Until Then

Until Then

By:  Olivia Sera  Ongoing
Language: English
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How long will it take for someone to have a change of heart? After finding out that her friend had coveted her fiancée, Mikoto Ayane decides to break off the engagement and leave Tokyo to go back to her hometown in Osaka. With no family, she finds solace in her childhood friend Kato Rei. Ayane grows numb and is unable to express her emotions after her breakup. Rei tries her best to cheer her up but is unable to do so. An unexpected accident happens when Ayane suddenly wakes up in a hotel room. With no memory of what happened the night before, she leaves the hotel and never speaks of it to Rei. A few months later she finds out she’s pregnant. She tells Rei which infuriated her. She tells Ayane to look for the father to take responsibility but Ayane refuses, believing it’ll be like the last time. But fate decides to bring them together. Will Ayane be able to open her heart once more? Until then…

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Xchapters keep repeating
2022-11-01 18:21:59
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Is this an English translated japanese novel? It's really good. Great job translator! I like the storyline as well.. pretty simple and straightforward
2021-12-03 00:52:11
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Agnes Paora
it's not bad
2021-11-30 13:03:56
95 Chapters
Until Then: Prologue
“Will you marry me?” The question that every woman had hoped to hear. Alice stood in the center of an empty restaurant, her boyfriend, Ken, whom she has been dating for 3 years, kneeled in front of her with a ring asking for her hand. Speechless, tears started welling in her eyes. She slowly nodded her head and offered her hand to Ken. With a nervous chuckle, Ken took her hand and placed the ring on her finger. “I love you.” Ken spoke as he stood up and kissed Alice. “Thank you for making me the happiest man alive.” The memory rang in Alice’s head as she stood by the doorway of their bedroom. Her eyes were stuck to the two bodies asleep in each other’s arms. Clothes scattered all around the bedroom floor. She dropped her bag onto the floor creating a loud bang, waking up the two. When he had come to, Ken saw his fiancée crying by the doorway. He looked at the sleeping woman next to him and realized what had happened. “Alice… It’s not what you think.” He said while desperately tryin
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Until Then: Another Chance
Not even a month after Ayane left Tokyo, she had already encountered a troublesome predicament. One early morning, she felt sick to her stomach that she ran from her bed to the bathroom. Out of concern, Rei advised her to get checked. She had called her friend who's a doctor and set an appointment for Ayane."Do I have to go?" asked Ayane. "I feel a lot better now.""Don't worry, if anything happens I'll be right here." Rei put her hand on Ayane's shoulder. They walked in the hospital together. They met the doctor and she immediately did some tests to Ayane. In the waiting room, Rei was reading the latest business magazine while Ayane was busy fiddling with her phone."Ms. Mikoto?" The attending nurse called out to the waiting room. Both Rei and Ayane stood up and walked inside the doctor's office."Congratulations Ms. You are 2 months pregnant and there seems to be no problem with your pregnancy so far. I advise you to stay away from any stressful situat
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Until Then: Another Mistake
The day of the gala had finally arrived. After spending the whole morning finalizing everything for the event, Ayane finally settled down for Rei to gussy her up. Ayane was strongly against wearing makeup but Rei insisted."Don't go overboard, okay?" Ayane wanted reassurance from Rei but Rei only smiled at her. She started with Ayane's hair which she planned to curl and do a half-up half-down hairstyle. Afterwards, Rei moved on to Ayane's makeup. She considered Ayane's opinion on makeup and used as little as possible. She opted for an elegant but subtle look that matched her gown. A few hours of prepping and Ayane was finally done."Be sure to have fun but don't drink any alcohol. You know your alcohol tolerance is extremely low." Rei warned her while helping her put on her high heels. Ayane nodded and went to stand in front of the mirror. She didn't look like her usual self and it was kind of a refreshing sight. Rei helped her to the car and she drove to the Ritz-Carl
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Until Then: She's Back
3 years. 3 years have passed ever since Ayane disappeared. There were no traces left behind. Ryuji spent 3 years looking for her but to no avail. The same goes for Kenji; he would come back to Osaka every month to stay for a week looking for her but it was like she never existed. No matter what method they tried to look for her, she was never found but that didn't stop them. Both of them were more determined than ever to find her."What's the update on the search?" Ryuji asked his assistant as he was entering the car. His grandfather followed after him. Both of them were headed to Habitect. The driver started the car and drove off."We found a lead. One of the security cameras in the airport caught sight of a woman who seemed to be Ms. Mikoto." His assistant handed him a photo from the surveillance footage. Ryuji examined the photo and was confident that it was Ayane. His grandfather looked at him and smiled."You haven't given up on that woman yet? I'm impresse
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Until Then: First Date
Ayane told Rei about the party and she picked a gown for Ayane to wear. While Ayane and Rei were preparing the outfit, the twins barged in on them. They were playing tag with each other that they didn't see how busy their mother was. Ayane looked at the both of them and laughed. She caught Kotaro in her arms as he ran away from Kayda."I got you!" Ayane said while planting kisses on Kotaro's cheeks. Kayda stopped and clung to her mother's leg. Ayane looked at her and she looked like she wanted to join in. Ayane picked her up and planted kisses on her as well. The twins were having fun with their mother which made them happy. They always spend every second together whenever their mother is around. Ayane also tried to be involved with the twins as much as possible but it was difficult for her at times since she has a company to run."Mommy, do we have… a daddy?" Kotaro asked out of the blue which caught Ayane off guard. She carried them to the bed and put them dow
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Until Then: Perfect Family
The month flew by so fast. Ryuji made it a habit to eat lunch with Ayane every day to show his dedication. Ayane wasn’t moved by this however. Their trip to Tokyo was coming up and Ayane made sure to discuss this with Ryuji a few days before their supposed flight. They were having lunch in her office again when the subject popped up.
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Until Then: The Trip
Ryuji pulled up in front of the Kamenaga house. It was the day of their flight to Tokyo. He promised to pick up Ayane and here he was, waiting outside for her. He walked up to the front door and was about to ring the doorbell when the door flew open, revealing a panting Ayane. 
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Until Then: Better Together
Two hours before the start of the party, Ayane and Ryuji decided to start prepping for it. Ayane did her own hair and makeup since there was no time to call for a professional. She pinned back the left side of her hair and let the right side flow down. She placed a hairpin with a dragon and a tiger symbol on it on the pinned side of her hair to emphasize it. After she did her hair and makeup, she was having trouble zipping up her gown. Left with no choice, she asked help from Ryuji. 
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Until Then: The DNA Test
The next morning, Ayane, Ryuji and the twins were supposed to go back to Osaka. Ayane called Rei to send over the private jet for a faster flight. She needed to get back to Osaka since she’s been gone for a few days. Rei had been filling in for her at the company but there were some matters that needed her attention. The twins woke up bright and early; waking up their parents who were still fast asleep. 
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Until Then: Severing Ties
The whole family was seated around the table in the dining room. The food was served and everyone started eating. “The food is delicious Mrs. Ka--- Grandma.” Ayane commented. Mrs. Kaede looked at her and smiled sweetly. 
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