Wooing His Billioanire Ex-Wife

Wooing His Billioanire Ex-Wife

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"Vanessa, I really feel sorry for you. The person your husband has always loved is me." Isabella stated smugly. Vanessa frowned eyeing at Isabella’s bulging belly, "but you’re already Austin Jones Sister-in-law and pregnant." Isabella sneered, "soon, I’d make him divorce you." Before Vanessa could realize what was going on, a loud thud was heard, and Isabella purposely slipped down the stairs and vanessa tripped herself while trying to save Isabella. A scandal broke out in the Jones family, one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in New York. Austin Jones's wife Vanessa was held responsible for his sister-in-law, Isabella’s fall and her baby’s death. Over the years, Austin Jones had only had Isabella in his heart, and he married Vanessa to cover up his love on Isabella. But her fall made Austin go berserk and he punished Vanessa by making her kneel in front of the Jones villa the whole night while she was already drenched and had a high fever. Realizing her three years of married life was nothing but a joke, Vanessa regretted leaving her family and all her assets behind just to marry Austin Jones. Disappointed, Vanessa proposed divorce and left the city, and started a new life. She went back to her family and became a rich lady with billions of assets! Now, Vanessa returned as the new General Manager of the Grant Corporation. Could she be able to make Austin regret leaving her? Would Austin fall for her knowing how charming she had become?

