Dinining With The Enemies (Behind the bar)

Dinining With The Enemies (Behind the bar)

By:  Babyfavour  Completed
Language: English
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They are six in numbers. Dominion Ulan! A detective on a case of serial killer and kidnapper single and not searching.Parent dead as told,at least she was made to believe that!. Malcolm Micheal! Head detective of Ulan department both in search of serial killer and kidnaper. Single and not searching. Her parents are alive and cold-hearted when it comes to love. Malcolm Nora! 16 years old,a cute student of Diamond high entangled with two hearts at her school. Das Luci Das Hardin! The two heirs to the Das are arrogant and bitch respectively of course count as one family. Lastly! Miguel Jacinthe and Johnson Blaine! Two commoners but hard working doctor and detective respectively. Some years back it tended to be a top between some families which left some of the families dead! Alive and poor,alive and richest! "Who is the devil? How come they dine with the ENEMIES? Question left untold

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Amazing read, hope to read more. can't wait for more updates
2022-07-21 14:06:53
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love it, can't stop reading
2022-06-17 20:46:10
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Night Walker
Update more Authoress, I'm lovin this yo!
2022-06-16 05:30:39
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Three stars
The book is good, you're great, continue writing writer.
2022-06-14 20:06:59
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Mimi Nova
Just started reading this book... very interesting and eye catching..keep it up authoress, can't wait for the next chapter....
2022-06-14 18:26:11
51 Chapters
serial kidnapper
DINING WITH THE ENEMIES (She's just naive) Genres; ThrillerCHAPTER 01★★★★"Dominion Ulan" A well renowned detective official known all over South Korea, Seoul as the capital well she's said to be Korean citizen by birth but in all she grew up in Korean but it's stated that her dad is an American citizen who married a Korean lady.She's 20 years of age, single,polite, beautiful and smart at the same time. Every guys dreams lady but Ulan seems like someone who is not ready for marriage anytime soon and lucky her,got no parents or siblings to disturb her to get married.She has been assigned to a case for over two month the case is still ongoing and the crime keeps getting more interesting."Ash!" Who is he going to kidnap tonight?" Ulan said in frustration, dropping her sketching pen."What do you think about this? Here the victim is a skinny, white cheeks girl. Maybe he 'll kidnap someone with such description?" Luci, her colleague at work explained."So how many skinning a
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DINING WITH THE ENEMIES (She's just naive) Genres; ThrillerCHAPTER 02★★★★"Here!" Ulan shouted but the did is done."He must still be around search! Micheal who just got there ordered and everyone scattered.Ulan put on her hand gloves and started packing the student ID card,even her bag is on the floor.The rest came back with nothing."Nothing?" Ulan asked."Just why would he kidnapped girls huh?" Luci said taking the student ID and checked her details."I told you he loves white girls" Luci faced Ulan."Maybe you are his next target then" Ulan replied and as the reporters are already there snapping and taking details of the incident."Huh?""You are white baby girl and 20" Ulan murmured and went to the family of the kidnapped girl.Nadia mom is already there in tears couldn't just believe her daughter is kidnapped."Ma'am" Ulan greet bowing her head lightly."Please save my daughter she nearly survive in school not to think of her outside for long" Her mom broke into tea
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jealousy and hatred
DINING WITH THE ENEMIES (She's just naive)Genres; ThrillerCHAPTER 03★★★★(Next day at Diamond high.....Writer POV)A white porche drive inside the school compound with crazy speed no need to be told for the students to know who it is.Das EnuiceShe climb down dressed like a bitch she calls her self."Yes I'm a bitch fuck your ass" is her usual language.She is putting on a bum short which stop leaving part of buttocks below and a net leggies with black zip heels,pink one side hand tank top.Her phone on her left hand and her million worth bag hanging perfectly on her arms and her car key on the right hand.She started with taking a slow buy perfect step toward her class behind her is her two friends obviously someone like her the two are both rich kids but can never be like The Das and the Malcolm,NO! NEVER!.Sophia and Kristen same behavior between the three as they are normally called bird of same feather.Student part way for them to pass, you dare not part way and see w
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She met him first
DINING WITH THE ENEMIES (She's just naive)Genres; ThrillerCHAPTER 04★★★★(Hospital....same day)"How is she?" Trevor asked immidately the doctor step."She will be fine the wound is not that deep" the doctor replied."Thanks goodness can we see her?" He asked further."Yes she will be definitely be awake soon"doctor jachinthe smilled and left."Do you know what you did just make me hate you more huh?" Trevor faced Enuice."I don't care beside I remember warning you earlier and if you don't still make a quick decision maybe I should just report her to dad you know? And he will tell Mr Das" she smirked."You are just a devil I even forgot das blood runs in your veins and you think I will be a fool to follow you around like a puppet? Next time you do anything stupid to her I will return in four fold" He said making sure to send shiver down her spine."Huh? Seriously Trevor what has gone over you we have liked each other since we are kids what happen now?" She scoffed."Were yo
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Under cover agent
