Twin Moon Curse

Twin Moon Curse

By:  H. R. Woolner  Updated just now
Language: English
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When Heather first moved in with her Grandmother, after the loss of her parents, at the age of fourteen she thought she would live a quiet life. That all changed when she met the young Alphas of the Twin Moon pack. The strong attraction that they have towards each other can't be normal. She has been pulled into curses and family secrets. All while trying to navigate high school, boys, jealous mean girls and learning to understand her own desires in life and love. They weren't kidding when they said growing up isn't easy. Lucas POV I inhale deeply, taking in the mouth-watering scent of roasted walnuts. I have always liked her scent, but I could never place it. For some reason, it has become so strong there is no doubt what it is. I nuzzle into the side of her neck. “You are so beautiful, and I don't think I could ever get enough of you.” Reed starts placing kisses on the other side of her neck, as he says. “I agree, brother, she does smell divine and her body feels amazing under my touch. We should mark her as ours now. Can you smell how much she wants us too?” Heather POV I just want to get off this road and away from this feeling of being watched. As that thought goes through my head my car is hit from the side. I'm not sure what hit me but I'm pinned between the seat and all the airbags. I'm still trying to clear my fuzzy head when I hear what sounds like footsteps coming towards the car. I feel a sharp jab in the side of my neck. Before I back out I get the hint of a familiar scent.

