could he bring himself to take away his own mate?No, did he even want a mate?His wolf could hear where his thoughts were headed. “You’re not killing her!” he snapped.“I didn’t say I will, Chase,” he replied, and hi
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Chapter 3 Broken
 “Why isn’t she waking up yet?” Caelum asked with a hint of anger in his voice.“Give her time to recover, Alpha. I say she’s doing remarkably well,” Melanie answered calmly.He glanced down at her sleeping figure. She looked so peaceful in her sleep, something he was sure she didn’t have with when she was in the clutches of that bastard. He balled his fists as murderous thoughts occupied his brain.It had been two days since he brought her to his pack and although Melanie assured him numerous times that his mate was fine, he couldn’t get over the worry that he felt for her.“Get some sleep, Alpha. I’ll notify you when she’s awake,” she coaxed.His ruffled brown hair, the dark circles under his eyes, and the smell of alc
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Chapter 4 Allegations
 Taking a glance back at the clinic, a smile played on his lips. She was finally awake and he had to ensure that the room was ready to accommodate her. So, he hurried back to his room which would soon be for both of them, and went through his checklist once again.He opened the walk-in closet, which now contained an array of shoes and clothes for a female, including some of the things he picked out himself, besides his own. He even had different bags on display for her to choose from.Then he stepped inside the bathroom and checked if everything was in order. He had the omegas shop for her lady needs since he wasn’t familiar with it.Satisfied, he went out of the bathroom and spotted the vanity table he had personally chosen for her. It had a wide rectangular mirror about three-fourths the length of the table. The smooth gray and black ma
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Chapter 5 Flawed
 Caelum put the glass down and rubbed his temples. First his Beta, then his wolf, and now the Head Healer. All three warned him not to scare her and it was exasperating. He wasn’t going to scare her that much, just enough so she’d never think of leaving him. She was his mate after all, and he wouldn’t let anyone else claim her.He stood and walked out of his office. Then without knocking, he entered the bedroom to find Astraea sitting on the bed with her back straight.She kept her head down, as he walked closer to her and sat beside her, their sides making contact. She neither flinched nor looked up, and it amused him.His voice was cold as he ordered, “On your feet.” And she immediately obeyed, which delighted him.“Open the closet,” he said and she walke
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Chapter 6 Possession
 Moonlight barely lit the room. She felt the weight of a heavy arm wrapped around her waist when she stirred in her sleep. A heavy blanket covered her. It was warm, unlike what she was used to – the cold floor. She slowly turned to face him; she would be serving him for now. Her new master, the Alpha of the Blood Moon pack.She was taught how to serve a master well; it was all she knew. It was ingrained to her that punishments were imposed when her master wasn’t pleased, and so she stuck to the rules. And she learned how to please her master.She felt his manhood press against her butt and she arched her lower- half forward to avoid it. If he used it on her, she wasn’t sure she could take it. She turned her back to him and lifted his arm to free herself. But even in his sleep, he wouldn’t let her go. He wrapped it around her waist and pulled her c
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Chapter 7 Control
 He kissed her forehead, then got off of the bed. “Now, let’s take care of that empty stomach. We could head downstairs for breakfast or I could have someone bring it here. Which would you prefer?”“There’s no need to feed me… Caelum. It’s still Wednesday,” she said meekly.“So, what if it's Wednesday?” he inquired. She bit her lower lip, unsure of why he was asking her something so simple.Looking down, she fiddled with her fingers as she thought of how to answer. Was he testing her? Her master used to test her all the time just to see if she knew her place and still remembered the rules. To her, it was also a means for him to find an excuse to punish her and he had succeeded multiple times. She shook her head, not wanting to remember the punishments.Caelu
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Chapter 8 Tastes
 He offered her his arm to which she accepted. They walked out of the bedroom, into a wide corridor. He wore a casual white dress shirt, biceps restraining against the long sleeves, and the black double buttons adding a touch of color. Paired with faded denim jeans and a pair of oak colored chukka boots, his attire matched hers and they looked like a couple going out on a date.Life-sized paintings adorned the walls, it was mostly of nature and her head turned from left to right and back again as she stared at them. By the middle, one particular painting drew her attention, the violence depicted in it different a striking contrast to the rest.She found herself drawn to the image of a black wolf with bloodred eyes and a bloodied snout, with a couple of bleeding wolves in the background. He noticed her staring at the painting longer than the others and stopped to let her
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Chapter 9 Obvious
 Caelum walked past the training grounds and into a secluded portion of the woods. As they got closer to where he could torture his beta, so did Luca’s whining.“I don’t want to do this,” said he.“Well, if you had manners, you wouldn’t be here,” Caelum snapped, and he shut up.They reached a small area, thick with a certain herbaceous perennial. The robust tubers stood tall, proudly displaying clusters of blue-purple flowers that lined the tops of their stems. The domed outer sepals shrouded the inside of the flowers, and bees buzzed and danced from one to another. Carefully cultivated aconite, their own poison.A small shed was situated a distance away from the plantation. He ordered Luca to bring out the necessary materials and he had no choice but to obey. Luca returned to
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Chapter 10 Narration
 Her age didn’t show on her face. Lines formed on her forehead and on the corners of her eyes, but she held a youthful glow. Her hair had a healthy shine to it and she let it hung on her shoulders. Despite her age, she carried herself with a certain charm that would surely lure an old geezer. She bowed to him and said, “Pleased to meet you, Alpha Caelum. I am Astraea’s grandmother.”Caelum’s eyes darkened at the sight of her. For some reason, his gut told him that there was more to her than a calculated smile. She had a kind face and a small voice but he couldn’t trust her yet. Appearances were deceiving and he should know better than anyone.“Follow me,” he said coldly and she nodded in understanding. He turned for her to follow then ordered, “Except you, Luca.”Luca looked at him con
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