DINING WITH THE ENEMIES (She's just naive) Genres; ThrillerCHAPTER 05By, baby favour★★★★(Diamond high...new day)Nora gets down from the car walking to class as usual, different comments from the students even the news of her being admitted because of what Enuice did to her.*I heard she was planning it for Enuice but ended up in her plot.*We all thought She's a saint.* How can she be so cruel!*good thing she ended up in her plot.*I heard she lure Trevor to take her to the hospital.* She's trying to make him like her.* She's not only a dump but also a slut."Hey, how is your waist?" Trevor asked immediately as he reached her side."Can't you just leave me alone huh?" Nora stopped facing him."Calm down Nora, you shouldn't mind what the students think of you okay? Deep down there, he pointed toward her."You know what you are,not what they think you are" Trevor said and walked away."I shouldn't have yelled at him, she whispered and walked to class slowly feeling gu
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He is a flirt,I'm hurt
DINING WITH THE ENEMIES (She's just naive) Genres; ThrillerCHAPTER 06By, baby favour★★★★(Ulan department...)She wakes to the sound of an alarm blaring to her at six pm. She pushed everything aside from on bed,she worked late last night searching everything about The Das.She sprung up on her feet and went to her bathroom,she sprankle water on her face and cleaned with the towel.Heading to her dressing room she put on a black sweat pants and a blue one with a touch of black snickers with black tank armless top.She headed out with a face towel in her hand.Getting to the estate field she started jogging round with headphones plugged in her ear.The family of the Das has two kids Luci in our department I don't think she can be involved in any evil with her simple lifestyle.Coming to work and her modeling profession aside that her remaining life is thinking about Micheal and going to clubs, wondering how I know? I discovered it a long time ago but I just confirmed it tw
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Outing with Mr flirt
DINING WITH THE ENEMIES (She's just naive) Genres; ThrillerCHAPTER 07By, baby favour★★★(Malcolm Mansion)Nora sat down at the pool side with her legs in the water with her phone beside her listening to music with her headphones.She keeps her eyes closed and her mouth follows the rhythm of the music.Seriously in her life she never blinked twice at a guy's sight but she did today.Yeah he had got some feelings for Trevor but kept it to herself since the mini devil is claiming him as her boyfriend.Now god had given her a replacement."Gosh! I can't get him out of my mind" she whispered.He is a badass. His words earlier today are something else like he didn't save her to say thank you. What did he expect then? Kiss his foot?" Never okay what exactly should she have done at that time when he saved her if he wasn't expecting a thank you?.He is different. She smiled recapturing his face while he was chewing his gum in the class.He is a total badass with different chills."
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You're not my speck!
DINING WITH THE ENEMIES (She's just naive) Genres; ThrillerCHAPTER 08By, baby favour★★★★Ulan POVWhy do I suddenly feel refreshed today?.Probably because I have had a good night but I might have a bad day.Yesterday was one of its kind and I must say whoever is going to marry that dude will enjoy him alot.(FLASHBACK shopping mall)"Mr Malcolm what of this? The lady helping out with the dress asked as I stepped out in a red carpet dress.I actually felt uncomfortable, somehow tight. What if I have to beat some jerk ass, how the hell will I lift up my thigh?."No" He said and I turned back happily."Why don't we go with this?" The lady showed me a cream colour off the shoulder with a stone design."I will try it out , at least I can raise this up and lift my legs. I collect the grown and go to change room.I came out few minutes later and check out myself in the mirror and smiled "let go" I said."Tara! I turned around for him and he looked up but his expression right no
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Micheal in school,First day of work
DINING WITH THE ENEMIES (She's just naive) Genres; ThrillerCHAPTER 09By, baby favour★★★★(Malcolm Mansion)Nora dresses up happily and can't wait to get to school,she is never happy going to school but today she's just because she can't wait to be Mr handsome again.She put on a white snickers with matching headwarmer,black flare shirt and white t-shirts.Just today she deside to be a good student with others.On a normals only the other students wear the school uniform,for Malcolm Nora it an exception likewise for every important kids in the school eventually how Enuice make her dressing worst of tops.Yesterday was just normal and their pictures have been trending on social Media since yesterday night and she can't be more happy about it.She plugged in her ear pod and danced happily down the stairs humming her favourite song along."Looks like someone is happy?" Micheal asked, seeing Nora dancing down the stairs."Good morning sweetheart" she smiled out dimples pecking
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First day of work
DINING WITH THE ENEMIES (She's just naive) Genres; ThrillerCHAPTER 10By, baby favourShe takes slow but steady steps in with her heels. Usually everyone knows Ulan won't want to twist her leg because of heels that she's not comfortable with.Her high waist shirt fitted and her white shirt tucked in perfectly,her hair swayed to the front falling freely,her makeup not too much or plain and her nails well polished."Good morning sir" Her simple voice came out beautifully to ear,guess dear Hardin is bent on not having a secretary to notice such a beautiful tiny voice."You are the new secretary?" Hardin caught off her greetings looking at her mode of dressing, retracing his eye ball from her head to toe frequently."Yes sir" She replied anger boiling in her with the way he is looking at her."What'sname?" He asked coldly.Ulan brought out her file and dropped it on his table pushing it to his front gently as she can be."I asked you,your name and you drop your documents on my t
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