All Chapters of Age Is Nothing But a Number : Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Chapter One
I didn't even wanna think about yesterday, the only thing I wanted was to get the hell out of this house. ​​​​​​"What are you doing?" My little sister.... half sister to be specific, asked walking in without even knocking.She and I share the same father and a different mother. See my parents broke up when I was still a kid, around 7, my father got married a year after the break up and a had a baby... What I loved about them is that they still kept their differences aside and stayed in contact for my sake. He never missed any birthdays or school meetings.. let me just say he was still my dad..the difference was that he didn't sleep home.. he slept at his house with his other family.The baby(Sindy) grew up, we knew her since she was born and she knew me as her big sister, which I actually was.We were and still are very close. Her mother is okay, she treats me like her own daughter so I honestly thanked God for blessing me with two amazin
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Chapter two
We slowly walked into the restaurant, I had an arm sling on. Katherine had a plaster over her eye.Honestly I was glad she was okay. She smiled and pulled out a chair for me, I smiled, "Oh thank you..."She rolled her eyes, "I can use both my hands, Don't flatter yourself.."I laughed and joked, "ouch... I was kinda hoping that was you showing me your romantic side..""You gotta see the psychotic side before the romantic one..." She said with a wink then sat down.I rested my left hand on my heart and pretended to be terrified, "woooah I am so scared right now..."She shoved me a little playfully before the waiter arrived, "Hello Mrs and Miss... welcome to Leguasle Le Rasturante... what can I get for you while you decide on what you wanna eat?"Katherine smiled and took the menu from him, "we will call you..."We then looked at each other as soon as the guy went away, "Leguasle Le Rasturante...." and then both laughed.I s
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Chapter Three
 I woke up with hands cuddling up on me. I lifted the hand up on my waist and opened my eyes... they soon met a picture of me and Maud back at high school. She was my date at prom. She looked hot.I felt her pull me closer to her and resting her head on my back. I roughly pulled away not caring if it wakes her up on not.."What?" She whined and I mumbled a, "I'm not Tshepo... stop touching me inappropriately...idiot..."She mumbled a whatever and I put on her gown and went to the kitchen. I left my phone on the charger this side avoiding my family coz I knew they'd call. When I saw my phone flash indicating that I got missed calls, a little part of me hoped it was going to be Katherine.. but then again, how would she call if she didn't know my numbers.. And why the hell was I thinking about Katherine so early in the morning... But then, in a serious note, I hope she was okay, No headache and her eye was recover
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Chapter Four
 After hanging up I turned  to my best friend who was smiling innocently. I was going to buy this, she messed up."So...?" I said and she rolled her eyes, "So what?""Don't give me that... Maudy don't... why the hell did you put me on a spot like that? Why did you even Google her numbers?" I said raising my voice a bit.She bit the inside of her cheek a bit nervously, "Look, she called you, that's good. So what does she want?"I rolled my eyes and got up, "I need to change... She practically ordered me to go so her so she can check if nothing is wrong..." "Ordered you huh? I bet it would be good that someone dominate you a bit, you've always been the dominant one..." She said wiggling her brows at me. I furrowed my brow at her.What on earth was wrong with her? Why was she making this Katherine woman a big deal, "Maudy, Katherine and I just collided okay and we almost killed other... we didn't meet at a restaurant and
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Chapter Five
She parked outside another mansion and got out of the car. This place wasn't really far from her offices, it was probably a 20 minutes distance away..I followed her and she kept on smiling a bit. And she was being weird, acting as if she was nervous or something. I brushed it off and we both got inside her house.  It was so beautiful, your vintage style but very classy. We walked to the kitchen, the theme color was black white and red. It was really beautiful I don't wanna lie, so I nodded to myself, "this is nice..for an 80 year old..."She laughed, "the 80 year old says thank you..." Then she looked around, "Mike.....Mikey babe I'm home..."Fuck... I said mentally as she called for Mike... so she wanted me to meet her husband. This was fucked up and giving me a headache. "I'll be back... let me go check on him..." She said leaving, not even waiting for my response. I swear to God I went to my pockets loo
