Chapter 8: Fucked by the Alpha King 2

"Oh, yes, Alpha! I have been a bad girl. Please punish me! I am yours to fuck however you desire!"

To prevent her from mirroring his movements during the sexual act, he seizes her neck and confines her body against the wall.

An overwhelming sensation is produced by the sound of his balls slamming against her buttocks and the moist sounds of his cock diving into her warm, velvety hole, which reverberates throughout the room. Being driven by passion, he preys on her like a rabid beast.

An incredible surge of ecstasy crashed into her, engulfing her like a tsunami, leaving goosebumps to prickle all over her body. Every deep stab into her moistness was met with hysterical squeals from her. He was fucking her the way she liked to be fucked!

Her inability to lift her hips to follow his movements was agonizing for her. He made it his mission to completely dominate her. As she approaches the pinnacle of her excitement, her vaginal walls repeatedly grasp his member as she trembles against his st

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