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         There are some days when you think you have everything planned out. Days you feel are going to be one of the happiest days of your life. Days when you're supposed to have everything under control. Bu
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CHAPTER ONE - Burning Heat
     I felt paralyzed. I couldn't move i couldn't speak, i couldn't see. And the little beeps of something that sounded like a computer monitor was the only thing my ears co
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CHAPTER TWO - Not just a creature
    Turning around and trying to grasp where I was, I took slow strides checking to see any passage way or exit door but there was just nothing. My legs were heavy and my feet felt like they could give out on me at any moment, It was like I was trapped in some kind of empty plane in my own mind and the darkness was consuming, suffocating and throttling in the most asphyxiating way. For a moment i could not breathe, so i held on to my throat and collapsed onto
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     Sitting in my line of vision was a creature.... A winged creature. It's skin glowing black with a few heated red highlights on the cracks of shed skin. Bone wings spraw
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CHAPTER FOUR - Dead blonde
     I had been here before. This dark, empty and plain room, I know it, I just don't remember when or how to get out. In a reiterative motion, I kept walking through the same root over and over again seeking for an exit
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CHAPTER FIVE - Queen of hell
      The thumping just got louder, and louder and louder until it became deafening. At first i thought it was coming from the excessive screeching from the air-con, maybe a malfunction or something, or it's probably whatever
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CHAPTER SIX - Possessed
           I told her. I told her everything, from the dreams I've been having to the point where i wake up beside every dead victim with their blood all over me. I told her about my fears and about how i managed to disguise myself and escape the mall without my face begin caught on camera.By the time i was done, her eyes looked like they were about to fall off their sockets. She was quiet for a good ten minutes, not uttering a single word,
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CHAPTER SEVEN - Your last daylight
       Never in my life would i have thought i would have to face what i'm facing right now. This was the confirmation i'd wanted, it was the confirmation i needed. And yes i'd thought about this, i'd imagined so many different scenarios about this and it turns out my theory was partially true. I felt nauseous, this is real and it's in me i can't escape it."Dian..." Faye began to speak but i interrupted her.
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CHAPTER EIGHT - Away with my heart.
    "I'm leaving."Two words that destroyed my insides and made me feel like a crumbled pile of dust. This is some kind of joke, it has to be."What do you mean you are leaving?"."I mean
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CHAPTER NINE - Unexplainable desires.
    His hair was a golden shade of blonde, his face perfectly sculpted with jaws that could have you staring for much longer than needed, accompanied with a small blonde stubble under his chin. His lips a dark shade of pink and his eyes...God, his eyes! A captivating shade of ocean blue looking at me with a bit of surprise and remorse."Are you okay?" He asked dropping the small take away bag on his hand and lending me another. He's voice was deep and obvious to masculinity in an attractive way "i'm sorry, didn't see you there".
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