Time flew first, and before she knew it, it was the weekend, the most boring time for her, especially with her stepsister around during this time. There is nothing as boring as being somewhere you are not happy.

Have you ever been lonely but you are surrounded by so many people? This has always been her lifestyle for as long as she could remember. No matter how many times she tried to forget what Sheila did to her, it never did. But sometimes she thought it was good. She knew what kind of people surrounded her

Every time Sheila walked into her space, she did not even want to breathe the same air with her. The pain, betrayal, and heartache she felt a few months ago were still fresh to her. She can remember as if it was yesterday itself.

The urge to slap her is always there. Sheila being around her make sit feel like a malignant tumor that keeps on popping up when it’s removed or does not just go away.

And the jerk that broke her heart is the most despicable person she has ever met. She had trusted him with her life; in fact, he was her best friend; they had gone to school together since high school, and now in college, they were still together. But the betrayal he made her experience was beyond what words could describe.

 It’s being stabbed by the person you trust with your life. Imagine the pain

Sorting out her laundry, Steph opens her bedroom door and heads downstairs to clean outside and to enjoy the morning as it comes. The last person she wanted to bump into was Sheila. Sometimes she wishes she could move out, especially when her Stepmom and Sheila gang on her.

As she landed on the last step on the stairs, her gaze met that of Sheila seated at the dining table having breakfast with her father.

“Good morning, dad.”

“Good morning Steph” Mr. Jackson answered before she strode outside. Just as she was about to step out, her father called her out.

“Hey Steph”

“Yes, dad!”

“What’s going on between you and Sheila? Why does it seem to be tension between you for months now?” Steph’s dad asked curiously.

“Dad, nothing is going on.”

The last thing she wanted was to start talking to her dad about the relationship or her love life.

“Do you think because I have been keeping quiet all this time, I have not noticed the tension in this house? What’s really going on with you guys?

“Dad, if you want to know the truth, ask your favorite stepdaughter. She can give a better explanation of what she did.”

With that, she moved back closer to them and gave Sheila a look to go ahead.

“Come on, Steph, you know it was a mistake, and besides,” Before she could finish, Steph snapped on her.

“Shut the hell up. I don’t even want to hear your filthy words. You make me want to puke. If it were not for my dad, I would have moved out of here. You’re despicable,” Steph shouted.

“Shut up, both of you. Why don’t you guys fill me in on whatever is going on? And I won’t tolerate behaviors and street language here. Come on, your sisters.”

“Dad, I didn’t do anything to her. Her boyfriend seduced. He forced me to kiss him, and in the process, Steph caught us and thought we had been having an affair with him, honestly.”

“Kissing? You were practically naked on to- “

“Keep quiet. I think I have heard enough to know the whole thing.”

“Steph, this is a small thing to fight your sister because of a despicable man. If he didn’t get close to her, I don’t think your sister would have done anything to hurt you. Forget about this. Get over it. Remember, family, comes first.’

“I should have a known dad. You would always side with her. You never cared about me anyway.” Steph said as she laughed while tears ran down her cheeks. She couldn’t hold it anymore as she ran back to her room with her laundry. She dropped at the door as soon as she closed the door and sobbed.

It has been like that for a while. Her dad always took their side. The excuse he gives for doing this has always been that they are new in the family and need to feel welcomed.

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