Unexpectedly mine

Unexpectedly mine

By:  Zainababdool  Completed
Language: English
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Rahama an egoistic lady who thinks she can step on anyone she wants. She does as she pleases with no one to put her in her place not until she met her mechanic whom she thought was from a poor family. She hated his guts with passion because he was the first ever person to talk back at her. They both turned sworn nemesis until the hatred they had for each other turned into something unexplainable. They fought the feelings but it ruled them. Will they continue to fight the feelings much longer

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very good, I really love this.
2021-08-27 04:38:48
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Interesting book...️ Already loving the chemistry in the book. Adding this to my library ......️
2021-08-27 04:38:14
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The book is nice
2021-01-31 09:59:10
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rob w
some chapters are repeated please fix otherwise good book
2023-07-20 01:56:43
99 Chapters
The two brothers, SADIQ and MANSIR are competitive, both always doing their possible best to please their father. They both want to see that all they do is the way their father wants it. Unfortunately, one of them isn't fortunate enough to earn his father's love. His father isn't always satisfied with him all because of his choice of choosing a different course to study, Their father had always wanted him to go into business like his brother Mansir. But Sadiq is always different, when he loves something with passion he always goes for it no matter the circumstances.  Now that Sadiq is done with school, he finds it hard to gain a work of his choice. He swore to prove his dad wrong but how?  Unknown to Sadiq, his father had already blocked all chances he could get to secure a job of his choice. Sadiq finally found out about what his father did and got angry at this. In his state of anger, he went home to confront his dad.  " why dad? Why?, what h
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Chapter one
Driving to my office at full speed. Papa asked me to bring some files for him which would be signed by some investors. As the MD of the company, I should already be there but this stupid car of mine keeps stopping on the road. I told my driver to take the other car to the mechanic not knowing that this car also had some fault with it. I honk at the low life driving in front of my car. If he knows he can't ride a car then why buy one, the car is as low as him, that's just the fact. I knew it was him riding the car because I can see the person's head or rather the man's head through my front glass. Suddenly Man's car stopped and I hit the car at the back. Does he want to get us killed? I angrily park my car at the side of the road. I came out of my car and walked to the low life's car. I met him inhaling from an inhaler I bang on his glass window for him to get down, he raises his head to look at me and I was met with the most handsome man I have ever s
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Chapter two
" I'm sorry" when dad saw that I was about to cry he exhaled loudly." Don't cry little one, but you need to be told the truth. You are already twenty four but you behave like a ten years old"" please don't be mad at me dad, I can't help it when you're mad at me. Please forgive me" he sighed and stood up from his seat, he then walk to my side with open arms. I wipe the tiny tears that drop from my eyes and stood up to hug dad." oh papa, I love you" I said when he pull me for a hug. I took in his wood scent and relax in the hug." I love you too, little one"**After I left my dad's office I called my driver to come take my car to the mechanic and also ordered him to bring the other one he took in the morning. But unfortunately,my driver said the stupid mechanic hasn't repair the car yet. Why is it that people are making me angry today?I ask my driver to give me the good for nothing mechanic's number and the address. He sent it few minutes
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Chapter three
FLASHBACK"you?"" the spoilt brat? "We shouted in surprise at the same time. Rahama stood tall acting like M. S presence isn't affecting her. But deep down her mind she was actually scared. He folded his hand over his chest, with a smirk that makes him look more handsome How can one act like a devil and also look good at the same time?  ....she thought " what is the young lady doing in my territory, don't tell me you came to insult me again princess"" Don't call me that" she said in a firm voice. He move closer and looks at her directly in the eyes. " what if I don't, what will you do. Will you slap me again and run off to tell  daddy" She felt so uneasy with his closeness, so she move to the other side. " where is my car? " she asked instead after remembering what actually brought her to the mechanic's shop. " which car are you talking about?"  a
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Chapter four
