Fight with parent

What started as a cup of coffee ended up taking the whole day?

 Steph couldn't say that she did not enjoy the day as it was, but she really loved every inch of the guy. So honest, open-minded, friendly, ambitious, and so on. She really loved hanging out with him. By the time they decided to go out of the cafe, it was around 6:30 pm.

George insisted on dropping her off and getting to know at least where she lives, but, of course, Steph did not know about this. George drove into the family driveway and turned off the engine. It seemed he did not want to be separated from her.

"Well, thank you for today, I was not in a good mood, but you made my day," Steph said, looking at the guy before her.

'It is nothing; I enjoyed your company as well and hoped we could do this often, of course, when you are free."

"That's okay. At least I could have one more friend to my list of one."

"What! Do you only have one friend?"

"Yeah, is it a problem?"

"It's just weird as you are such a wonderful person. But I can't just imagine you with only one friend."

"Well, can't blame me for lack of trust; such is life," Steph said while looking outside the car, tears threatening to fall. "When your best friend betrays you, what do you do?"

"Sorry, Steph didn't mean to hurt your feelings." He didn't know much about what she had gone through over the years. He couldn't bring himself to be close to her for her safety, but he was back.

"It's okay. You did nothing; I just remembered something."

"Time heals. Friends," George says, extending his hands to her

"Friends." Replied Steph accepting the hand

"See you tomorrow, friend, and hope we can have another outing another day when we have no class. If that is okay with you."

"Am okay with that so long as I don't stay in the house. Night" Steph says while getting out of the car before she blurts out all about her to this guy that she barely knows.

'Night. Ooh hey. Forgot to ask for your digits." Says George giving Steph his phone to type her number. He doesn't want to go waiting in the corridors in the school.

She met Sheila waiting for her on the door expectantly as she walked into the house.

"Who's that guy?" She asked eagerly at the same loud enough for her mum to hear from the dining area

"None of your business," Steph replied as she walked inside the house. To say that the more she stayed downstairs would spoil her moods is an understatement as it will completely ruin it.

As she moved to go up the stairs, she was stopped by her Stepmom, Nicole.

"Hello there, Stephanie. Don't want to say hi to your mother." She stopped on her heels and looked to where the voice came from

"Hello, mother. How was your day?"

"Just fine as you can see but of course, without you to ruin it."

"Come on, Mrs. Jackson. Don't you think it should be the other way round?" Steph asked her sarcastically before continuing

"Anyway am happy you had a great day, so did I. Therefore, let it stay as it is and not ruin each other's day."

"Well, my dear, I see you have started moving around with men in town. Mind telling me who he is?"

"As I said to my dear' sister,' it's not of anyone's business. As you know, I have to get some sleep. I have a long day tomorrow. Have a good night." She said as she went up the flight of stairs straight to her room and locked behind her.

She removed her shoes, placed them at the shoe rack behind the door, and went to the closet to get a towel and pajamas before going to the bathroom to shower.

As she lay down on her bed, she replayed everything that happened during the day in her mind and smiled. She never thought she could meet someone she would like at some critical point in her life. The night was so long as she kept on tossing on her bed till past midnight.

Steph woke up to the sound of knocks on her door. She threw the covers from her body and stepped from bed, heading to the door while rubbing her swollen eyes.

"Who is it?"

"Open up now," Her dad said, sounding very angry.

"Good morning, dad. It's so early. Why wake me up, and I would have come downstairs."

"I have to talk to you urgently."

"Okay, come in then."

"No need, let's go to my study room."

"Okay, dad."

As she went into her bathroom, she washed her face and dried using a face towel before following her dad to his office.

"Sit down."


"I got news yesterday you have been hanging out with men old enough to be your father."

"What! Seriously. Who could come up with such lies?" Steph was stunned by his words. She didn't see that coming. She knew from the moment he said those words Nicole had said something to him.

"It doesn't matter. Who is the guy that dropped you off yesterday?"

"Come on, dad. He is my friend George. We study on the same campus, and we had a small accident when we met, and we became friends. Besides, who said he is old to be my father. Dad, he is only two years older than me. Is that being old?"

"What about other guys you have been seen with around town?" No amount of words could describe the turbulent of anger rising inside of her. Lies of the highest order

"Dad! Who has been feeding you with such lies?" she asked bewildered.

"Shut up and answer me!"

"Come on, dad. You know me. When was the last time you heard that I even had a boyfriend? It has been a year. Then why come up with such stories. Also, if I had a boyfriend, dad, I am 25 years old and enough to have one."

"Do you think your mother is stupid to come and tell me all of these things? I can't believe you are such a big liar. Of all the children I have here, I never expected you to disappoint me. You talk to your mother the way you want and think you get away with it? No way."

"Dad, when have I ever lied to you? When have I ever talked back to someone without being pushed to the wall? Never." Looking at his facial expression, he seemed extremely angry with her. That also made the building turbulent in her chest to burst in full force.

"I see. I have no place in your heart anymore. You prefer to believe in strangers that you have known for barely five years over your flesh and blood that you have sired, raised for 25 good years." Pausing for a moment, Stephanie stood from the visitor chair in his office and continued bitterly

"Well, if I have no place in your heart anymore, I don't think I have one in your house. I now understand where my place is in this place." Stopping for a moment, she looked straight to her father and continued

"I think it's time I figure out my life and move out of this place. Goodbye, dad" For a moment, she thought she had seen a bit of regret and hesitance in her father's face. She turned and banged the door behind her.

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