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Ever turned out to be that your Prince charming might not be whom or what you think he is? Chester Hunt is a reclusive billionaire with a devil-may-care attitude, living a double life as a coffee shop owner, so as to get away from under the control of his over bearing grand father. But there are more than just a few secrets wrapped around the family as a killer is linked to the chaos, and when the bodies start turning up, detective Tia is assigned to the case but then all evidence begin to point to the Hunt family and the reclusive billionaire whose double personality she has begun to fall in love with. The deeper they go into the case, the more they uncover. Will she ever discovered the lie? Will her emotions take over her duties? Who is the killer and what is the real face if Chester Hunt? This is love and war, if business and secrets and an age long grudge as the killer seems to be within this influential circle. Who is out to get who?

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I liked it but I guessed who was who in the 1st chapter.
2022-08-07 05:40:26
45 Chapters
Tia Sparrow
Monday, the 2nd of May.07:00am The sound was too loud, she could hear it but was too lazy to reach out for it. "It will stop on its own", she thought, but she knew that it would not. She groaned in frustration, her groaning was muffled by the position in which she slept in, her face plastered on the bed and the pillow on her head. Her body was wrapped tightly in the soft bed sheets and she absent mindedly tried to count how many times she must have turned in bed. It must have been cold last night, she sighed.The ringing continued loudly and it felt like the alarm clock was jumping on the bed side table, causing it to vibrate and shake. She lifted her head lazily and turned her sleepy e
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Getting On Board
Monday, the 2nd of May.08:13am.The New York police department on 16, Ericsson place, Tribeca, was her dream work place and it had been so even before she had started working there, and so far she had been living that dream and loving it. It excited her to carry out her official duties, it excited her every time she had on that shield, every time she flashed that metal power in someone's face and every time she said, "Tia Sparrow, NYPD detective", it all excited her. The shield was her ticket to barge in to any where, screaming at the top of her voice, "NYPD! Freeze!", guns out and pointing, fingers on the trigger, but she does not get to do that often since she was a detective. The sheild was her power to silence criminals, to tell them to speak less or face the court with what ever words they decide to use at that time. The shield was her power to ask questions and demand answers but you never could use force with someone whose house you're in, but put them i
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Grand father
Monday, the 2nd of May.12:05pm.New York had always been boasted to be the best place in the world to spend your spring break at, and so far it has lived up to the expectations and maybe even surpassed it by a whole lot. From flower festivals to the food fest, art fairs to relaxing boat rides, one could choose to enjoy the New York spring and engage in many exhilarating outdoor activities.And as the flowers bloom in the New York spring season, so does the business world,. And although only a few businesses need the help of the different seasons on New York to boom and bloom as they work with the weathers, like businesses in the clothing line and occasionally tourism, a lot of other businesses boomed no matter what season flowed through New York.As spring time was a time to enjoy the outdoor activities, and the night time coming alive more with longer days and relatively shorter nights, people had fun in as many ways as they possibly could. And one of s
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The Phone Call
Monday, the 2nd of May.03:13pmThe coffee shop on Hudson street was not a really fancy one but it was one that many people loved to come and get a cup of coffee and some snacks, because the customer service there was top notch, rated a plus ten out of ten. The coffee shop had been on Hudson street for only two years but its customers spread further than that. The coffee shop had its must busy times in the morning when people going off to work would stop by for a cup of coffee and some snacks. In the afternoons like this, it was not as busy as that as most people placed orders over the phone and in the evenings it was almost empty, people only came by for the snacks. No body wanted to drink a cup of coffee right before bed time."One with extra cream Gabby?" He beamed and winked at the elderly lady as he decorated her cup of coffee. Gabby winked back and laughed out loud, placing one hand on her chest as she did so."You are such a silly young man." She a
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No Lead
Tuesday, the 3rd of May.11:06am.The detective office was a lot busier than it  had been in the last couple of days and the busiest people were detectives Aiden and Tia. They had been to the Coroner, William Martin, on several occasions, joining him in studying the body of Pamela Neil. Seeing and touching a dead body was not so much of a task for Tia but Aiden did not exactly like it, and to make it worse, her body was three weeks old. Aiden could not stand it so he stood afar off, holding in his hands a note pad and and a pen, jotting down the things that Tia and William discovered while studying the body.“So she died from bleeding out from the cut in her neck?” Tia asked as she leaned in for a much closer look at the wound which had long been cleaned but the cut was still very much visible as it was very deep.“Could be.” William said, adjusting the glasses to sit properly on the bridge of his nose. “We sent some sam
