Love at first sight

Waking up early in the morning, the only thing in Steph’s mind was going to college and start looking for an apartment near the school. It didn’t matter what she had to pay for it, but she really had to get away from all that surrounded her at home.

She knew she needed space to think and figure out herself, and the environment around her was not helping. Her mental health was more important than anything else at that moment.

She took her breakfast fast and took a cab to school.

She hates riding in the same car with Sheila. She remembered they were good friends at first, though not that close, but at least they could talk in length about things, and one of them included their boyfriends and the plans they had in the future.

Things came to a standstill after she became too close to Sam. He was my confidant best friend, and he knew everything about me that not even my parents knew.

Sometimes she wondered if he went for Sheila because she was more beautiful or too ugly to be with him. The thoughts that ran to her mind were so wild that she thought maybe she was not good enough for anyone.

She was too deep in thoughts that she did not realize she was walking towards someone. She bumped into him, and she fell down, hurting her elbow, trying to find support. The guy bent over immediately, trying to help her out.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes,” she said as she looked up to see the guy helping her. She could not help but stare for too long before snapping back to reality.

“Y- Yes. Sorry for bumping into you. I was deep in thoughts didn’t realize I was walking towards you,” Steph said, trying to compose herself.

“It’s okay. It happens sometimes.” The guy answered as he checked over her elbow.

“Let’s get that treated at the dispensary before it gets infected,” He said as he led her to the dispensary. The school nurse cleaned and disinfected the wound before placing the Elastoplast.

“My name is George, by the way,” He says, extending his hands to shake hers.

“Stephanie. Nice to meet you. Though I know, it was a little clumsy of me.’ Responded Steph shaking his hands back.

“Well, it was a bit hard, if I may say. You are one strong lady, to be precise,” Said George playfully. He looked at her, asking himself the question that had been on his mind.

‘Does she remember me?’

Steph stared at his feature carefully, leaving none behind as she comprehended how beautiful and handsome he looked. Though she hates being around men, the guy seemed different, and a connection attracted him to her. She seemed to have known him, but she could not place the exact impression on her mind.

She shook her head to dispel the thoughts. “Well, Thank you for taking me to the dispensary though it wasn’t necessary. But it was really kind of you.’ She said as she tried to control her confused feelings.

“It was nothing. Anybody could have done that,” He said as he checked the time and sighed. “It seems I am late for my class already, and it is almost over.” He said, rushing out before he lost his mind. To him, that was an excuse to flee from her. His feelings for her had always been strong since they were young. He was afraid he could not control himself. 

“OMG am late as well. Mr. Miles will kill me if I do not present my algebra assignment for my group. I have got to go. Hope to see you around, George. And thanks”. Steph said as she ran off to the remainder of the class.

A few days had passed, but George had not seen Steph again since the dispensary. He didn’t understand what was going on. It had been years, but his feelings for her had always been the same. It grew stronger and stronger each time.

He joined college again to finish a course he enrolled in and to be close to her.

“What’s going on with me? Why can’t I stop thinking of her? I really have to see her again.” Thought George loudly. Looking around for her during those days were devastating. He had thrown everything away to be with her despite the dangers involved. Though he had stayed away all those years for her protection, he didn’t care anymore.

He had to pretend he didn’t know her and let her fall in love with him again. It was the only way she could remember her past and love freely. He asked around to know if someone had seen her, but no. He became worried about her. Getting his phone out, he called one of his men.

“Get me the exact location of Stephanie Jackson. Be fast,” he ordered the man on the phone with a serious tone. That was different from the face he gave in college.

 In minutes, he received a call from the man with the results

“Boss, she is already in the school compound. She may be coming for class.”

“Okay. Be vigilant on the mission. Also, get a few men to follow her secretly. Don’t let her know she is being followed.”

“Yes, sir”

With that, he hung up the phone looking through the door at the mathematics and computer science class.

A group of people passed severally, but there was no sign of her yet. He almost gave up when he saw her coming from the administration office. He couldn’t help but stare at her suggestively, undressing her from top to bottom. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, though most of his friends found him weird not seeing him with a lady for most of his life.

It is not that he has never had an interest in having a girlfriend before. Still, he just had responsibilities at his company before in stabilized. Now that he had everything under control at the company, he had time to date. The best part of being a software developer, you can work from anywhere and anytime.

Still, it was not that he had never been in a relationship before. His girlfriend dumped him when she found a richer guy than him.

Steph is unique; something about her makes him want to be near her. Though their start in early childhood was not that good

She seemed to be deep in thoughts as she came his way, and he had to stop her before she could bump into him again.

“Hey. Do you always like to bump into people in the corridor?”

“Wow. It seems it’s only you that I want to bump into. Sorry. It’s just that I have been having a stressful day and am deep in thoughts.” Steph says, coming back to reality

“Anyway, how have you been? It’s like a week we have not seen each other.”

“Well, have been busy and missed almost most of my classes this week, but I am back now. So what’s up?”

“Nothing much was wondering if you could go for a cup of coffee with me at the Java house at the corner outside the school,” George said expectedly and nervous. This would be his first time asking a lady out for coffee. It’s not that he had never gone out for coffee with a lady before, but this would be his first doing it himself, not ladies throwing themselves at him.

“It’s okay. I was going there anywhere, and I could use company at the moment.’

“This way, please. I parked my car at the North entrance parking lot.”

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