When Two Worlds Collide

When Two Worlds Collide

By:  knoetzel  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sophie knew she didn't belong. Her family had lied to her and she needed answers. What she learns shocks her to her core. Now she scrambles to put the pieces together while juggling with the truth.Eric found himself in trouble. Being Alpha of a pack meant he had responsibilities and he was damned if he would end up a failure. But was he ready for his world to come crashing down around him?When Sophie and Eric's worlds collide will there be a happy ending or will they be punished for mistakes dug up from the past?

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Kim Smith
Horrible horrible ending is there a part 2? If this is the end then it’s NOT worth spending money to read
2021-10-13 11:23:57
user avatar
Good book.
2021-04-04 17:07:21
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Jen Duraski
When will this be updated?
2022-05-04 04:44:54
default avatar
Kim Smith
Horrible ending didn’t mean to originally give 5 stars
2021-10-13 11:25:16
40 Chapters
Chapter 1
I could not believe it. For 17 years I had been lied to. I couldn't understand why they hadn't told me sooner. I guess it did explain a few things that I had always thought were odd. The obvious one being I look nothing like my parents. My deep blue eyes and chocolate brown shoulder length hair were in stark contrast to their mousey blonde hair and brown eyes. My height and curvy figure the opposite to their short and narrow bodies. I remember asking why I looked so different and was told that I took after some distant ancestor. But it wasn't just that, I knew there was something different about me, about everything. My classmates often teased me, calling me freak and a nobody and would often ask why I didn't look like my parents. I would usually ignore them. But now I have the answer. I'm adopted.After they told me I sat there staring at them. Why was all I could think as my m
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Chapter 2
I woke up in my cosy bed, and for several minutes I had forgotten the conversation that happened only a few hours ago. The sun was shining brightly through the gaps in my curtains and I knew it must have been well past 9am.I turned over and grabbed my phone. Sure enough it was in fact 10:30am. I hate sleeping in, so I sprang out of bed and headed for the shower. I let the warm water cascade down my body as I contemplated what Gary had told me. I couldn’t believe that it had almost been 24hours since I found out I was adopted. Strangely, it didn’t seem to affect me anymore. I was more concerned with finding out I was a werewolf.Gary had told me how werewolves generally kept to themselves. They were proud and noble in their ways. He told me about the leader of the pack, the one he had called Peter. Peter was an Alpha meaning he oversaw the pack. He administrated the pack along side his partner, the Luna. Luna Bianca had been Alpha Peter’s mate and the
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Chapter 3
Sven P.O.V"Congratulations Alpha, the future Luna is expecting." I looked up at the couple opposite me and was greeted with mixed emotions. The future Luna's grin would have put the Cheshire Cat to shame, while the Alpha's clean-shaven face remained stone cold."Is it a boy or a girl?" Alpha Eric purred coolly. I glanced from him to his partner whose smile had now faded. He sat there, emotionless, and empty."You both want to know the gender?" I smiled weakly. I knew that whatever I said could be met with hostility. I had known the Alpha since he was a small boy. He often played with my son, Gavin, when they were kids. I could tell when something was troubling him and this was definitely troubling him."Baby." Tatiana placed a gentle
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Chapter 4
Sophie P.O.VIt was only a day before my 18th birthday and Gary had not heard back from his old friend. I didn’t really believe that he would, but it had given me a little bit of hope. I hadn’t slept well, with my mind constantly thinking about the last couple of days. Adopted, Werewolf, Mystery.I paced nervously up and down my room. I felt like a caged lion. I looked out my window and saw several kids from my school walking to nearby Riverswood High. I was meant to be getting ready to go to school. Not that I ever wanted to go. But I was relieved when Mary and Gary suggested I stay home at least until I’d completed my coming-of-age. Fed up with the waiting around I decided to go and get some breakfast.As anticipated, Mary and Gary were already eating breakfast at the kitchen island bench. Gary was munching into his cereal while reading the paper and Mary was taking small bites from a slice of toast with jam while looking
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Chapter 5