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Michael Hunt
Tuesday, the 3rd of May.05:33pmGrand father was rarely ever at home, except on some rare occasions like maybe he was tired or sick or maybe he just wanted to be away from every one else, and that was about the only time you could find grand father at home and he was always mostly in his office too, and this time, grand father was at home because he needed to relax and be away from people for a while but right now, grand father was doing neither of that.Grand father Hunt sat behind the huge, custom made, polished oak desk in his office, a ton of files lined one side of the table and in front of him was one open file which he was working on, reviewing and signing. The office curtains were mostly drawn, allowing only the littlest light from the outside to filter into the room.The furnitures in the office were all dark coloured, from the dark brown wooden ceiling, to the deep red rugs, nothing in here could reflect the light and it was all how grand fathe
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The Prodigal Returns
Wednesday, the 4th of May.10:05amSkyline travelling agency was usually a busy place, attracting a whole lot of people and occasionally, the media, but today was not like the normal busy days, today the media and the people who flocked outside the building were more and the news that brought them here was the rumor of the returning son of the Hunt family, the one that was always referred to as “The Heir”. The first grand son of Mr. Colin Hunt, grand father of the Skyline group, was returning today after years of being away.The head lines were juicy and some were just exaggerated, it would be the talk of the business world for a couple more days; The Return Of The Prodigal Grand Son.From a distance, they could see the escort cars racing to the front of the building and every media personnel got their cameras and micro phones ready, struggling to be at the front of the crowd to get a better view and better chances of briefly interrogating the
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Suspect Number One
Wednesday, the 4th of May.01:02pm“Tia!” Aiden called out excitedly as he was stepping into the office, frantically waving something in the air. Tia lifted her head up from all the paper works on her desk and turned in her seat to see him coming towards her and waving a brown envelope in his hand. She smiled a little, glad for the distraction and little break, reclining in her seat and watching him.“You have good news? Because that is your look of ‘I have good news Tia’, so please tell me you have something.”Aiden beamed and grabbed a chair, wheeling it closer to Tia, he looked at her straight in the eye and said. “I have good news.”“Good!” Tia exhaled. “Now, lay it on me, what is the good news?”Aiden slapped the brown envelope on her desk. “This!”Tia quickly grabbed the envelope and tore it open, studying the paper in it. It was a DNA test resul
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Thursday, the 5th of May.07:22am.The Manhattan spring morning was chilly and cool and oddly quiet, maybe it was because he had woken up too early or maybe it was because he was not used to waking up from this part of the city, he was not used to waking up in this house. It had been eight years and a couple of months since the last time he had slept in here. He laid still in the bed, unmoving, with the covers pulled all the way up to his chest, he breathed softly, listening to his surroundings, the house was quiet. Throwing the covers off of his body, he slid his feet into the flip flops and casually strolled out of the room, he quietly descended the stairs and headed for the back door leading out of the house.He stepped out onto the terrace and stood, shoving his hands into the pockets in his trousers. He had slept in his suit trousers and his singlet because he had not brought any other clothes. He had not even planned on spending the night here but he did a
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Twisted Cases
Thursday, the 5th of May.08:31am“And here are the autopsy reports on Miss Pamela Neil.” Aiden announced, setting the file on the desk and pulling a chair closer as he did so.Tia looked a bit worn out, she and Aiden had come to the office a little earlier than normal because they wanted to dive fully into this investigation. Neither of them ever liked to have their cases turn cold, but the two cups of coffee on the desk in front of Tia had already turned cold. She wrapped a hand around the cup and when she did not feel the heat any more, she shifted the cup to the far corner of the desk.She yawned.“Tired already?” Aiden asked out of concern. Tia looked at him and smiled, shaking her head slowly while picking up the file. “When last did you have a decent sleep?” He asked again.“The same year I became a detective.” She replied and they both chuckled. “Now, let us see what we have got h
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