By:  Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu  Ongoing
Language: English
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I like her since we were high school students. But could this be called love? Precious, who always brings light wherever she goes while I'm just like an ugly dog ​​who follows her. I follow her everywhere she goes like a pet( dog), that's why I'm called Precious's pet. However, love still loves even though it only marvels at a distance and is never conveyed. COULD THIS BE LOVE? is a true life love story of Alex and precious, a true-life story which explains the fantasy of love I hope you enjoy reading it, happy reading

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Have you met angels in real life? Feeling as if your life is only focused on someone. She becomes the center of your world as if gravity keeps you drawn towards her. Someone you deserve to wait no matter how long. Someone who makes you forget all your sadness just by looking at her. Someone who can make you happy just by seeing her smile even though you are not the reason for that smile. It might sound a little exaggerated, but I've found the angel. A very beautiful angel with a sweet sincere smile, her eyes are also very beautiful to make everyone like her. It's not an exaggeration but the angel really came to me, her name was Precious. I am a weak person and always get bullied every day. I am short and unattractive, I also don't have any advantages like other cool kids because of that no one wants to be friends with
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Monday morning is always a busy morning for everyone who works in an office. Especially for the customer service division at AD(Adepoju olaoluwa) Group of companies engaged in exports and imports and so many other businesses. Some are busy answering the phone while some are busy dealing with consumers who come in. Suddenly the sound of a loud desk bang on one of the tables made all eyes on the table. The sound of customers' thunder booming made everyone feel disturbed. A customer urges to return the package in the form of a bag that he has received. Arguing that the bag arrived when his wife was at home and because of that, his wife was furious with him. "Are you looking down on me? Why can't I ask for the goods to be returned ?! I paid you not to c
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"How are you, precious's pet? Didn't you come with precious today? You're always together. " Said Sulaimon trying to greet with a familiar tone and that feels awkward for Alex   Alex could only smile awkwardly in response to Suliamon's words. Alex tried not to respond too much to Sulaimon even tried to slowly stay away. But Sulaimon instead embraced it as if he didn't want to let it loose.   "I heard you are already the manager at AD Group, you didn't intend to register for insurance? You're successful now so help this friend of yours. We are good friends in high school, so sign the insurance contract with me. " Sulaimon said with an intimidating look  
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The sound of knocking at the door was heard right after Alex hung up the phone. Alex  received the list of people to be interviewed given by the Director through his secretary. Alex opens the list and have a quick glance of  CV of job applicants one by one. To Alex greatest surprise he found one of the CVs he received to be precious’s CV. It seems like God is on his side helping  his love life to manifest  and Alex was very grateful for that. It was time to interview the job applicants, Alex was so excited that he came to the interview room before anyone else. Even his spirit was clearly seen from his very cheerful face. "Did something good happen? You look very happy. " Said the Direc
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"There are also fools in our office." "That's right, Director's secretary! He keeps sticking to Mr. Manager like a leech. " "Everyone knows that the Manager already has someone he likes, but the secretary keeps trying to approach him."  Precious could only be silent while smiling listening to the conversation of her colleagues. Precious pretends to like their conversation even though she really doesn't like it.Precious turned toward the entrance and accidentally saw Alex talking to a shoulder-length woman. When he smiled, the woman seemed to like Alex so much that she wondered if she was the secretary the colleague was talking about***
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Alex then holds his chest and feels his heart beating fast as if ready to explode. A smile was painted on Alex's face. He was very happy because his angel was sleeping on his shoulder. Alex had never imagined he would be this close to Precious. Back when they were in high school and Alex was just a secret admirer lucky to be friends with his school's most beautiful girl. Alex always hides inside his house while peeping out the window every time he goes to school. Then when Precious came out of her house Alex would come out and pretend he too was just leaving. Alex did that so he could go together with Precious.   "Alex, bring my bag." Said Precious, throwing her bag casually to Alex like a princess   Alex also catches Precious's bag and hugs it tightly as if it is a valuable item that he must protect. Alex always wa
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Alex finally realized that so many people were watching them. People who looked at them cynically and whispered to each other. Be aware of the office scandal that might spread and make Precious difficult later. Alex behaves like a boss who talks to his subordinates and enters the office first.   Precious entered the office and sat on her chair. She put the headphones on her head and prepared to work. But Liza who sat behind her continued to call out to her. Precious tries to ignore it and focus on working. Feeling Precious ignored her call, Liza pushed her chair away until she was finally next to Precious. Liza then pulled the headphones that Precious was wearing so she could get the attention of her coworkers.   "Okay, what's up? What do you want to ask? " Precious asked losing patience because Liza continued to bother her.  
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Edward also took the package held by Precious. Although they feel very awkward, both Edward and Precious  try to be as normal as possible. After taking the package Edward went into the house to put the package in his room. So there are only Alice and Precious both in front of the house. Alice began to stare at Precious cynically as if she hated the woman standing in front of her.   "Where should I sign?" Alice asked sarcastically   Precious also shows a receipt that must be signed by Alice. Right after signing the receipt Alice immediately went into the house and closed the door rudely in front of Precious. Precious was a little surprised until she reflexively took a step back when the door closed very hard in front of her face. With heavy steps and a gloomy face Precious walked out of the alley where she parked her car on the highway. Just when Precious was abou
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" Then? Do you want to tell this to others? " said Precious with a brave and challenging look   "No, I just want to ask you to stop. Whatever you are doing or feeling, you should stop now if you don't want to go any further and end up regretting it. I'm just warning you for the last time. This is my last concern for you. " Said Ben   Although Ben had warned her, Precious and Edward did not stop in a relationship behind Alice. They both like the tension they feel from their affair. Edward and Precious continue to meet behind Alice and spend the night together several times.   Their relationship continued for several years. Even until they graduate and Edward is finally engaged to Alice. They were in a relationship without getting the slightest suspicion from Alice. Until one day, Alice secretly visited Edward's apartment to surprise him on their anniversary day.   But as
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Alex thought about his friend's advice. Precious who he knows is a person who doesn't like to tell her personal problems even though she often expresses her feelings. Precious is also a person who likes to keep all her problems to herself, maybe she's just a stubborn person and thinks she can do it all by herself or maybe she doesn't know how to ask for help. That's why what Robert said feels right.   After office hours are over and everyone starts returning to their respective homes. Alex stood by his car waiting for Precious to get out of the office. Although many eyes looked at him and began to whisper, Alex didn’t  pay little attention to it. He just focused on waiting for Precious. Until finally his eyes caught Precious coming out of the office. Alex immediately ran to Precious. And with a big smile that appeared in both corners of his lips, Alex 
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