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Chapter 1 Schemed!
“Vanessa Grant, I really feel sorry for you. The person your husband has always loved is me.” Isabella Green stated smugly making Vanessa frown.“Believe it or not, even if I were to fall down the stairs by myself today, your husband would not hesitate to believe me if I said that you did it,” Isabella said, arrogance dancing in her tone.Vanessa was about to go downstairs to the party when she came face to face with Isabella, her husband’s sister-in-law, who was about to go upstairs.Vanessa trembled in anger as she glanced at the smug woman. A woman who apart from revealing her vicious character in front of her, had always pretended to be soft in front of her husband and even in front of everyone in the family.Everyone in the Jones family loved her, including her husband!Three years ago, she thought she was lucky to be married to her true love, but when she married not long after, she learned the fact that her husband was willing to marry her and didn’t hesitate to say ‘yes’ to he
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Chapter 2 Forced to Kneel!
Vanessa stood in the hallway alone and glanced at her foot which were bare in the chilly weather. Her every step felt like she was walking on ice.But Austin didn’t bother about it and didn’t even give her time to wear shoes since her comfort was never his concern!When she was in a daze, she reminisced the incident that happened last week when Isabella Green was about to go out in her sandals in a hurry and how Austin stopped her with never ending patience, his gaze so tender and he squatted in front of her and helped her put on the socks and sneakers to keep her feet warm.He even warned her to take good care of herself and not to get hurt, but that held his hidden concern which was known to her.But He never gave a second thought on how Vanessa was feeling, and it wasn’t new to her now.Still, it hurt her heart every fucking time when he did such things to her. It didn’t matter how hard she tried to not get affected, it always successfully broke a tiny part in her scarred heart.Wh
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Chapter 3 I want a divorce!
Vanessa was rooted in the same place while her posture was slightly tilted and the people present in the hall were glancing at her with mocking glances.The traces of Mia’s ruthless kicks with her high heeled shoes were still present on the back of Vanessa’s knees.Her face was bruised, her hair was a terrible mess, the floor was stained with her bloodied legs, and the glass shards scattered across the hall. All in all, it appeared as if she was hit by a typhoon!Well, with the viciousness the Jones family displayed, it wasn’t any less than a cyclone that was aimed to destroy her life.Just like her broken heart, everything near her vision was broken and the room was a chaotic mess since Mia furiously broke everything near her because she couldn’t make Vanessa bend her head down!What a shame to Mia Jones!Even with the slightest movement, Vanessa’s body ached painfully and if she wasn’t careful enough, she would fall to the floor on her knees in a miserable way which would mean she a
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Chapter 4 Fainted!
Austin sat in his office chair leisurely with his legs crossed, while a frown was settled on his cold yet handsome face as he was deeply thinking about the words Vanessa had said earlier that morning.When he was about to hop onto his car, he heard Vanessa's hoarse voice and his steps halted. His aloof gaze landed on her pale face, her lips were chapped, and she appeared as if she had suffered grievances and had lost weight overnight.But he didn't bother about her and scrutinized her with his piercing glare when she muttered without any emotion in her voice, her usual luster eyes now seemed cold with a hidden rage in them, "I want a divorce, Austin ."Hearing her say those words so nonchalantly had made him uncomfortable, but he didn't let it show on his face and gave a sharp glance at her and left with a slight nod.He was too stunned to say anything else to her as those words were stuck in his mind and kept on reverberating in his brain, forcing him to think of it.Austin actually
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Chapter 5 Time to get a divorce!
It was a bright morning with the sun kissing her cheeks while she was still resting with her eyes closed in the hospital bed.With the blazing heat searing her skin, she slowly moved and opened her eyes while rubbing them with her hands.She glanced at the wall clock, and mumbled in astonishment, "seven a.m." It means she was out all yesterday!Vanessa nibbled her lips while lifting herself up since the pain in her muscles hadn't subsided yet and it felt as if her body was fractured!She sighed in disappointment since she was feeling so damn weak and there was nothing she could do to reduce her physical injuries.By then Fiona had just opened the door and stepped in with a bottle of pomegranate juice and a light porridge.Eyeing the awake Vanessa, Fiona felt delighted and jumped towards Vanessa in a swift move making her startled and chuckle at the same time.But Fiona didn't bother about Vanessa's chuckle and asked seriously, "how are feeling now?"She put her hand on Vanessa's foreh
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Chapter 6 I won't be a moth to the flame!
Vanessa propped herself up and rested her head on the pillow while a sly smirk danced on her face, but she appeared calm, in fact too calm when she talked about divorce.Eyeing Vanessa talking so nonchalantly about divorce while her lips curled slightly upwards with a flash of coldness in her amber pools made Fiona wonder whether Vanessa was really serious or joking about it.Fiona was worried that if Vanessa had become soft hearted like she was before with Austin, then she would be bullied by Austin again.That thought alone made Fiona’s insides burn and her brows furrowed when she heard Vanessa mumble while fiddling with her fingers leisurely, “Take out the divorce agreement in my suitcase.”Listening to it, Fiona almost jumped in happiness and exclaimed, “you’re really serious!”Thinking back on how Vanessa had suffered all these years in the name of her love for Austin, Fiona had tears swelled in her eyes.Fiona sniffed while glancing at Vanessa and patted her shoulder in encourag
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Chapter 7 Hidden Grievances!
Vanessa entered and left Austin Jones's cabin in a fraction of a twinkle as if she didn't have another second to spare a glance at her husband! Well, he was about to become an ex-husband!Seeing Vanessa's leaving back without a care in the world, his eyes followed her loud footsteps, which reverberated her confidence, while she swayed her hips and his gaze darkened while his fists clenched involuntarily.With scrunched brows, he grabbed the divorce agreement she had placed. Eyeing her clear signature in the black ink, he gritted his teeth and focused on the empty column next to her signature, which was for him to sign.A simple signature could terminate their three years of marriage in the span of a single day.Austin inhaled a chunk of air, and he felt complex emotions swirling in him, but he didn't understand what they were.Shaking his head in disapproval since he was thinking too much about an unworthy Vanessa, Austin again concentrated on the agreement which was just a single pag
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Chapter 8 He isn't worthy of my sadness!
After Vanessa calmed down a little bit, she wiped her tears with the back of her hands and took a deep breath with her eyes shut, and muttered, while the grip on her mobile had tightened as if her life had depended on it, "I'll come home soon, Dad."With a small pause, she added while her voice had become raspy due to her crying, but she tried her best to not let her father know, "Once I wrapped everything up here with no loopholes, I would come back to Los Angeles."Though Vanessa had successfully managed to muffle her sobs, she couldn't fool her father, who knew inside and out. Just by hearing her tone, he understood that his assumptions had come true.He didn't know what troubles his daughter had faced, but he was sure she was wronged!As the realization sunk in his mind, his throat felt dry all of a sudden, and his eyes watered, but he quickly get a grip on himself and said in his doting tone, "Alright. Take your time but be quick. Your mother and I would prepare for your arrival!
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Chapter 9 She was just an eyesore!
Vanessa gracefully stepped down from the car and strode to the court with her head held high while the chilly breeze hitting her made her silky hair flow freely, and she brushed it behind her ear with her slender fingers keeping a gentle expression on her face while all the gazes nearby glanced at her in awe with her dazzling beauty.Her every step displayed her confidence and she had an imposing aura lurking in the shadows, although she appeared tender which made her even more attractive.When her steps finally halted in front of the court, she eyed her watch, and a satisfying curve settled on her lips since she was five minutes earlier than her appointed time.By the time she reached the arena where the divorce cases were handled, she was the only one present, but her eyes roamed across the large queue on the other side where marriage certificates would be issued and a panging pain hit her chest as the realization sunk in that she was really going to get a divorce with Austin Jones!
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Chapter 10 Explosive News!
After a really long day, Vanessa got down from the car and moved into Fiona's house while a cold gleam was dancing in her brown orbs.Seeing Vanessa was already back, Fiona, who settled herself on the sofa while watching television, was surprised and couldn't help but take another glance at Vanessa and eyed her watch."Wow, you were awfully fast!" Fiona commented, making Vanessa's eyebrows twitch, but she didn't respond and sat on the opposite chair and grabbed the bottle of water.Quickly, she gulped down as if she was deserted for a week making Fiona chuckle and asked while enthusiasm was lurking in her eyes, "Did you get a divorce?"Hearing it, Vanessa stopped what she was doing and gave a slight nod while her gaze was focused on the television, but Fiona wasn't satisfied as she was eager to hear everything that happened at the court."Show me the divorce certificate!" Fiona demanded while Vanessa was getting a headache with her excitement, but she couldn't do anything to Fiona and
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