CHAPTER FIVE - Queen of hell

    The thumping just got louder, and louder and louder until it became deafening. At first i thought it was coming from the excessive screeching from the air-con, maybe a malfunction or something, or it's probably whatever it is that was playing on the small TV screen hanging on the wall of this room. But it wasn't, it was my heart. The constant thumping and pounding was coming from my heart.

    The fear from the realization of the information i had just digested was the cause of my thumping.

"why did you change your mind? "Faye asked. She's not stupid, i know that. She's one of the smartest people i know, which is why i was really mad that she'd thrown away her future and scholarship for all this. "you remember don't you? "she went on. 

Goddammit Faye, why do you have to be so sharp?

   I picked up the pages again and red it all over again just to be sure. All the connections. This can't be real, it has to be a joke, it just has to.

"tell me everything you know about it " i demanded even though she already had . I just needed to be sure.

"i already have "she looked at me worriedly. Knowing obviously that there was something I wasn't telling her.

   The moment she asked me to meet her in her home, we started going back on all the research we could about this ...demon.

   I never thought I'd find myself actually saying that, but after everything that has happened today, it actually starting to make sense. It makes more than just sense, it's... It just seems so...

"i know i just need to clarify please " i needed to understand this.

She let out a stressed sigh "what's going on Dian? "

"Just explain Faye "i ignored her question. this thing that had been tormenting my dreams, this thing that had me acting crazy for days, was some sort of... Demon.

"according to the ancient history. It's a demon of destruction, the queen of hell, mother of all demons and the first wife of Adam. She was unable to bare a child of her own and it drove her crazy, made her do unforgivable things and then she made a deal with the devil so she was cast away to Eden (hell) where she became a ruler in the mist of flames. " i sank this in, trying to figure out if it has any connections with what was happening to me. "rumor has it that she leaves Eden once every hundred years when a portal opens and she comes to earth to complete a ritual that requires human sacrifices in other to have a child of her own. " that's when it sank in. All those women that died of missing organs.

   My eyes widen as i looked up at Faye who was already staring at me with wide eyes. "this is real Dian, this is not just some fairy tail. This is real!. " she exclaimed. "have you seen the news today, the police have found another dead body at the roof top of gem stone -"oh I've seen it alright. "-same cause of death. "

    I was trying to crack my brain for conjoined pieces of this information. I know that this so called demon feeds of female reproductive organs and I've seen those bodies a couple of times, but what i don't understand is what all of that has to do with me, why i keep waking up in the crime scene. This is so confusing.

"we have to tell someone about this Dian, this is... "

"no! " i immediately shut down the idea without even letting her complete her statement because i already know what she's going to say. "we can't tell anyone about this Faye "

"why? -"because i have some kind of connection with this thing and i need to figure out what is going on with me before i can involve any one in it . Not to mention i might end up in jail.   "-we know something no one else does and if we don't talk something terrible might happen ."

"think about this Faye, we can't just badge into police station and start rambling about how a demon of destruction whom happens to be the queen of hell is feeding off of females to complete some kind of ritual because she wants to be a mamma and needs to be stopped. They'll think we are crazy and superficial. We'll only end up being kicked out and looking stupid. This isn't even HLS or FBI, it's local police. "i gave her a better reasoning.

"that makes sense "she nodded and flipped a page from the old book we had been using for research. "look at this "she stopped at a page with a bunch of ancient writing.

"what's that? "i asked.

"i don't know, but i think it's important. I've been through this whole book before and many others but I've never been able to crack the meaning of this, i don't even know what language it is written in. And i guess I never felt it was anything important before so i never put much concentration into it. "

"so what changed? "i asked trying to connect where she's going with this.

"look at this "she was pointing at a previous page that had a been cleared at the point where the sentence "her name is" Was written. Then she flipped it back. Under the same spot was the ancient language. "this is it. Her name most be some sort of sacred stuff so it was translated in a language no one would understand. And not just that there most be a bunch of other things this book has to say,... "she looked up at me "...but first we have to figure out what this is "

"can you do that?"hoping her answer would be positive. I tried to hide every trace of worry in my voice.

"with a little help, i can try "that's not assuring enough, but i can cope.

   Just as i was about to start  sinking in my thoughts again. The familiar sound of Billie's bad guy started pouring through my speaker.

"who is it? "Faye asked

"mum " i replied before swiping the answer button .

"Dian you need to come home now "was the first thing she said the moment i answered the call.

"what? Is everything alright? "i was alert. It was just 6:25 in the evening, it was unusual for her to just call in the middle of work at this time especially if she sounds panicked.

"the cops are here and they are turning the whole house down for some sort of evidence ".

"what? "i quickly rose to my feet. Hearing that had made my heart to start beating uncontrollably.