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Chapter Six
I drove back home. There wasn't as many people as there was when I left, in fact It was super clean which made me happy. I parked outside and went to knock at the door..."Who is it at this time?" I heard my dad complain before he opened the door, when he realized that it was me he quickly pulled me into a hug, "Hey honey... God where have you been I was worried thinking you went back to New York..."I hugged him too and inhaled his fragrance, "I'm so sorry dad... I just couldn't stay here at home.. I had to get away for a bit..."He pulled me inside and closed the door behind me. I turned to my little sister's hug. I hugged her and kissed her forehead, "how are you Sindy..."She shrugged and pulled away, "okay now that you are here..."Maa Sophia was already standing behind her daughter. She gave me a very tight and long hug, "Hey Maa....""Come sit down.. do you need anything to eat or drink..." She asked while walking me to the couch.We
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Chapter Seven
That weekend went by slower than a snail. I wasn't talking to my dad at all and Katherine never called, which I assume is why my weekend felt so long.I wanted to call her, I tried calling the office but hang up before it could ring. I mean I was a bit scared, we had a moment which we almost kissed and she didn't look at me after that and now she was not talking to me at all. That stung a bit coz I thought we were fine when she apologized.But then again maybe we had a moment coz she was emotional that she lost a patient, maybe she wasn't thinking straight and she needed comfort and I then happened to be the only thing next to her.. maybe it's why she was distant, coz she came to her senses.... So I should just forget about it.A knock on my door startled me also removing me from my thoughts.  My sister walked in, "can I come in?""Aren't you already in kid?"She smiled, "yah well I got a problem..."I patted the corner of my bed instructing
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Chapter Eight
Starting to feel hot, I pulled away from her to catch some breath. I looked at her and she looked at me. Her blue ocean eyes were a bit darker now. God! This woman was making me feel things I haven't felt in a long time...or even never felt before...I cleared my throat, "can we sit down?"She nodded her head and I sat on the chair I initially was at as she sat on the one that annoying butch sat on."You look beautiful..." I said after settling in. She shook her head eyeing me from my head to my toes,"God have you seen you?"I looked at myself and remembered that I truly was fire. I laughed a bit, these cocktails I been having for the past hour were kicking in. I felt a bit tipsy."You are such a great kisser for a 82 year old woman.. you still got game, I bet your husband enjoys kissing you..." I slurred a bit.She smiled a little, "I told you to keep on writing different lines, you are not funny..."I pulled her face clos
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Chapter Nine
I woke up cuddled up to a naked Maudy and that's when what happened last night played over and over in my head.I fucked my best friend...shit! She looked so peaceful sleeping there. I slowly got up and sat at the edge of the bed.. I closed my eyes and I could hear her begging me to do it, her telling me not to stop, asking me to keep going. Until she pulled my hair tight when she had her orgasm.God!I opened my eyes and shook my head. I shouldn't have done it. I shouldn't have let it happen..First thing I did was go inside the shower and bath. Every time I closed my eyes last night's events kept replaying. I sighed.. God how could I be so stupid. Maudy is my best friend... She was like a sister to me.. She was a sister.  I got out of the bathroom when I heard my phone ring. Of course when I reached it, it had already stopped ringing and surprisingly it was an unknown number.  I dialed the number back and a woman a
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Chapter Ten
 I pulled away not because I wanted to but because I had to get some air, and mostly because I don't think I was going to be able to stop myself from taking things further... my temperature  was getting hotter by every second, and I was tempted to just rip her clothes off..She rested her forehead on mine, "you know I thought you'd never ask..."I furrowed my brows, "why? Were you expecting me to ask?"She nodded a bit and I removed my forehead on hers and I looked at her, "so you weren't going to ask me.. you was going to wait for me to ask?"  She totally pulled away from me and sat on her table facing me. I frowned because of loss of contact, I mean I felt like keeping her in my arms for the longest time.'fuck! The things this woman made me think are so wack..'  I thought."Yes.. I needed you to be ready..... and not me to ambush or rush you.."I sighed feeling a bit defeated but smiled at the
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