Omega to Luna

Omega to Luna

By:  Kirsten Raymond  Completed
Language: English
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Her life was barely a life at all. He got everything he dreamed of. Under the circumstances that they meet will they be able to push past there differences and learn to accept each other or will they go there separate ways as rejected wolves?Zaraphine Knight is the second daughter to Alpha Jasper Knight of Blue Moon pack. Atticus Black took over as Alpha when he turned 18 of Blood Moon pack. *second book coming soon*

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51 Chapters
Chapter 1
My name is Zaraphine Knight. Zara for short, I am the daughter of Alpha Jasper Knight and Luna Esther Knight of Blue Moon pack.  You would think being the daughter of the Alpha would have it's perks but it doesn't if you ask me. I am the middle child and no body pays attention to me unless I'm getting yelled at or beat by my pack mates. My father died when I was only a pup of three years old. My mother tells us it was a rogue attack. My older sister Hazel Knight left the pack on her eighteenth birthday. Hazel was supposed to take over as alpha since my brother Lyle Knight was too young. Hazel had different plans, she never liked pack life. She preferred to be by herself and I understood why. My brother is my half brother. After my father passed, my mother started sleeping with anyone that didn't have a mate. But with Lyle being my mothers  was able to take the throne as the heir. My mother was standing in place as the alpha unt
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Chapter 2
Today was my 18th birthday. It's a very exciting day for a wolf. Your wolf can recognize their mate. (Most of the time) In my case this won't happen since I still haven't shifted. Nobody in my pack knew expect for my mother and my younger brother. I was the family disgrace which is why I am the packs only omega.  But let me explain something first. My father Alpha Jasper Knight was a kind alpha. He thought of everyone as his equal no matter what your official rank was. But that all changed the day he passed 15 years ago. When my mother Luna Esther Knight stepped up as alpha I was made th
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Chapter 3
This is it. It's time to go downstairs. I packed everything in my room into 6 boxes. I'm ready to leave the pack. I take one last look in the mirror in my bathroom and smile. I actually smiled. I can't believe I actually look like a normal pack member. I used my sister's old makeup that she left behind along with an old curling iron I found in the garbage. I did a simple white shimmer with a black smokey eye. I did a light curl to go with it Unknown POV
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Chapter 4
1 year laterIt's hard to believe that a year ago I was a weak slave. You see, leaving my pack was a blessing in disguise. I ran for a few days making sure I stayed far away from any packs. I managed to find a small clearing that seemed to call to me. After a few months I made it my home. I built a little cottage right next to a small pond. I planted vegetables that I got from the human town a few miles south. It was my own little paradise. Sort of. It hasn't been easy to say the least. It's almost an every day occurrence to
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Chapter 5
As I'm watching the men in front of me, I see Derek shifting on his feet. Knowing he's about to jump I mentally prepare myself. Getting in a fighting stance he lunges for my arms but I seen it coming so I move to the left slightly and grab his face and twist. He falls with a loud thud, dead. 'One down' I said to myself. "You shouldn't have done that bitch!" The muscular one said. Well now he's pissed. "I don't want to hurt you guys. Just let me go and I'll stay out of this area. Please." I begged."You're not getting out this bitch! No matter how much you beg." Th
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Chapter 6
Unknown POV'She's amazing.' My wolf says. 'Yeah she is. I have to tell Leo.' I tell him. As I'm walking away from the scene I hear her start yelling. 'Why does she do that every time she kills a wolf that's attacking her. She's just defending herself.' My wolf asks. 'I don't know. She's different I say before shutting him out. 
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Chapter 7
'Does this man ever shut up?' I thought to myself. "Dude enough with the questions. I don't know why or how but, yes. I can." I told the very attractive man in front of me. 'I don't understand. She's not our mate.' I hear his wolf. "You're right. I'm not your mate. But I also don't know why I can do certain things and this is one of those things. All I know is it started happening after I left my pack." I explained. I don't know how long we have been sitting here but it's currently dark outside. My eyes are fluttering closed as I feel my head bobbing. "Why d
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Chapter 8
When I woke up I had silver chains on my wrists and ankles sitting in a small brick cell. "Hello!! Why am I in here!!!" I yelled out. Silence. Nothing but my chains clanking together can be heard. "You know I can't shift so these chains are pointless!" Just my luck. How did Lyle even find me. This is ridiculous. "Can someone tell me why I'm here!!!! I'm just a fucking rogue! I don't do anything! I don't cross into packs! I don't hurt people unless I have to!!! Why the fuck am I a prisoner in this god forsaken hell hole!!!!!!" I scream. "Shut the fuck up!!" S
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Chapter 9
Alpha Atticus' POV"Where is she brother?" I sneer at him. "How have you lost the only thing that I want in just mere minutes? I trusted you with one task Cain. One task that I would kill others for failing at so why should I not kill you?" I see the lump in his throat bobble. The fear flashes in his eyes. I have every right to be upset. I trusted him with my mate, to keep her safe until she found her wolf so I could bring her to Blood Moon and make her my Luna. 
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Chapter 10
"Zaraphine, how are you enjoying the evening?" Lakota asks casually. "It's nice Alpha. Everything is beautiful and the people are nice." I tell him truthfully. "Good because soon this will all be ours." He whispers in my ear. "What do you mean Alpha?" "You shall see soon my love." He's planning something. I can feel it, but what is he planning. 'Does it have to do with the other Alphas and Lunas here?' I think to myself.The song finished and he led me back up the stage and seated me on his lap. He's running slow circles along my lower back as we watch the people
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