SOPHIE P.O.V (Please note this chapter contains Adult Content and is not recommended for anyone under 18yo.) I waved goodbye as Gary’s Maron SUV pulled away from the camp site carpark. I was grateful for his understanding because he didn’t wait around or fuss over me.The carpark itself was almost deserted apart from two cars at the far end. I assumed that they must be hikers. The park itself didn’t have difficult terrain for your bold explorer but it was large and there were plenty of different walking tracks.I picked up my bag and continued south, away from the cars. I didn’t want anyone to be able to find me when I phased for the first time and that meant keeping away from humans as much as possible. With it being Autumn I knew there wouldn’t be that many people around.I walked along a wide track for a few minutes before diverting off into the shrubs and surrounding bushes. After walking for 20 minutes thro
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Chapter 6
ERIC P.O.V “She smells amazing.” Blaze cried out.     I tried everything I could to stop my wolf from racing over to her.Nitro looked back at us and growled which only heightened Blaze’s desire to get to the girl pleasuring herself in front of us. “Stop it Blaze, we can’t.” I yelled at him. I growled and pushed Blaze back making myself phase into my naked human form. I lost my footing and fell back into the bushes which resulted in the girl gasping in fear.“Who’s there?” she called out.Blaze began pushing us to phase again. I had never seen him act like this before. It was like he was rabid with wanting and for the first time in a long time I was a little frightened. I had to run but I couldn’t trust Blaze if I phased back.Sensing my worry Nitro got up next to me. Gavin spoke using the mind link.“Jump on my back.
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Chapter 7
 I felt as if I had been punched in the chest. I stumble back in shock almost falling over.“Help her!” Roared Blaze.I ran over and fell to my knees not sure what I should be doing but I had to help her. The mate pull made me panic and Blaze whined in my head, hoping that she would be ok. I grabbed one of her arms and slung it over my shoulder. My left arm moved behind her naked back and the touch of her skin on mine sent the electricity flying through me again. I focused on helping the girl and tried to ignore the firm pull of the bond that radiated from her.I lifted her up into my arms, placing my right arm under her perfectly plump arse. FOCUS. Looking around I check my surroundings before aiming for the campsite.      “Gavin where are you?” I barked through the link.“I lost him!” he growled in response.“Don’t worry about that now. I have t
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Chapter 8
Sophie P.O.VDarkness that’s all there was. I couldn’t see anything. I screamed out but there was nothing. My scream just echoed around my head. I couldn’t feel anything. I couldn’t move.“Dove.” I tried calling out. There was no response.Infront of me two large eyes appeared. They were obsidian in colour and glowed. I tried looking away, but the eyes followed my gaze. Were they real? What was happening? Where was Dove? I let out another scream. A snarl of white teeth appeared with the eyes as if they were pleased I was scared.Without warning the eyes and teeth suddenly vanished and I returned to my dark surroundings. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t understand what was happening.It felt like I had been left here for ages before my body became weightless and a strange calming warmth radiated over me followed by a pulsing electrical buzz. Was this what it was like to die? Had someone killed me? Ma
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Chapter 9
ERIC P.O.V “I would highly recommend bringing her here so I can examine her.”I got up and grabbed the phone before storming out of the tent. Something wasn’t right. She didn’t recognise me as her mate nor was her wolf present. I needed to talk to the doctor and I most likely would have to come clean with him.“Um, there’s no sign of her hitting her head. There is a graze on her left cheek, but I doubt that would have caused any issue.” I rattled off walking away from the tent.“Eric is there something bothering you? I can hear it in your voice.”I closed my eyes and pinched the bridge of my nose. This can’t be happening. I tried to think of a good reason not to tell him, but he was a doctor, and he knew how potent the mate bond could be. I couldn’t get out of telling him.“She’s my mate.” I felt a little embarrassed.“Are you sure.”
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Chapter 10
SOPHIE P.O.VI relaxed into the back of Gavin’s car. Looking out the side window I saw Gary with concern written all over his face. I smiled and waved. He forced a smile and a wave back, so I quickly sent him a ‘I love you’ text.This morning was the craziest of my life. Gavin had been kind enough to fill me in on what happened last night. How they found me unconscious and naked. He mentioned a black wolf looking like it was about to attack me. That part made me a little nervous, was that who I heard in the bushes at the swimming hole?Talking to Gavin was easy. It was like I had known him my whole life. He could make me laugh and I knew I could be honest with him. After Eric had taken off to collect my things, Gavin and I set about packing their campsite up. We talked a lot and I told him a great deal about me. How I was a loner at school, learning about my adoption and what it was like to read my biological mother’s letter. He promised
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