Seeing me stand, Faye had done the same, a look of concern all over her face.

"they are demanding to see you. They said you where caught on camera in the mall at the time the murder happened "her voice broke,and so did my heart. They couldn't have, i made sure to cover myself really well. Oh no I'm screwed! "honey i know you are going through alot right now and you shouldn't have to be put through this much pressure. "

"I'm coming "i informed her before ending the call.

"What is it? what happened? "Faye looked worried.

"it's the cops, they're in my house. " her eyebrows creased in a frown.

"why would the cops be in your house? "

I swallowed the lump in my throat, debating whether i should tell her or not. "i was at the mall last night "

"you where? "

I nodded my head and pushed my phone into my pocket "they must think I'm some sort of suspect now, i mean, so is everybody else that was in the mall at that time, but i got to go, mum's waiting for me "

"okay then I'm coming with you "she pushed her foot into the white converse she'd been wearing earlier and grabbed my keys.

I searched her face well for certainty. She probably has more important things to do ,but still she didn't complain when i asked her to meet, and now she wants to help me in anyway she can even though she didn't exactly say so but i know it, and she doesn't even know half the story... Yet.

All along the ride, all i could think about was what was going to happen to me if the cops really got a clear shot on my face. I knew they weren't going to find anymore evidence in my house because i burnt them all already, but still I couldn't help the ominous feeling inside of me. Mum would break, I'm the only family she had left and losing me twice would be something she won't be able to take.

I better start thinking of an alibi for myself right now. 


Blinding porch lights ,illuminating through the darkness alowing me a clear view of the two police vehicles in the front of my lot.

Brace yourself.

I sucked in a deep breath. I can still turn back and run. I could leave this town right now and never come back, but what does that say for me!? They'll think I'm guilty but I'm not, and I'm not going to give them anymore reason to further their suspicion.

Taking a deep breath, i step out the car and shut the door and Faye does the same.

The journey from my car lot to the front porch has never been longer in my life. Right now, it felt like a thousand miles away but still way too close for my liking. Or maybe that's just because I'm been taking cautious slow steps, counting them one by one.

Five... Six... Seven...

Noticing my hesitation, Faye placed her hand on my shoulder "are you okay? "

"yeah " no

. i brushed her a tight smile.

Turning my attention back to the door, i pushed it open before i start having second thoughts.

"no, i usually work long hours--- don't know ---"

I could make out small muffled voices from the living room. The moment i stepped in, all three heads turned to look my direction.

They weren't the same cops that came over last time, this one looked younger. He had that mid twenties African American vibe and dare i say, he looked... Hot. With the whole denim jacket, white tee, dark jeans and shades, I would have thought he's just your regular hipster. I mean who wears shades at night in interiors? I thought diverting my gaze to the much older man sitting beside my mum with his laptop open on the living room table.

"Dianna Kieth? "he stud to his feet extending his hand to me for a firm shake which i quickly accepted without hesitation, mumbling a not so quiet "yes "

Not wanting to waste anymore time i cut right into the chase. "what's going on? "

"if you have seen the news, you'll know that we have another murder case we are trying to root "he started, intertwining his fingers together and placing it under his chin to hold his head in place.

If this is how Micheal Burino felt the moment before he got cuffed, then i need to start criminal lessons like literally. My palms are sweaty and my chest is pounding i can hear my heart struggling to stay put. I tried to keep my expression blank.

I don't know why I'm feeling scared. I didn't do anything wrong right? Except for the fact that i constantly find myself lying beside each victim after a murder.

"now before you think you are in any sort of trouble, you are not, except you are guilty of course -"i internally relaxed "-you are not the only person we have Interrogated today. We have been going through different homes of people who were in the place at the time."

"okay "

So they don't think I'm a suspect. That's relieving.

I was waiting for him to keep going but he simply pulled open his computer and began to click a few buttons before turning it to me.

It was a picture of me caught on camera from a farther distance, from the way it seemed to blur a bit, i could tell it was zoomed to catch a better view of my face.

I was still dressed in my heavy gray sweatpants and Damien's belieber sweater and white flip flops, my hair a jumbled mess of a bun.

"now my question is what where you doing there that night? " he was observing me, my every expression, every reaction, quietly studying me like an important artifact.

"what people do at malls " I'm stalling, i know he knows that i wasn't there to shop for sun dresses and pumps, but i wasn't going to tell him 'oh! That's easy, i was sleep walking twenty miles away from home in sweats and some how found myself beside a dead body the following morning, see?.. No biggie '


"in your night wear?"

Think, shit! Think.

