Undercover Female Alpha

Undercover Female Alpha

By:  Deborah A  Completed
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I never wanted to be an Alpha. It was my brother’s destiny to lead the pack. But Dad refused to give him the position, believing he would lead with his heart, not his head! As his only other child, the title falls to me. Following my father’s death, the Wolf Council is demanding that I find a mate before I turn 21. Or they will choose a new Alpha for the River Valley Pack. Why? Because a female is supposed to be a Luna, not an Alpha.   But I am not a Luna, I am the Female Alpha of the River Valley Pack. I won’t be made to choose a partner who doesn’t deserve me. But I won’t find one hiding in my pack. I need to put myself out there. It’s the only way to save my pack.    I travel to find out what people think of their Alpha. Perfect smiles or fancy cars won’t fool me, not even for a second.     If I find my mate on my journey, I will see if he is worthy. If he’s not, a rejection is in his future. I will not settle. A male Alpha wouldn’t. Why should I?

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I really enjoyed this book. It was shorter than most books but the author still delivered a great story. I wish there was a part two with the kids. Great job author.
2024-07-12 23:40:46
45 Chapters
Chapter 1
Kris’s POV You would think that as children of the Alpha, we would have had an easy childhood. But the truth is, it was far from sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. Our dad was strict, a stoic Alpha. Every bit a man’s man. He didn’t like to be seen as weak. It truly pissed him off that our mother was a kind and gentle soul that didn’t like violence. She was an amazing mother. She was always giving us affection and playing with us. Telling us stories, singing us songs. Nothing was too much trouble for her. They may have been small things, but they were the world to us. We hung onto everything she said and did. She would tell us every night that being our mom was a blessing, and that she wouldn’t change anything about her life. Because then she wouldn’t have us. We knew our dad wasn’t the best mate for her, even from a young age. He made her so unhappy. Deeply unhappy. He didn’t treat her as well as he should have. He didn’t physically abuse her, but he let her know frequentl
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Chapter 2
Kris’s POV “Are you nervous?” Nathan asked me. It’s nearly midnight. We decided to spend the evening together, alone at my house. “Nothing to be nervous about. I have the best brother and an amazing wolf.” “And a dad you can almost tolerate,” he says, finishing my sentence. We both laugh, but he’s not wrong. Once we turn 18, our wolves can establish a mental connection with the pack. They will also have the chance to recognize their mate. Their soul mate. But the truth is, neither me nor Nathan are that interested. Yes, finding our perfect soul mate is important. Having our fated mate by our side will make us stronger. But what is the rush? We are barely adults. It’s a lifelong commitment, being marked. We want to enjoy a bit of life before it becomes too serious. Dad has already increased the pressure on Nathan to become Alpha. He wants him to take over in the next few months. Surely that is enough pressure for him already? Our birthday came and went. The onl
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Chapter 3
Siren’s POV I sprinted to the edge of the forest, getting there before Ezra. Wolves were fighting fiercely in the center of the field. Noah, my dad’s wolf, was among them. He was easy to spot, as he was taller than the rest of the wolves in our pack. This also made him a target. The border patrol obviously discovered the attack and alerted Dad. Dad would have sent a message to sound the alarm while making his way to the border, ready to fight. Dead wolves surrounded him, probably members of the border patrol. They are fast and observant, but not strong. That is why we have warriors. Although we have our differences, he always taught us that an Alpha leads. They do not hide behind their warriors like cowards. I have never seen him back down from a fight, verbally or physically. I can honestly say that it’s the one thing everyone in this pack respects that about him. More rogues are running from the forest. I must be one of the first ones to arrive, as there aren’t man
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Chapter 4
Nathan’s POV I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I mean I could. But I couldn’t believe it. Dad must have acted so quickly. We only had that argument a few days ago. He must have submitted the paperwork that day. What a total douche! I still wouldn’t wish him dead. But what a damned douche. “We have to talk,” I tell Kris as we leave the pack house. Council Member Clayton has made it very clear I am never to be the Alpha of the River Valley Pack. I want Kris to know that I will support her in her role as Alpha. If it’s not me, then there is no better alternative than Kris. I feel bad for my friends. They have been preparing for the day I became Alpha. They have practically been preparing for the positions of Beta and Gamma. “Yes, we certainly do.” She answers me. “Can we discuss it after Emily has gone to bed? I think this is a conversation we need to have.” I asked Kris. She nods her head at me and grabs my hand. “We can do anything as long as we stick to
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Chapter 5