" come let's go play with my ball" the five years old boy said to the beautiful six years old girl. She offers him a wide smile that shows her toothless front teeth. The little girl loves it when he ask her to play with his ball. " ok" together they went to play with  other kids.   Unknown to them that a particular seven years old boy was at the far end of the garden watching with anger. He hates it when other boys play with the little girl, he always wants to be the only guy friend she has. So, he plan to interfere in their game. One would be surprised at how this seven years old can be jealous and how he even have a mind to hate someone . That someone he hate is his brother. Yes, he hates his junior brother, he hate him with passion.All because, whenever they are out to play, all his friends prefers to play with his junior brother than him.Sadiq is this kind of charming and friendly boy right from time. He is a carefree kid who is full of l
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Chapter five
On reaching his post at the garage, he met a man standing close to a nice flashy car. This man must be rich,he thought . He was already thinking of how much he is going to charge the man. That is how most of the mechanics work, when they have richer customers they charge more from them than they charge the lower class. He is ashamed to have join that type of crew but what can he do, he needs the money. How person go do, person go chop na." excuse me sir" he said to the man since the man's back was facing him. The man turn to him with a smirk and sadiq couldn't believe who was standing right before him. " Mansir? "" well I wouldn't say it's nice seeing you here because it isn't. Just say what brought you and leave" sadiq firmly said. He wasn't going to let his guards down since he knows how terrible his brother can be, Which was why after he came out of the shock of seeing mansir here, he bravely stood tall without showing any single ounce of fear. It's two
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Chapter six
Alhaji Ringim hanged up the call with Mansir. He lightly shakes his head and entered into the lawyer's office. He did what he came to do and they finally round it up. " it was nice having you Alhaji "" Thank you so much lawyer. " Alhaji Ringim shakes hand with the lawyer and was escorted outside.The reason why he came to the lawyer's office was very important.It better to do this now than later, he had thought. Who knows what might happen to me. His driver opens the door for him and he got into the car and was driven home. On reaching home, Alhaji Ringim head straight to his study  room to take his pills which he forgot to take in the morning. He has been battling with heart problems for a year now but he is under observation by his personal doctor. He was prescribed some drugs to use and that had been what is supporting him all this time together with the unending prayers to Allah." Alhaji? Are you in there?
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Chapter seven
***The self-contain room sadiq and Jafar lives in needs lots of repair. Their ceiling for example is leaking,epecially now which is rain season and they've repaired it for almost five times but still the leaking just won't stop. The carpenter adviced them to change all the zinc. But how can they even waste money on a house that isn't their's? so they came to a conclusion to complained to the  landlord and all he told them was , he has no money to repair anything and if they can't cope with it then they should leave. Since then ,they never brought the conversation up again and the Two friend came with the decision to put a plastic bowl under the direction where the water is dripping from . " seriously, if it isn't because of condition , we would have pack to another house. This dripping water isn't allowing me to even sleep with the way it sound. " a frustrated jafar said while sadiq chuckled . Sadiq has gotten used to the sound already but for Jaf
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Chapter eight
Standing in front of the mirror is Sadiq, dressed in a corporate wear. All five companies he submitted his credentials called to let him know that he wasn't given the job but he still haven't  given up. One of his garage friend made mention of a company to him, to see if his luck would shine. So, he had already apply for the vacancy position and was called early in the morning to come for the interview, which was why he is well dressed for this. He wants to impress whosoever is giving him this interview at this company he is about to go. After all, dressing also matters, who would give an office job to someone dressed in a dirty clothes, of course, no one would, Sadiq thought to himself " what is the name of this company you're about to go again? " asked jafar as he went through sadiq's credentials .Sadiq turn to look at his friend like he wasn't serious " I can't believe that you keep forgetting the name. I have repeated the name for more than th
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Chapter nine
" Don't let me disturb you with my misery. " his face turn to a happy one,like someone who wasn't about to cry. He clears his throat " This morning, when  I entered into my office I received a call from my business partner, Alhaji Ringim. I'm sure you know him" at the mention of Ringim, a blush crept up rahama's face. She bow her head down to hide it from her dadHe noticed her bowed head" dear, are you ok?" asked a concerned Alhaji dabo." I'm fine dad,continue what you were saying "she quickly raise her head up." Before I continue, I would love to ask you this particular question ,little one"She gave him a confused look " what is it dad? "" Do you like the young Ringim who came here last week? " she became speechless. How can she be comfortable talking about her love life with her dad, she wonders" Dear, do you hear what I said? "" erm -erm dad I ---He noticed her Scarlett face then he laughed loudly " I can se
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