"I was in a hurry to meet up with my friend. Faye wanted me to help her do a quick shop for a dress she could wear on her date today so i didn't have time to change into something nice "I'm so sorry Faye, i really am. "i don't see what this has to do with anything. "

He was staring intensely at me, like he almost didn't believe me. I silently prayed that he would just take it as it is and not ask Faye any questions. I feel so terrible enough for dragging her into this already, and i know my best friend enough to know that she would never throw me under the bus but i can tell the gears in her head have started to work. She's too smart, and she won't let this go until i tell her everything, the night is going to be long.

I have to admit, it's really hard having a stare down with this man and anymore, I'll break and he might just see through my lies. The man is intimidating, no kidding. I looked away from his stare and tried to find a spot to look at which was not his eyes. Only to catch up another staring gaze burning the side of my face. He was leaning coolly on the back of our blue wallpaper with white and black floral designs ,hands shoved dip into his pocket and his ankles crossed. Unlike the older man sitting opposite me, his gaze wasn't intimidating or creepy, it was on of pure fascination, his eyes slowly slipped down lower and lower before landing back to my face. And then very slowly, one corner of his lips stretched into a meaningful smirk. Just then did i realize what he was doing, he was checking me out.

Okay now that's actually kind of creepy, but sexy in a way.

The sound of someone clearing their throat brought me back to the issue at hand.

"i apologize for wasting your time searching your house... "i let out a long breath. "...we would be on our way now. "he stud to his feet and so did mum, "but if you find out anything, please contact me "he pulled out a card from his pocket and handed it to mum, firmly shaking her hand before finding his way to the exit with mum strolling right behind him.

Just when i thought i could breathe, I'm faced up with the guy that had been starring at me and giving me strange looks all night.

"here "one word, was all that escaped his lips, one word and goddammit i love his voice. It was deep and groggy. It was the first time he'd spoken since i got in and met them here. Up close i could see his eyes, a very bright hazel color staring down at my green ones. "are you going to take it? "


I didn't realize he was handing me a card until he pulled it up further above my face obstructing my view of his fine face in a very unnecessary way.

A bit embarrassed , i snatched it away from him, clearing my throat and caught him smiling amusingly at me "use it ".

Just like that he walked away, passing me one last glance before leaving completely. I let myself look down at the card he dropped to my hand.

Detective Daniel Corey.


This has to be something serious.

There was a phone number slightly under the name.

Why did he hand me his business card? Didn't his partner give mum his already? Or did he suspect i have something to with this?

Not until they were gone did i notice how disorganized the house was. The little throw pillows were scattered around the floor, the small vase that aunt Jenna had gifted us as a house warming gift when we first moved in was in a very bad posture, lying by a corner behind the door and all the lilies were sprawled out on different edges. Turning to my right i could see the kitchen in a not really good shape either. All the cupboards were hanging open. I couldn't quite make out the rest of it because i didn't have it in me to walk in there right now.

I'm that lazy -which is why I'm seriously pitying mom right now because for the life of me i don't think i can handle the stress of clearing up. They must have gone all out on the whole search thing. I'm just so happy my brain decided to function properly at the time i needed it the most.

I could have been in serious deep shit.

"are you okay sweetie? "i turned to see mum staring worriedly at me.

"yeah I'm fine " I'm feeling hot and dizzy, i can feel my temperature rising.

"are you sure? You look sick "

"I'm sure "i pushed the card into my jean pocket "i just need to rest a bit "i turned away without waiting for her response to my room, fighting the urge to place a hand on my aching head and i know Faye is silently following behind me.

If i had thought the living room and kitchen looked terrible before then i change my mind.

My room was horrible, utterly tattered looking. My clothes were flying everywhere, and i mean everywhere, even my not so empty laundry that I'd been procrastinating to handle was completely disorganized, same went my shoes. My sheets were rumpled and halfway off, they completely messed up my living space and i didn't like it.

Never the less i was too tired to actually do anything about it, so without wasting a second, i plopped myself down on my comfy mattress as Faye walked in locking the door behind her.

She looked like she was thinking, hard. Faye had always been one to analyze things from different angles, the way her eyebrows would crease, one hanging lower than the other, one side of her bottom lip sucked into her mouth, i could tell she was running in a maze up there.

"go ahead and ask "i coxed. He eyes finally meeting mine. She dropped down beside me on my bed with a flat out dead serious expression on her face.

"what's really going on Dian? " that was her way and i know it. She probably had a million questions but rapped it all up into a very short sentence.

Faye could be really playful and cocky most times, always trowing out jokes and making sexual innuendos here and there, oogling at hot guys and burning food to make a point, she's hardly ever serious, which is why when ever she is serious, i know not to joke around or plot escape holes and that is one thing that has been bothering me, since i woke up, she hasn't really been her usual self, she's just so consumed into this whole demon stuff she's always serious and it disturbs me.

Sighing deeply, i straightened my back and blurted out the thought that had been nagging out the back of my mind.

"i think there is something inside me".

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