Werewolf Origins: Aria The Beginning

Werewolf Origins: Aria The Beginning

By:  Veronica Wiley  Ongoing
Language: English
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If she ever had a name, she didn't remember what it was. Cursed as a child to pay for her selfishness and pride, she was doomed to live out the rest of her life as a wolf. This was fine until local packs relented to let her live her life in solitude. It was fine until she forgot who she was and became a lonely she-wolf fending off every male in the territory. It was fine until she met him, the prince from the royal family ruling over her land. The stupid man found himself in danger and if she didn't save him, the entire royal army would be slaughtering all life in her beloved forest. So she saved him. And how everything she ever knew about who she was and who she is, is being questioned. Her body is beginning to change randomly into a human form she doesn't recognize. There is a glimmer of hope for a human life again, but does she want it? She was happy with who she was, wasn't she? And then, Prince Philip's older brother, Morgan, gives her a name... Aria. And he talks to her as if he understands her every thought. With emotions swirling, threats to her life, and a potential to love a man who is betrothed to another, Aria must decide between a human fate or eternity as a wolf.

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Werewolf Origins: Aria The Beginning, written by Veronica Wiley, is a romantic fantasy novel. Aria is the name Prince Morgan has given her. And it is thanks to the kindness of Prince Philip she is still alive. In her wolf form, the royal family views her as a pet wolf. She has no family or memory of her past. However, when she transforms into a human, things get complicated. Aria is beginning to develop feelings for a man already promised to another. Human emotions are confusing and complex. Should she live as a wolf permanently instead?

