Sold to the Prince of Hell

Sold to the Prince of Hell

By:  Connie  Completed
Language: English
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“I will not let you take me alive” was the last thing she said before it all went dark. Watching both her parents murdered and their kingdom torn to ruins, it seems Leiya's life cannot get any worse, but it does. She is forcefully torn away from her sister and sent as a gift to appease Helion, ruler of the Kaltain Kingdom, the most powerful demon to ever exist, the "Prince of Hell", but Leiya is determined to keep her fathers dying wish. She will find her sister, Nayla at all cost, and not even Helion can stand in her way.

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Janey Harrison Bodle
So far, it's excellent. It got my attention from the first chapter and I am hooked on this book. Love it
2024-06-07 15:35:58
108 Chapters
Out in the cold.
“They're coming, Your Majesty.” Geiya’s eyes shone with fear. Beads of sweat dripped down his face and neck. I turned to look at my father at the head of the table. His eyes held no emotion. I looked at my mother, her eyes screamed with fear. I looked at my little sister, so many tears had gathered in her eyes, that they were almost rolling down her cheeks. “Leave us Geiya.” My father finally spoke. He didn't look up, he didn't flinch. I had never seen him like this. Was he scared? No. My father was never afraid. He fought multiple battles in his time and always emerged victorious. “Yes, Your Majesty.” Seconds later, the door closed leaving the four of us alone. We all sat in dreadful silence. No one dared to touch the food on their plates. Outside the door, you could hear the clicking together of swords. The groans of men in pain. You could smell the blood oozing out of their bodies. You could almost taste it. “I'm scared Father.” I looked up at Nayla. The tears had travelle
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A small gift.
Nayla and I were forced to walk through King Degar's town. Our hands and feet were bound in chains and we were pulled forward by a man on his horse. Men, women and children booed at us as we went. Some of them spit at us. Others cheered, commending their King and his men for their victory against our kingdom. Anger boiled within me but there was nothing I could do. I looked at Nayla beside me. Her head was lowered and she dragged her feet. Her eyes were puffy and swollen. She had been crying since mom and dad were killed and the tears just kept coming. She was too young for all of this. The suffering. The pain. The humiliation. I would give anything to give her a normal life. Our walk of shame went on until we reached the gates of the castle. It was huge. Twice the size of ours, now lying in ruins. King Degar unmounted his horse and the crowd cheered even more. He whispered a few words to the guards in charge of our chains and seconds later, we were being pulled into the castle. I
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A bigger gift.
The little window in the room allowed only a small amount of light in but I could tell that the sun had risen completely. Nayla slept peacefully beside me. The bed was small so she slept fifty percent on the bed and the other fifty percent on top of me. Mudra and Taera had been taking care of us since we got here. They would come everyday with our food and make sure we were clean. Nayla was getting a little more comfortable. She would laugh at their jokes and eagerly listen to their stories. They always had stories to tell her and she was beginning to look forward to them. Mudra was a widow with two children. Taera was still married but with just one child. A daughter of about Nayla’s age. A guard would also come to check us once everyday. We were fed just once and left to ourselves until the next day. All we did was sleep. I turned my head when I heard the locks on the door. Nayla also moved. I knew she was excited to see the two women. The door opened to reveal the two women as
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Kaltain Kingdom Leiya I rubbed my eyes and opened them slowly. I noticed a candle lit chandelier, directly above me. My brain felt a little fuzzy and I couldn't remember anything. I slowly sat up and my eyes widened when I noticed the things around me. It was a bedroom. A big beautiful one. I started to rub my temple with my thumb, hoping that my memory would come back. It didn't take long before it did. The memory of kissing Nayla on her forehead, promising her that I would be back soon, flashed through my eyes. The events that followed started to come back in bits and in no time, I remembered I was brought here against my will. I jumped off the bed like I had seen a creature on it, and headed for the door. After a few futile attempts to let myself out, it took me a moment to realise I was trapped. I had only one option. Scream. I started to bang my fists on the door, and scream really loudly. “Let me out.” I yelled the words louder each time. “Are you trying to bring my c
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A perfect wife.
Kaltain Kingdom Helion “I feel like a bad guy, keeping you in here for days.” I stood in the middle of Leiyas's room. She didn't flinch when she heard my voice. I suppose she had gotten used to me appearing at random times of the day. “What do you want?” She grumbled, facing the right side of the bed, with her back to me. How rude. She didn't even acknowledge my presence. “I came to see how my guest is doing? I'm not all bad Leiya, I can be good you know.” I heard her scoff as I walked closer to her. I was feared far and wide, but this girl scoffed at me. “If you're good, you would let me go.” She mumbled, with a touch of sarcasm in her voice. I chuckled softly at how smart she thought she was. “I'm not that good Leiya.” I let my myself laugh out loud this time, and I noticed she rolled her eyes. I plunged casually into the chair metres away from her bed. I was now able to see her face properly. Her eyes were puffy, which only meant one thing. “Have you been crying?” Th
