14 Chapters
Chapter 10: The Marriage
Astrid Covaci’s POVI was staring at the marriage certificate that I just filled in. It was great and terrifying at the same time. I don’t know that I will be changing my last name as well as my location of residency. Aaron convinced me that we will be visiting my family in Norway when the time comes. 

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Chapter 11: The Honeymoon
Aaron Covaci’s POVAfter my cousin has shown us our cabin, I unlocked the door and we walked inside the cabin. It was bigger than I thought. It has a separate kitchen and dining room. There was a small space for us to sit and watch the tv and there was a bed in the middle of the cabin.Read more
Chapter 12: The Wedding Night
Astrid Covaci’s POVI was being pushed through the door as Aaron was unlocking the door before he hit my back on the door before he locked the door. We were still wet from our swim and I was roaming his body that his clothes were sticking to.“
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Epilogue: The New Beginning
Astrid Covaci’s POVI was tossing and turning when I felt there was no warmth beside me. I opened my eyes and I saw that Aaron was not beside me. I sat on the bed as the duvet was slipping to my waist before I saw Aaron was leaning against the wall as he was sipping his coffee by the smell of it.

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