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It’s great, mysterious.. I hope that book will continue.
2023-02-12 18:00:46
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Stacey Watts
Absolutely loving this book! So interesting and intriguing, can't wait to see where it goes
2022-10-17 02:45:37
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Alysia Polk
is this book being continued?
2022-04-21 11:17:45
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Kandy Johnson Morgan
please update
2022-03-03 22:39:34
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Shrika Brown
Two thumbs Up ...
2021-12-19 08:14:20
user avatar
Stacey Watts
This is such an interesting book! I love it
2021-08-07 02:17:43
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This has sadly been abandoned. No updates for months.
2022-08-31 08:57:21
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Brenda Janes
gGreat book. Interesting story line, keeps you on edge wanting more.
2021-10-16 23:54:25
31 Chapters
Chapter 1: Only Fools Rush In
It was a cooler day in March and the wind only slightly rustled through the trees.  The white she-wolf’s snowy white fur moved as the breeze teased it while she sat on the rock.  Her eyes closed as she sniffed the air for hints of anything exciting.  It was a perfect day for hunting and she’d hoped to find a rabbit or two that should be out grazing on a beautiful morning like this.  Instead, she caught the scent of something that didn’t frequent the forest, but wasn’t totally foreign, either.  It was the scent of a man.  The she-wolf’s ears perked at the recognition of the scent and her icy blue eyes shot open.  Down below the rock on which she sat came the hoofbeats of a large charger on which sat a very handsome man with dark hair and a clean-shaven face.  He was dressed in brown trousers with knee-high black boots and a white tunic with a tan vest buttoned down to a glistening belt.  But it wasn’t the attire that gave him away,
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Chapter 2: The Brothers' Triangle
A warmth in front of her and laughter somewhere near woke her from a sound sleep.  If she’d had been dreaming, she couldn’t remember.  As her eyes blinked open a bright light infiltrated her sore pupils, so she pushed herself to try and stand to move away from the burning sensation.  As she did, pain seared through her shoulder bringing back into memory the fight with the bear to save the life of a stupid human.  But then… the man, he’d taken her, hadn’t he?  So, why was she alive?  She lowered herself back onto something soft.  And where was she?  She shook her large furry head and blinked, trying to clear her vision.  When that failed, she pawed at her face and eyes and shook again.  Finally, her vision cleared, and she saw that the warmth in front of her was a fire made in a brick fireplace.  The soft ground she was laying on was a sheepskin rug.  She pushed off the floor, this time succeed
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Chapter 3: Morgan
Her eyes flickered open, and the morning light shown through her eyelids blinding her for a moment.  Squinting and blinking, she gave her blue eyes a chance to adjust to the invading light before pushing off the ground and stretching her body out for a long and satisfying relief of tension to get her blood moving.  She looked around at the stone and tapestry covered walls.  The same walls she’d seen every day since being brought to this dreadful castle.  How did they do it?  How did they live day after day in this boring place with their boring routines?  She walked to the balcony grateful Philip had left it open for her.  She missed the breeze whistling through the trees of the forest.  She missed the hunt, though she couldn’t entirely complain about having a full stomach every day.  She even missed hiding from the other packs and the sense of adventure and slight danger.A rattle sounded behind her, so she spun her he
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Chapter 4: What a Bloody Mess You've Made
CHAPTER 4:A rustling somewhere nearby jarred the white wolf from her sleep.  She yawned with a wide-open mouth and let out a little whine at the same time.  Rich laughter caught her attention and pulled her from her lingering yawn and she blinked to focus her eyes.  It was Morgan, standing shirtless in front of his armoire tying his trousers.  She let her eyes drift over his beltline at the toned chiseling that teased her.  His laughter stopped, pulling her eyes up to his face.“I’d better get you some food.  That intense stare tells me you must be hungry.”  If he only knew what she was hungry for, just now.  She let her icy blue eyes drift down, again, enjoying the chisled curves that led to somewhere she'd only explore in her dreams.As he pulled his tunic over his head, a cluster of voices chorused in the hallway and traveled away from the door, pulling her from her imagination
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Chapter 5: The Voice In His Head
She had spent the day wondering the castle and avoiding people.  Occasionally she’d hear a gasp from a servant as she’d pass them in the hallways, but she was used to it now.  One would think they’d be used to seeing her and know by now she wasn’t interested in eating anybody except the castle feline, though she did vow not to kill anymore of the king’s pets. It was getting colder, and the stone floors of the castle were starting to make her toes numb, so she headed to Philip’s chamber to rest for the night.  She would have rather gone to Morgan’s room, but the air between them felt awkward to her now that she had damaged the relationship between him and his father.  As she approached the chamber door, a familiar scent hit her nose, then she heard the giggling of the tramp that was supposedly Morgan’s betrothed.  She scrunched her nose, wrinkling her snout in a canine grimace.  Better see
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Chapter 6: A Shadow of the Past
Morgan froze after passing through the doorway and Aria watched from behind as his shoulders heaved up and down.  Then, to her surprise, he calmly and quietly announced, “The engagement is off.”  With a quick turn on his heel, he brushed past Aria out the door and started down the hall. I’ve angered him.  Aria thought as she stared after the stony figure of Morgan as he marched down the hallway.  Shouting from the bedroom followed after him, but Aria was too engrossed in thought to comprehend what words were being said.  I’ve hurt my friend.  I’ve failed him.  I need to leave.  I shouldn’t even be here.  I belong in the forest.Morgan stopped his march and turned toward her.  A quick surprised look crossed his face before a somber and thoughtful expression replaced it.  His mouth opened and he started to say something, but his words were drowned out by the
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Chapter 7: The Aftermath
Aria lay alone on a stone bench in the garden.  Morgan had let her out of the castle, hoping it would help calm her nerves, but her mind swirled as she strained to grasp at memories that might explain what had happened in his room that morning.  Only foggy remnants came to her.  Flashes of a little girl running through some forgotten forest.  An old woman with long silver hair.  A village of little wooden houses.  Was the little girl her?  And how long ago did these flashes of memory take place?  Were these memories even hers or were they things she’d seen as a wolf?  Aria groaned in frustration and adjusted her position on the bench.  Her thoughts now turned to the events in Morgan’s chamber.  His body had responded to her advances… but why?  He knew she’d been a wolf.  Was it possible that he could yet love her even as she was?  The idea was ridiculous.  She had been naked and what man wouldn’t take
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Chapter 8: Overwhelming Desire
Aria spent the better part of the day wondering the catacombs of hallways above and below the castle.  She’d found many fascinating rooms including dance halls, torture chambers, prison cells, the armory, and trap doors in the guest rooms.  The only place she didn’t seem to find was the library.  Back on the gallery upon exiting yet another maze of hallways, she sat thoroughly frustrated and heaved a sigh.  Perhaps this castle didn’t believe in keeping records on its various rulers and their accomplishments.  It would be nonsensical, but they could be entering a change in times where such things didn’t matter.  Come to think of it, she hadn’t ever seen a scribe in the king’s study or recording any of his meetings.  If this was the case, her plan had just flown out the window. She decided to wonder outside the castle.  It was a cool day but not too chilly, so the front doors of the fortress were
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Chapter 9: The Three Witches
Confliction filled her as she paced outside Morgan’s chamber door.  She knew he was inside, but couldn’t bring herself to scratch on the door this time to be let in.  After he’d stormed away in the archives, she’d left the building to clear her thoughts in the garden and had been avoiding him since.  She’d been so angry with herself for causing him so much frustration.  How could she tease him like that?  How cruel could she be?  And then she’d had the nerve to be angry that he’d finished the deed himself.  What was he supposed to do?  Mate with her as a wolf?  She gave her large head a violent shake.  She was so foolish!  She paced with her paws hitting the stone harder now.  She didn’t have control of the transformation, yet.  Did she really think she could offer him enough time?  She’d gone after him with no thought of what it would do to him.  She’d only been thinking of herself.  She had no
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Chapter 10: Whispers of Doubt
The next morning a shiny black carriage trimmed in gold was pulled through the gates by six black horses in golden trimmed harnesses.  The carriage was escorted by eight mounted knights wearing engraved armor and behind them entered three more carts drawn by four horses each, piled high with various shiny treasures, foods, and gifts for the king.  Whoever this was, desperately wanted to show off their wealth and impress the royal family. Watching from the portico, Aria was passed by King Aaron as he breezed by her to welcome the guest.  From the front carriage emerged a tall woman decorated in the finest blue silk and black lace, with a full head of plumes and dark, shiny braids.  “Good morning, King Aaron.” She said through bright red painted lips and offered a curtsey as he took one of her hands and kissed the top of it.  She offered a crooked smile and began explaining briefly the contents of their finest that occupied the three carts that had fol
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