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Kaltain Kingdom Leiya My eyes slowly opened and I was immediately attacked by the throbbing pain in my head. I tried to lift my arm to rub my temple but I realised soon enough that I was too weak to move. “You're stubborn Leiya." I heard beside me. I slowly turned my head to the left and noticed Helion sitting in the chair a few metres away from my bed. “An attribute that is mostly associated with being brave,” His lips formed into a smile and he chuckled slightly. “But also being stupid." I wanted to roll my eyes at his demeaning tone but I just wasn't strong enough. I didn't understand why my body was so weak. It was like I was struck down by a thousand horses, one after the other. “What happened?" I managed to whisper. I felt even weaker after the words left my mouth. He immediately cackled, making me regret using up my energy to ask. “You hit a wall. My wall." He said plainly, throwing me into a state of confusion. He noticed and laughed again. Deep down
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Bound until death.
Hepthan Kingdom Nayla I made my way down the aisle amongst the piercing eyes of every member of the Hepthan King's royal house. Before I was left to walk alone, Taera whispered to me that the King lied that I was one of his children so I could be married off. She told me that even though he acted like he was good friends with the other king, who I learnt was called King Raslin, he hated the man and wouldn't let any of his children be associated with him. Which is where I come in. I was the perfect scapegoat to serve as a fake link between both kingdoms while Degar kept his children under his watchful eyes. As I walked, I kept my head dead ahead. I fought within myself to suppress the urge to run away, but I knew it would be a useless and futile effort. I was a small, malnourished twelve year old. I wouldn't get far before I am caught, bound up in chains and thrown somewhere dark and smelly. As I got closer to the altar, my eyes caught sight of the husband I was getting marri
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Kaltain Kingdom Leiya The past three days had been recovery days for me. It made me wonder what kind of dark magic was used to create a shield, because just one slam into it was taking me days to be able to stand up without needing assistance. If I needed to get out of this place alive, I needed to practice Helion’s type of magic. As I wondered how I was going to convince him into teaching me, his figure appeared. “How do you feel today?" He asked as he made his way to the chair a few metres away from my bed and beside the window. That was his spot. “Tired of doing nothing.” I mumbled with a sigh. I was getting bored out of my mind doing the same thing everyday. Sleep, eat, take medicine and repeat. “Well, I took you out but you tried to run away.” He said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes, I didn't need to be reminded that I got myself in this situation. “Well you didn't let me go back for my sister.” I saw him sigh like he was frustrated. “When would you ge
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A strange man.
Kaltain Kingdom Leiya My body was weaker than usual when my eyes opened. My throat was so dry, I could almost taste blood anytime I swallowed. My vision was blurry and I couldn't even dare to sit up. In simpler terms, I was starving. I knew it was on purpose. He was trying to punish me for what I did two days before. I would have cried out but my pride was not going to let me. I was in fact ready to die if it came to it. I closed my eyes and let my mind wander. It wasn't long before I felt a presence in my room. Hesitantly I slowly opened my eyes. Helion stood at the foot of my bed with a tray of what smelt like food. My tongue began to water in my mouth and my stomach grumbled silently. He walked to my bed and placed the food beside me. I didn't know how he knew I wasn't able to sit up but he held both my shoulders and helped me up. He placed a pillow in between me and the wooden bed head, gently pushing my upper body backwards until I rested up against it. “Why are you
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Valinor Nayla Xerian and I finally arrived at Valinor. The castle was almost as big as my father's back in our kingdom. The rooms were brighter and better decorated than at Hepthan. It gave a warm feeling of life and comfort and everyone was so welcoming of me. Almost as if they had been anxiously waiting for my arrival. I instantly knew I was going to enjoy my life at Valinor. Xerian and his mother showed me to my room. The queen was a sweet soul. She was also quite young, younger than my mother was when she died. It didn't take long to notice that Xerian was her first child. She had another child. A girl of about six who kept running around care free. She didn't have to worry about her father yelling at her for wasting precious time fooling around, or having to be incredibly quiet when she was not being spoken to. When I was ushered into my room, I fought with myself to keep my jaw from dropping in awe. It was big, tall and bright. I had a queen sized bed all to myself and a
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