Chapter 27: Astrid's dirty fantasies!

On the left-hand page of this enchanting tome, Astrid's eyes fell upon the captivating portrait of none other than the enigmatic Vampire King, Dexter Aquilo Gunner. His allure was beyond compare, akin to a masterpiece that had been granted the very breath of life.

Dexter's vampiric features added a tantalizing edge to his persona; his porcelain skin appeared to shimmer and gleam under the gentle caress of the moon's ethereal glow. His sleek, snowy-white hair, meticulously arranged into a fashionable fringe, cascaded gracefully, partially veiling his inscrutable brow. It was as though the moonlight itself had conspired to frame him in an aura of mystique.

His eyes, a deep and mesmerizing shade of crimson, possessed an uncanny ability to pierce through the veils of darkness and delve into the deepest recesses of her soul. With a sly, knowing grin playing on his lips, he ignites a wildfire in Astrid's heart, setting her very core ablaze with desire. The sight of his sharp fangs hinted at
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