Kris’s POV We loaded our bags into the SUV the night before. We had to leave at an ungodly hour for the 9-hour journey to the Yellow Forest Pack. “That’s nine hours without stopping, Kris,” Rylee informs me. “Oh, goddess,” Lacie says, looking like someone just ate her last chocolate bar. She was no better in the morning when our alarms went off. Complaining about it being too early and that she needed her beauty sleep. “Stop being a princess.” Rylee told her, “At least you can sleep on the way.” She still looked unhappy, but it was her choice to come. We all offered to drive. But Rylee doesn’t trust any of us driving for any great distance. Telling us that our attention span was too short and that he wanted to get there in one piece. It was a long journey, but it was fun, and we stopped frequently for coffee. Eventually, we checked in with the border patrol at the Yellow Forest gates. They gave us directions to the pack house and off we drove. As we heade
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Chapter 6
Kris’s POV It was the middle of the night when we got back to the River Valley Pack. I wanted to go home. My home. Not the pack house. I wanted to be where my family was. I knew Nathan and Emily would be in bed. So I climbed on the couch and closed my eyes. Why are so many people obsessed with image and status? Are they afraid to be a strong, happy leader? That is how I want to be. That’s what Nathan did. I thought to myself as I drifted off. “Hey, Kris.” Nathan wakes me gently. I opened my eyes. It’s still dark. Nathan had put a lamp on before he came and sat beside me with a drink for both of us. I cuddled up to him and I told him about what happened. He hugs me. “The mate bond simply introduces you to your destined mate. It doesn’t make you fall in love with them.” He’s right. “I want you to be happy, Kris. Have everything in a mate that you desire. I’m glad he rejected you. I’m glad you accepted. You would never be happy with someone like him. I want you to be loved with
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Chapter 7
Rylee’s POV Kris locked herself in her old house with Nathan and Emily. She mind linked me and told me they were doing something important. When she eventually emerged, she had a well-worded letter. Which she planned on sending to every pack in the Wolf Kingdom. She also planned on sending one to the Wolf Council and the Palace. When I read the letter, it didn’t show the Wolf Council in a positive light. “They’re going to be pissed about this,” Dillon says while we’re stuffing letters into envelopes. “I don’t think Kris cares if they’re happy or not. The Wolf Council are the ones that have put her in this position. She is simply explaining to every Alpha in the Wolf Kingdom, why she wants an open invitation to visit their pack.” Kris decided to be honest about the situation the Wolf Council had put her in. I disagree with parts of Kris’s plan. Mainly sending me and one of her friends to the pack house while she goes snooping around the pack. It feels deceitful. But
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Chapter 8
Nathan’s POV Council Member Fredrick is due to arrive today. I plan on making his life difficult for the duration of his time here. “It’s disgusting what they are forcing Kris to do. It’s just wrong. Now they are sending someone to make sure she follows their stupid rules.” I ranted at Emily again. No doubt she is sick of hearing me going on about it. Despite everything, she just hands me a cupcake and kisses me. “Best mate ever,” I tell her just before I shove the cupcake in my mouth. Making her smile. I have been mind linked that the Council Member is the pack. “I have organized somewhere to stay for him,” Rylee tells me. “He’s going to be here a while and Kris won’t want him breathing down her neck.” “I hope it’s somewhere grubby,” I responded, still unhappy that he would be here watching my sister for over two years, reporting her movements back to the Wolf Council. Rylee snickers. “I have put him in that house next to the school. All those kid's day in
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Chapter 9
Kris’s POV “It’s still dark outside.” Lacie protests as we walk inside the pack house gym. “What do you expect, it’s 5 am?” Rylee says, laughing at her. The way she looks at him could curdle milk. Freddie recommended we take a picture of me holding a Sunday newspaper. He would send it to the Wolf Council later on that day. Then, on Monday, he would submit a report informing the Wolf Council that I had left that day. Effectively, I gain an extra day if he does it this way. “I know it’s early. But if we take a picture in an artificially lit room, Council Member Clayton won’t know what time of day it is.” Freddie answered her. “Now all of you start running. I need you to all make it look like you have been here for hours.” Erin, Lacie, and Isabelle. Start jogging on a treadmill. “Get that speed up. You need to be sweating.” Rylee barks at them as he takes off his top. “He is taking this way too seriously,” Isabelle says, loud and snappy. “No, he underst
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Chapter 10
Rylee’s POV The visit to the Northern Valley Pack was a good start. It may have been a waste of time from Kris’s perspective. But from mine, we made an ally. Neither Alpha Steel nor Beta Dwight had done that in years. They always felt that others should come to them. Seek their support. They weren’t the best leaders. Finding a suitable mate for Kris is the primary goal. But if we don’t find one on this trip, then there is the next one. The trips might not be a complete waste if we find some allies along the way. It wasn’t far to the next pack, maybe a four-hour drive. We did the bulk of the driving on Sunday. It’s not that I have to drive, but all the girls driving scares the crap out of me. When I let Kris drive yesterday, it was because my brain was frazzled. As we waited at the border of the Mountain Crescent Pack. You could tell we were being sheltered from the icy winds. The thermometer in the car hadn’t changed. But it was at least bearable.
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