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214 Chapters
Chapter 1
This book contains some content that could be trauma triggers for some people. I have also used a free translation app for some of the content. I’m saying sorry now if it did not get translated correctly. Heather POV “Hey Heather the Alpha would like you to meet him in his office when you’re done here.” “OK. Thanks Beta Ralph.” I answered. I turned back to help finish cleaning up after our end of the year school party that we had the night before. We had just graduated from grade eight. It was a good ceremony. My Grandmother was able to make the trip down, which was nice. The only thing that would have made it better for me was if my parents had been able to be there. They had been killed in a car accident back in January driving home from a nearby town in a surprise ice storm. My father was the Beta of the Blue Ridge Pack, which is the pack I was born into. Beta Ralph had stepped into the roll after my father’s death. My mom and dad had met while my mother was attending a college
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Chapter 2
Heather POV “I can’t believe that you’re leaving tomorrow” Dawn said. I sat down on the ground next to her and put my arm around her shoulders. “Hey, once everything is packed in the car and ready to go, what do you say about heading out to the lake for a few hours? Then we’ll come back, order pizza, watch some movies...” “So this is where you two have been hiding. I’ve been busting my ass loading your...” He points at me. “...stuff into the SUV so we don’t have to do it in the morning. Dawn and I saw Jacob, Dawn’s older brother, coming across the lawn. Jacob had just turned 17, making him three years older than Dawn and I. Jacob stood 6’3”, with black wavy hair that was a little on the long side and beautiful hazel eyes, he was 200 pounds of muscle and still hadn’t finished growing. For the last year or so, I had been developing a bit of a crush on him. It had gotten a bit stronger in the last little while. He’d been very supportive after my parents had died. I think that is when
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Chapter 3
Jacob POV “Looks good to me guys. It’s only 3:00 now, so I think we’ll wait an hour or so to light it. What do you guys think? Guys?” I turned to see which girl had gotten their attention this time. “Are you sure that’s her? It can’t be.” “I’m telling you Ben, that’s Heather. Who else hangs out with Dawn?” I looked down the beach to where Ben and Zane were staring, just as Heather was lifting her shirt up over her head to reveal all the gorgeous curves she had been hiding from everyone. Up until now, I had been the only guy to have the privilege of seeing them. I have caught glimpses of her a few times over the past little while that she has been living with us, in some of her more revealing sets of PJs. The first time had been when I had found her sitting in the dark in the living room, crying. It was about a week after her parents had died. She was wearing a form-fitting tank top and a pair of boy short-style bottoms. I sat on the couch, pulled her into my lap and just held her w
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Chapter 4
Heather POV After putting my t-shirt back on, I sat down on my towel and looked at Dawn. “Well, we’ve been here a whole thirty minutes or so, and I have had three new experiences. What’s next?” “Three?” “Yeah three, one, your brother using his Alpha tone. Which, by the way, was a little scary and, don’t hate me for saying this, also a little sexy. Two, Alexa yelling at me, and for the first time making me feel embarrassed to be half human.” “What was the third?” “That thing... with Jacob... I don’t... “I sat there waving my hands around trying to find the right words to explain what I thought I felt, when Dawn leaned over and whispered “You mean Jacob running off into the water sporting a boner he got from standing behind you.” I pulled my knees up to my chest and hid my face as I felt the blush start to creep up my neck, into my cheeks. “Please that is never to be mentioned ever again. Are you listening to me, Dawn?” “Do you really think I want to talk about my brother’s boners
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Chapter 5
Heather POV As Jacob started to pace, I thought it would be a good idea to head back over to Dawn and go for a swim since that was what we came here for in the first place. I had taken two steps away from the tree when I heard Jacob say, “Stop right there. Don’t move. We are not done. We have one more thing to talk about.” I stepped a little farther away from the tree so that at least he wouldn’t be able to cage me in against it again. He approached and stopped about a foot away in front of me. Even with him standing at that distance, I still had to tilt my head back to look into his eyes because of our height difference. “No, I think we’re good,” I replied. “You never told me why your cheeks were red.” “Sun burn. I forgot to put sunscreen on them.” “Is that so, then why are they getting redder by the minute while we are standing in the shade?” “Holes in the ozone layer. It has been causing lots of problems.” “Heather are you trying to be a smart ass?” “No. All my brains are in
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Chapter 6
Heather POV My thoughts were running a mile a minute through my brain. What the hell had just happened? What the hell did I just agree to? Did I just have a mini make-out session with Jacob, my best friend’s brother, with my back against a tree and my legs wrapped around his waist? This is not good. How am I going to look at Dawn? When I got back to my towel, both Zane and Ben gave me questioning looks and walked away. I sat down and put my head back on my knees trying to hide from Dawn. “Did you enjoy yourself? How many other times have you made out with my brother?” Keeping my head down, I answered “That was the first time. The only other thing I can say is WOW.” I hear chuckling coming from beside me, to pick my head up in time to see Dawn break out into a full fledge belly laugh complete with rolling around on the ground. “Will you stop that? People are staring at us.” “Girl, they were already staring after Jacob picked you up and hightailed into the woods with you.” “I jus
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Chapter 7
Zane POV I followed Dawn out of Jacob’s room and down the hall. I thought that she was going to stop at her room, but she headed down the stairs. She walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. “Want one?” she asked, holding up the water. “No, I’m good thanks.” Leaning on the door frame, I watched Dawn walk towards the back. She stopped and looked over her shoulder. “I’m going to go sit outside for a bit. Are you coming or heading home?” “I’ll sit for a bit.” I followed her outside. I lowered myself onto one of the lounge chairs next to the one Dawn had sat in. “Well I must say that was an interesting day. What’s your take on it?” I asked her. “I really don’t know. I think I’m still processing it all. Did Jacob ever tell you guys what he said to her?” “You mean they talked. I didn’t think he had time to do that, you know, with his tongue stuck down her throat.” “Yes they talked you ass.” Dawn said as she smacked me on the shoulder. “He told her t
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Chapter 8
The next morning Heather POV “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s get this show on the road.” I let out a long groan that sent pain shooting through my brain and buried my head under my pillow as Dawn barged into my room screaming about road shows and opening the curtains. If I had the energy, I’d throw the extra pillow at her. “Go away” is all I can manage to get out before the blankets are pulled off me and someone is forcing me to sit up. “Come on let’s get into the shower. That should help a little, maybe.” The next thing I know, I’m hit with a blast of cold water, my eyes spring open and Dawn is walking out the door telling me I have fifteen minutes to shower, get dressed and get down to breakfast or she’s coming back and I won’t like the consequences. I realize that I’m still in my bathing suit and t-shirt from yesterday, I strip them off and leave them on the bottom of the shower while I finish washing. I step out of the shower, dry off, and head back to my room to get dress
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Chapter 9
Heather POV Before I even get to the kitchen, I catch a whiff of bacon, waffles and the glazed berries that have been made for breakfast. I’m starting to think they’re trying to convince me to stay by bribing me with my favourite foods. So not fair. I made my way over to the table and sat down at my usual spot at the same end of the table as Luna Rene, across from Dawn. Luna Rene starts to say something but is cut off by a very loud entrance of the guys as they race to the table. Zane, who is still not recovering from last night, makes it to the table first. He takes the chair beside Dawn at the other end of the table where Alpha Sean is sitting. We all look at him funny, since that is the chair that Jacob normally uses. Zane looks at us all, shrugs his shoulders and says “What? He lost. It just pushes him to do better next time.” Jacob made his way over to the seat beside me and glared at Zane. “Well if someone had been able to get himself into his bed on his own last night, maybe h
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Chapter 10
Luna Rene POV I watched Jacob run off across the street towards Zane, probably wanting to back up to deal with the gang of girls that he needed to break up. “So, he’s looking for advice about women, is he?” My husband pulls me closer and leans his forehead against mine. “Yeah, he was wondering if there was a way he would be able to tell if someone was his mate before they both turn eighteen.” I lean back and look at the group of kids that are gathered in front of the house and ask “You’re thinking Heather, right?” Sean turns around, steps up on to the step I’m on and puts his arm round me and pulls me into his side and says, “Yeah, I think so. I’ve been noticing little things that he seems to do differently around her and how he watches her.” “Well, it might be a good thing that she is moving in with Lyla. It will give them time apart until she turns eighteen. Your daughter, on the other hand, will still be here, and if what I saw at breakfast keeps going. It will get interesting
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