Trapped by My Ex's Love Curse

Trapped by My Ex's Love Curse

By:  Kennie Re  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You see, Shienna! You'll never be happy in your life and will always fail at romance! No man will ever want you! You'll never be matched with anyone—except me!" said a man to his girlfriend who had just a few minutes ago unilaterally dumped him. The reason? Because the man was just a burger seller in a food truck, his girlfriend said he was becoming less and less attractive as he grew fatter. However, neither of them expected that fate would work so miraculously. They were brought together in different situations and conditions. The once poor man, she says fat, appears with a different look: wealthy and owns his own company, and one thing that Shienna can't resist is his appearance has changed to be handsome, dashing, and totally HOT! However, with one thing in common, both were heartbroken and messed up after a few alcoholic drinks, waking up in the same bed, sharing a blanket, and of course, enjoying a hot night together. *** "Bray, I'm pregnant! You have to take responsibility!" "Me? Don't you have any boyfriend and a one-night stand schedule every night? Besides, you are convinced we didn't do anything that night." "I've only slept with you my whole life, asshole! Nothing else." *And indeed, in the end, until death, only Bryan would sleep with Shienna.

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16 Chapters
1. Broken Hearted
"You see, Shienna! You'll never be happy in your life! You'll always fail at romance; no man will ever want you! You'll never find a soul mate—except for me!" said a man to his girlfriend who had unilaterally dumped him. The reason? Because the man was just a burger seller, plus, his girlfriend openly said that the man was no longer attractive because of his fat body. The woman did not respond to the man's words but continued to walk away, hands-free in both ears, and got into her private car and sped off from the campus. *** Five years later... "Happy birth—Dave? What the fuck are you doing!?" screeched a girl who intended to surprise her lover for his birthday. However, what happened was that the girl was the one who got a surprise that shocked and even broke her heart. "Shienna? What are you doing here?" "What is she doing here, Dave? Are you guys—" Shienna was unable to continue her sentence. Her eyes were staring at the man in front of her, who was naked and confused about
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2. The Bastard on My Bed
"Dave, I love you..." Shienna babbled and slowly opened her eyes, turning her head briefly to find a man still sleeping beside her. Her eyes traveled down from the man's head to his bottom; he was not wearing any clothes and was only covered by a waist-length blanket. Shienna widened her eyes and checked herself. "Oh my! Why didn't I wear—" Shienna's sentence was cut short when she heard the man beside her moan. "Selena, I love—" The man turned, and his face was now facing Shienna, whose eyeballs were almost stroking. "Bryan?!" she screeched, waking the man who was just as shocked as she was. "Shienna? What are you doing here?!" "Shouldn't I be asking you? What are you—no way!" Shienna covered her mouth with both hands. The two simultaneously looked at their respective bodies. Shienna pulled up the blanket to cover her bare chest and body while the man did the same. One blanket was a struggle between Shienna and the man she had probably spent a hot night with. "Take it off! It'
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3. +
Three months later... "Shie, how are you feeling? Are you still thinking about Bryan and your passionate night with him?" Shienna's assistant asked as she found her holding Cello, but her gaze fixed blankly ahead. Shienna was deep in thought, seemingly transported to another place and time, even when her assistant tried to snap her out of it.. Shienna still couldn't believe that the man she had slept with was Bryan, her ex-boyfriend from college. She even only remembers the bad things about him; his bulky body, odd jobs at a fast-food outlet, and being able to go to college because of a scholarship. Shienna started dating Bryan two years ago, and they continued their relationship for a considerable time. Bonding of their hearts must have happened during these two years. Two years is not a short time or a flash in the pan, as their hearts should have bonded over time. Unfortunately, this was not the case for Shienna. As the youngest daughter of a wealthy family and one of the riche
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4. The Wedding
Shienna tapped her heels on the marble floor she was standing on. She had been waiting in the lobby for almost half an hour, but the man she was waiting for had yet to show up. She had purposely come to the office of the man she had spent the night with in Palmerston, Cook Island. The receptionist had told Shienna to wait, but she felt her efforts were in vain. Shienna took her cell phone and dialed the number on the business card the man had given her. "Damn it! Is he trying to avoid me?" she muttered, annoyed. She got up, stomping her feet through the men on security duty, standing in front of the escalator, making sure no one could access the metal box to get to the boardroom. "Excuse me, miss. Where are you going?" the guard asked, as Shienna pressed the button for the elevator to the 21st floor, where the room of the man she was looking for was located. "I'm going upstairs to meet the owner of the company." "Do you have an appointment?" "I did, a few minutes ago." "Then sh
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5. Marrital Contract
