30 Chapters
‘Beautiful you remind me of the good memories when I could be myself without any fear of having flaws’I smile as the first few lines of the poem Esther brought for me. I was extremely grateful to it because somehow it reminded me of old times with my mom. When we weren't popular and could be ourselves anywhere.Somehow it reminded me of Romeo too, I was carefree with him maybe because of the wig on my head that made him not recognize me. I liked the fact that I didn't have to fake anything around him. He definitely brought out a better part of me.I grabbed my diary and decided to write my thoughts.I asked Esther to buy me a diary earlier today and she did without hesitation. She was a very kind hearted person and I was grateful to have met someone like her. I shouldn't have judged her wrongly when we first met at the beach. I was wrong to do that.‘Your smile
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I accepted Lola's invite to travel to Jamaica with her and her family. Then I begged Stephanie to get me out of here.Because I knew mom would come here since I ignored all of her calls, I didn't want to talk to her yet. What I heard through the phone call shook me a lot. I couldn't help but think of how wonderful this world truly was.These three girls, Esther, Stephanie and Lola were now like friends and it bugged me because I had never made many friends like this before.I was confused.I'm supposed to hate Lola, but I couldn't.I needed a drink.“Hey! After much persuading, they decided to discharge you. Your mom paid the bills before now so let's go” Stephanie said and I shrugged.She helped me pack my things and instead of her to drop me at the hotel I told her to, she drove past it.“Stephanie! You passed th
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I finally gathered some balls and went back home to have a decent conversation with mom after I'd park my things, of course.And yes I made a decision to go with Lola to Jamaica. There's no way I would give all of this up when I'm so close."Ola" Mom started."Mother" I say dully."I have a confession" she took a deep breath then looked me unsurely. I nod for her to continue and what i heard next shocked me."I've been with Rahul for over two years now"He was the man I met talking to mom on the day we were to receive our award.Flashback*"Hi Mom, good day sir" I greeted pecking my mom on the cheeks and strecthing my hand towards the man for an handshake. He was quite attractive. He shake my
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Claudia SmithI am a murderer.I killed my own daughter because of my hatred for her father. I made myself motherless. I am a monster.I sobbed bitterly as I hit my head on the wall repeatedly. I don't deserve to live, no."Honey Stop!" Rahul says pulling me away from the wall to a chair across from us."She'll never forgive me" I cried on his shoulder. I HATE MYSELF. I HATE MYSELF.I suddenly ran out of the hospital to the roadside. My daughter is dead. I don't deserve to live."Claudia please don't do this to yourself. Your daughter is in there fighting for her life and there's a fifty percent chance she'll survive" I hear Rahul said behind me but that did nothing.That's how I lost my first child when the doctor said he had a fifty percent chance of surviving. He left me alo
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                           ROMEO"Anna hasn't been picking any of my calls as of recent, it's unusual of her" I say to Theo, my best friend who keeps trying to convince me that Rose and Ola, the slutty celebrity were one person.I would never believe that. Never.Anna was a gold, I liked her while Ola was a spoiled brat. She even ruined a painting so dear to my heart and I disliked her for it."Bro Ola Smith got involved in a home accident and she got stabbed in the process, the chances of her surviving are very low" he said and I glared at him."Why are you telling me that?""Since when did you become so heartless? Ola Smith might die from internal bleeding and if she dies, Rose dies" "Shut up!" I say running my hands through my hair. He was beginning to frustrate me. Rose and O
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                              "Mom please don't! Help!" I cried as Mom approached me with a knife. She was about to stab me when I let out a piercing scream..Beep beep beepI opened my eyes and found myself in a strange room, thank God it was just a dream.I sat up on the bed, confused, and I instantly regretted it because it hurt like a bitch.I looked around me and tears filled my eyes. It wasn't a dream.Mom stabbed me.I look at my body as they were supported by wires and machines. I felt pain all over my body and I wished I died instead.The pain was just too much to handle.Death was way better than this.I suddenly felt very weak so I decided to sleep..***Beep beep beepI woke up only
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                   After eating the weird potatoes and veggies the nurse gave me, I took some medicines and lay on my bed.Its had been two days since I got out of coma. I was getting better, I think. I got visits from Lola, Stephanie, Esther and Daniel. I got to learn more about him and he was pretty cool.Even Sade Johnson paid me a visit once, but this time it wasn't about any plans. It was about me getting better. She was like a friend when she came not some snobbish celebrity.We talked about life and and everything except our plans to bring down Lola which I was truly grateful for.I was reading a romantic novel when I received a call from Romeo. I haven't decided which lies to tell him this time but I answered it anyway because I missed him."Romeo.. Hey!" "Anna it's so good to hear your voice again,
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               Today, Daniel and I were talking about the movie we just finished watching on his phone."Alexa is a monster, the bitch lied and cheated on Ryan twice!" Daniel says licking his lips and I had to keep myself from pouncing on him and punching his ugly face."She only did that because she thought Ryan cheated on her!" I defended Alexa in the movie."Two wrongs don't make a right!" Daniel says causing me to scoff."You know what, I'm not arguing with you about this anymore" I said poking his cheek.Daniel and I became closer than I would ever imagine and I noticed that he's actually a very good guy just have some attitude issues which he's trying to fix.. according to what he told me."Okay okay, would you like to take a walk around the hospital?" He asked and I shook my head as I remember bu
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                Today was the day I would be leaving this 'all white' scenery and I was really grateful to God because I was able to overcome suicidal thoughts despite having nice friends.Esther and Lola helped me get an apartment in a pretty nice area. They helped me arrange it and everything but somethings I used to have back at my old house was missing.I missed a lot of things actually but I couldn't go back. This was my new life now and I had to adjust to it despite it's shortcomings.I had to get my cars. Maybe sell one off and look for a new job since I already sent a letter to mom's secretary informing her of my withdrawal from the office.I told Danny about having to pack my things from mom's house. It wasn't my house anymore. Danny agreed to escort me there tomorrow around 12pm when mom would still be at work. He also agreed that I could cal
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CHAPTER TWENTY ‘A meet up with Romeo’
Today I would be meeting up with Romeo and to be honest, I was pretty excited about it. I got to the park, in my blonde wig of course and looked around for a cute guy with glasses.I felt a tap on my shoulder and I slightly jumped. I looked to see who it was, lo and behold! Romeo"Hey! You scared me" I say regaining my composure when I saw that it was just him."I'm sorry my lady" he says exaggeratedly.I open my arms wide and he gave me a nice hug. I got a whiff of his manly but sweet cologne on his shirt.After what felt like minutes I pulled away from the hug."You look a bit lean than the last time I saw you, you probably should take it easy with the hustling and stuff" Romeo gently says his hands on my back."I would if i get a job" I say as we take a stroll around the park."I already told you Anna,
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