The wedding's procession went smoothly and solemnly. It was the first time Shienna had seen a live wedding because she was the bride. Meanwhile, the look on Bryan's face did not show a glow of happiness, nor did it look sad. He could deliberately hide his feelings because he is trying to maintain an image. This wedding is not something Shienna and Bryan were expecting. Newshounds began to crowd the halls of the Gladiola Palace, checking in on the wedding of the diva and the richest businessman who had never been seen with any woman. It meant that the rumors were true, that they had indeed spent a hot night in Palmerston. Now, reporters are waiting for Shienna and Bryan to clarify the news. "I've asked some people to come to your house and get all the stuff you need," Bryan said once they were in the bridal suite of the Gladiola Hotel. They didn't want to spend the night having sex because that's not what they wanted. It's just that the image is what they need right now. "What for
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6. The Strange Bastard
Knock, knock, knock!"Shie, I'm sorry to disturb you. I just wanted to tell you something about tomorrow's schedule," Shienna's assistant said after knocking on the door late at night. Bryan, who knew the assistant as well as his wife's best friend, glanced at her and went back to his work on his laptop. "Say it, J." "Ever since you became Mrs. Sanders, the press has been polling to see who would be interested in hearing clarification from you." Jennifer paused her sentence to ascertain her best friend's reaction. "Can you do the press conference for tomorrow?" "Um... that matter..." "Ahem... let's not forget the agreement between us," Bryan interrupted, unable to hear the conversation as if he wasn't there. "Do you want me to tell people you mistakenly conceived the baby?" Shienna gave Bryan a sharp look, then returned her attention to Jennifer, awaiting a response. "Jennie, I'm sorry. There are conditions where I can't give them what they want. This marriage is a personal thing
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7. Overprotective
Shienna arrived at a familiar building. She turned to Bryan when they reached the lobby and stepped into the skyscraper she knew was Bryan's office. Several employees who had been busy working got up and faced Bryan and Shienna, an assistant, and several bodyguards followed."Welcome back, Mr. and Mrs. Sanders!" They greeted. Shienna and Bryan received the same greeting every time they met another employee, even when entering the elevator."Not the 21st floor, Bertha. Take us to 21A," Bryan ordered as the neatly uniformed woman was about to press the button she usually pressed every time she escorted her boss to the penthouse.Today, for the first time, Bryan asked Bertha to take him to the penthouse above his personal space. She nodded, took the card out of her pocket, and held it up to the sensor on the elevator wall.One side of the elevator opened to reveal a few buttons that she pressed, and the metal box they were riding in immediately went to the floor Bryan wanted.They arrive
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8. A Payback for The Pain
Shienna looked at Ray as he stepped out of her penthouse with a sad look. Shienna was unwilling to let go of a bodyguard as reliable as Ray, who had made her feel safe wherever she was.However, one thing she emphasized to Ray was that he should keep her updated on his situation, and if he ever needed help, she would be able to help him. Plus, there is a promise that Shienna will use his services again when her business with Bryan ends.This time, it was Jennifer's turn to sit not far from Shienna's place, who seemed hesitant to start the conversation."Shie, are you sure you'll agree with your husband's decision? Are you going to dismiss me? Is this the end of our friendship?""Tsk! Of course not, idiot! I don't want to make trouble with that psycho guy. Didn't you hear what he said last night? Your presence here is just as a friend, not my assistant anymore. That means you can stay here for the rest of your life."Jennifer rolled her eyes as she heard Shienna's explanation. That was
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9. Another Woman
Shienna smiled happily as she saw the package arrive, and she unwrapped it. Jennifer sent the piano and other musical instruments to the penthouse, bringing her to sudden tears."Oh, look at that! She's so considerate of me," Shienna muttered as she wiped away the tears and dialed the number on her cell phone screen. "J... are you free? I want to meet you and thank you for your concern.""What? What for, Shie? Never mind... I did that as your assistant, so consider it my duty, and you've paid a good amount. Your husband has also added a severance bonus for me," Jennifer replied."What? Are you sure he increased the severance bonus for you? Why would he do that?""I don't know. Ask your husband.""No, I won't. I want to hear from you. La Café, at lunchtime. I don't want any rejection. This is a reunion of friends, and you must make time, okay?"After getting an affirmative answer from her friend, Shienna went back to opening some packages and arranging them in the empty room that she h
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10. A Rumor
Shienna finally made it out of the crowd and arrived back at the penthouse. She was now holed up in her room, not opening the door. No matter who knocked from outside.She had no idea who to trust. Bryan didn't say anything when they got married, not even when she and he talked about the contract, the terms of which she forgot to double-check. However, their marriage was not based on love, so was it right for her to ask for clarity from her husband on this matter?Knock, knock, knock!"Shie, it's me. Elea said you've been reluctant to leave the room since earlier. What happened?" asked a voice that Shienna knew very well must be Bryan. However, she was reluctant to meet anyone for now. She was depressed. As long as she was a public figure, she had never once dealt with romance. Let alone being a suspect in the destruction of someone's relationship.She had always been betrayed and cheated on, and now she was making a man cheat on his fiancee. Could it be true what the woman at the caf
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